The Tennessee 5 – Unauthorized World Trade Center access before 9/11: Middle Eastern Arab-Americans suspects employed by Denko Mechanical and Magic Heating & Air

The Tennessee 5 – Unauthorized World Trade Center access before 9/11: Middle Eastern Arab-Americans suspects employed by Denko Mechanical and Magic Heating & Air

By Thermal Detonator – Edited by Adam Taylor (September 5th, 2020)


In contrast to the overwhelming number of victims and witnesses in New York at the World Trade Center on 9/11 – which included policemen, firemen, and numerous news networks – who reported that there were explosives and explosions inside the Twin Towers,1 the 9/11 Commission Report released in July of 2004 claimed otherwise. According to the Commission, the Twin Towers were not destroyed through the use explosives, but solely from the plane impacts and subsequent fires. NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) was also given part of the job to conduct a physical and forensic investigation of the WTC’s destruction, eventually admitting that they did not test for explosives.

This is all very telling, considering that the 9/11 Commission Report was actually the third investigation – the second one being the JIS Report, which had also conducted an investigation based on the FBI’s findings at the time. To this day however, that investigation remains incomplete due to the Bush administration’s policies at the time, months after the attacks, having basically removed or halted the FBI’s instinctive and properly titled ‘Pentbom/Twinbom’ investigation, which included the results of the immediate arrests after the Dragnet. At any rate, the Commission Report went on to defend the narrative that had already taken shape since the panic-stricken state after the attacks, based largely on the FBI’s findings and incomplete conclusions – officially certifying the 9/11 conspiracy as being only carried out and planned by 19 conspirators, charged and all presumed dead, along with the additional suspect Zacarias Moussaoui, originally prospected as the 20th hijacker.

Supposedly al-Qaeda’s position and planning started with Ramzi Yousef, the proposed mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and then to his paternal uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. When questioned about the planning of September 11th, in contrast to the Bojinka Plot (the plan to blow up 12 airliners, detailed and discovered on Yousef’s laptop before his 1995 arrest), KSM also stated through his interrogations that, contrary to the abundant evidence concluding more conspirators were involved, they were only able to coordinate four hijacked planes with no use (or not willing to take risks of) explosives. Yet there has never been a major al-Qaeda attack before or after 9/11 that didn’t involve explosives, nor is there documented evidence of al-Qaeda conspirators smuggling and exchanging explosive information and planning.

To counter all of this, over the years in the field of popular Conspiracy Theories and 9/11 Truth research, many competing theories have been proposed in regards to the types of explosives likely used in the WTC attack, ranging from traditional explosives, exotic incendiaries, and even no explosives at all, but rather so-called “free energy” or “directed energy” weapons. (This latter scenario is largely considered nonsense and unsupported by the evidence) Furthermore, there are interesting supporting claims of who could have possibly gained unrestricted access to the Twin Towers and placed preset explosives within them. One that has been commonly suggested is Ace elevator repair, who worked on the chronically broken WTC elevators in the past year.

Another interesting case is that of the Israeli company ZIM Shipping, which broke a 30-year lease and moved its offices out of the WTC two weeks before the attacks. The prime reason they are suggested as a possibility is that it supports claims made about Israeli owned moving companies in New York and New Jersey – specifically Urban Moving Systems, who five of its Israeli employees were arrested after being pulled over on the afternoon of 9/11 in their white van. An All-Points Bulletin had earlier been put out due to the fact that these men were witnessed documenting and celebrating the attacks as they happened, suggesting evidence of prior knowledge. These were the infamous “Dancing Israelis,” and they and their employer Urban Moving Systems are widely talked about in 9/11 documentaries and books.

However, there is another group of five men you have probably never heard talked about in the 9/11 Truth community, and they are what we will call “the Tennessee 5.”

The Trip

From New York, Shaker Hammad and his cousin Abdelmuhsen Hammad picked up Mohamed Fares, Mostafa Abou-Shahin, and Omar Khayata, and then traveled to Memphis Tennessee to meet with Khaled Odtallah. On the morning of February 5th, 2002, they appeared in a gray Dodge Durango and a white Toyota Avalon and parked outside the Department of Motor Vehicles office. At the time, Tennessee was one of four states that didn’t require a social security number when applying for a Driver’s License or State ID – many people could carry utility bills as proof of residence. Some Tennessee residents felt that the state government the preceding year decided it would be a good idea to give undocumented immigrants a valid Tennessee driver’s license, under the guise that it would make them better drivers. Ultimately, the law did not require undocumented immigrants to have much proof that they lived in the state, and soon after state driving testing centers became swamped with immigrants trying to get their driver’s license.

The Middle Eastern men sat inside the cars, but eventually an African American woman in a blue blazer and grey slacks had arrived to start her day off at work. Her name was Katherine Smith, and she was one of the main DMV clerks. Shortly after she showed up, Odtllah left the Toyota and joined the morning line of people rushing into the building, clutching four signed driver’s license applications. As a DMV examiner, Smith screened applicants at the front counter and gave written and road tests, processing 300 to 400 driver’s license applicants in her office each day.

On the applications Odtllah was carrying, each man listed his address as a gated community just outside Memphis, 2840 Morning Lake Drive. None of the men had checked the application’s organ donor box. At the DMV, the applications were approved and entered into the computer system. When Odtllah walked outside, he had entered a whole new reality as the FBI was waiting for him.

The case began with a tip from a New York FBI agent who stated that a confidential informant told them of their trip to Memphis for the licenses. Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks several months prior, federal agents have paid closer attention to allegations of identity theft and identity fraud. The FBI tracked these Arab-Americans whom they had already suspected of having terrorist connections as were many other Middle-Eastern suspects and associates or had provided aide, black market services such as fake ID’s and or involved in other fraudulent scams for or with 9/11 hijackers, as discovered in other major cities from the FBI’s initial Dragnet investigation after Sept 11th, at the time.

The Bust

Agents in New York received a tip that these men would be traveling to Memphis that day, and the bureau’s agents in Tennessee had staked out Smith’s home and the motor vehicle office. When Odtllah and the others pulled out of the parking lot, agents flashed blue lights and pulled them over. With Odtllah, police found Hammad, Fares, Abou-Shahin, and Khayata, the later of whom was a juvenile (actually making it 6 suspects), and thus his identity was kept concealed due to his age. All of them were taken into custody and arrested for fraudulently attempting to obtain IDs from Smith, who was also charged. When arrested, Sakher Hammad was carrying a WTC pass dated for Sept 5. He told police he had been working on the sprinkler system. He showed them his business card: Magic Plumbing and Heating. The address was listed as his residence in Brooklyn, NY, and the phone number was an answering machine saying “Rocky’s” voice mail was full.

According to the Associated Press on February 17th, 2002:

A few months ago, the contents of Sakher Hammad’s wallet would have seemed innocuous: Two video rental cards; two major credit cards; a card designating him a “charter member” of Team Ford Racing; a New York plumber’s business card.

And a pass, dated 09/05/01 that gave him access to the lower basement of One World Trade Center.

Shown a photocopy, New York City Port Authority officials said the pass looked authentic, but they couldn’t be certain without seeing the original.

Authorities say Sakher Hammad told them he is plumber, and that he and his cousin were in then tower to work on the sprinkler system. New York authorities have no record of a plumber’s license for either cousin.

A business card in Sakher Hammad’s wallet was for a Magic Plumbing & Heating Inc. in Brooklyn. It advertises “custom kitchens, bathrooms, water heaters, boilers, repiping” – generally residential in nature.

When Smith was arrested, authorities say she admitted to helping Odtllah obtain licenses for his “cousins” on a half-dozen occasions in the past year. An FBI agent later testified that Odtllah was charging up to $2000 each to help people get their new identities.14 The other five men were arrested and detained, and due to world events after the 9/11 attacks and the presumption floating around about men of Middle Eastern descent, investigators attempted to search for 9/11 links since all of them were foreign nationals and three of them were in the country illegally.

The Players

  • Khaled Odtallah was 31 years old and born in Jerusalem. He lived in Shelby County and previously owned Phillips 66 gas station.
  • Sakher (“Rocky”) Hammad, 24 years old of New York, was a naturalized citizen from Jordan and was the one who ran to transport from New York to Memphis, intending to buy the driver’s licenses.
  • Abdelmuhsen Mahmid Hammad, 32, whose age was unknown at the time, was in the country illegally after overstaying his Visa and is also Sakher’s cousin, who drove the route.
  • Mohammed Fares, 19 years old born in Venezuela, had a Venezuelan passport. His family is from Lebanon, where he lived for a time. After walking across the border from Mexico into California he went to New York. He claimed he needed a license to drive a van for a clothing company, but the FBI could not find the firm.
  • Mostafa Said Abou-Shahin, 26 from Egypt, was a carpenter who was living in the US illegally. He had said he could not get a driver’s license in New York.

In regard to Ms. Smith, the following is excerpted from the Associated Press:

Katherine Smith was a woman of modest means. She had a couple hundred dollars in a credit union account, a couple hundred more than that in checking, according to court records. She had a 1999 Ford Escort with a $10,000 lien and the Acura.

She and her daughter shared a one-story home in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood in the shadow of Memphis’ Liberty Bowl stadium. The neat little house is worth $65,000; Smith owed $55,000 on it.

She had worked for mental health agencies before joining the motor vehicle division in 1992. She was earning just over $23,000 a year.

Neighbors say they hardly saw the woman because she was working all the time. After hours, she worked taking care of an elderly woman.

“She worked day and night,” says Peola Wright, who lives two doors down. She called Smith a nice lady who sang in the church choir and tried to get neighbors to attend services.

The neighborhood is a few miles from where Khaled Odtllah lived, but it seems a world away.

According to records, Odtllah’s last address was the Grove, a gated community in the Memphis suburb of Cordova, with swimming pools, tennis courts and spas.

Police say Odtllah came to the United States about 13 years ago from Jerusalem and had beenin Tennessee for about 2 1/2 years.

Smith later told officials she met Odtllah at his gas station. He sold her the Acura, which was still in Odtllah’s name when Smith died. Somewhere along the line, police say, Smith and Odtllah became business partners.

A Murder

On Feb 11th, the day Smith was to appear in court, her Acura sat in an FBI garage in Memphis. She died the day before she was set to testify for helping five Middle Eastern men obtain fraudulent Tennessee driver’s licenses. From the aforementioned Associated Press article:

Shortly before 1 a.m. last Sunday, witnesses saw flames erupt from the back seat of a 1992 Acura Legend as it crawled along a two-lane road skirting farm fields in the little Tennessee town of Piperton.

The driver breathed in the flames, her lungs searing, as the car veered off the road and came to rest against a utility pole near the Mississippi state line. There were no skid marks or furrows in the grass to indicate the driver had hit the brakes.

A witness rushed up and pulled open the car door, but the driver was not moving. She appeared to be already dead. When the first volunteer firefighters arrived, the car was engulfed in flames.

From the very beginning, it didn’t look right, said Steve Kellett, chief of the Piperton Volunteer Fire Department.

The car had been moving too slowly for the accident to cause much damage. The wooden pole was barely dented. The radiator was pushed in a few inches, but the engine block was undamaged. Most important, the gas tank had not ruptured. The cardboard packaging for a replacement headlamp in the trunk was barely scorched.

What could have caused a fire so severe that it cooked the passenger compartment of the sedan down to the frame and burned the driver beyond recognition? If someone had been trying to make this death look like an accident, they had done a lousy job.

Police began investigating the death as a homicide, though they have not ruled out suicide. The mystery deepened the next day when dental records identified the victim as Katherine Smith, 49, a state driver’s license examiner.

FBI agents also testified that investigators found evidence of some kind of accelerant in the burned-out interior of Smith’s car.

Odtllah’s Shady Past

Court papers showed Odtllah had a wife, a 2-year-old son, a mother and 10 siblings, all living in Jerusalem. Officials say he has “traveled extensively across the U.S. in the last few years.” None of the five Middle Eastern men were implicated in Katherine Smith’s death since they were already in custody at the time of the murder. Neither Odtllah’s girlfriend, Sandra DaSilva, nor Memphis FBI agent J. Suzanne Nash offered any new revelations about the investigation into Smith’s death. But during the hearing, Nash revealed that FBI agents had found licenses and other identification from California and Utah – all in Odtllah’s name – in an envelope marked “do not open.” The envelope was found two weeks ago in a locked file cabinet when FBI agents searched a Memphis office where DaSilva, worked. DaSilva said she put the envelope in the file cabinet at Odtllah’s instructions. “This whole thing is unfair. The FBI is trying to dump all of this on Khaled,” she said after the hearing.

Tim Discenza

Nash testified that two driver’s licenses, each bearing a picture that looked like Odtllah were found when FBI agents examined other Tennessee licenses issued by Smith. One of them was another name that prosecutors contend was a false identity. Nash also testified that Odtllah had a driver’s license in Utah that used the Social Security number of a dead female infant and told a girlfriend that he had a source for fraudulent driver’s licenses there. But Odtllah’s attorney Anthony Helm argued that the Social Security number could have been a clerical error since Nash did not yet have the application Odtllah filled out for the license. Nash also testified that Odtllah fled Utah for Florida after he was charged in 1997 with sodomizing a 12-year-old sister of his girlfriend. Odtllah was later extradited back to Utah, but the mother of the child dropped the charge. However, federal prosecutor Tim DiScenza argued that the incident showed Odtllah was a flight risk on the conspiracy charge.

The Case Must Go On

A magistrate noted Sakher Hammad “has no ties whatsoever to this community. He has substantial ties to Jordan or Gaza, where his mother lives. He has had less than stable employment […] and a cooperating witness has disappeared under suspicious circumstances.” Of the local telephone numbers listed on the license applications, three were out of service and one was a fax number. When the bond was denied, Fares put his head in his hands began to cry. The others showed no reaction. The five later plead guilty to charges of fraud. The Venezuela-born Mohammed Fares allegedly told authorities that he needed a Tennessee driver’s license to drive for Big Boss, an export-import clothing store in New York’s garment district. Big Boss Enterprises bookkeeper Hussein Nasser said by phone that he had received several recent inquiries about Fares, but that he’d never worked there.

Like his four co-defendants, Sakher had been in federal custody since they were arrested on February 5th with Katherine Smith. In a Memphis court on March 28th, Sakher’s father Peter Hansen, a NY City engineer who immigrated 15 years prior from Jordan, presented the court with a letter from Denko Mechanical, Ltd, signed by a Mr. Sergei Denko, stating that Sakher and his cousin Abdelmuhsen had been doing work for his company in the basement and garage of the WTC on Sept 5th and 6th. Sakher was released on $250,000 bail, which is considered a high amount to be bailed out of instantly. His father agreed to put up property including his Staten Island home, as bond. Sakher cried as his father testified Thursday that he came to the United States from Jordan 15 years ago and later brought over other family members, including his son. “America is our country,” Hansen testified. “We are a very dedicated family. We love work…. We would never think to do harm to anyone.”

DiScenza dropped opposition to Sakher A. Hammad’s release after his father, but he fought a bid for bail by co-defendant Khaled Odtllah. U.S. Dist. Judge Bernice Donald scheduled to rule on that matter. DiScenza also told Donald that the government wanted separate trials in rapid succession for the five defendants, with the alleged ringleader Odtllah being tried last. Donald set a tentative trial date of May 20th for the first of the defendants.

Port Authority Response

Sakher had the Magic Plumbing and Heating Inc. business card on 93rd Street in Brooklyn, according to a government exhibit introduced at the detention hearing. The nature of the work was not specified. The Port Authority of New York claimed no knowledge of hiring a Denko Mechanical and said Denko must have been hired by a tenant. Exactly which tenant hired Sakher ‘Rocky’ Hammad to work on its sprinklers is unfortunately lost.

Judge Bernice Donald

But Hicks said the Port Authority, which owned the building, did its own sprinkler work, and that any other work involving sprinklers would have been arranged by an individual tenant. “We don’t know (which one) because all our records were destroyed in the World Trade Center, as were some of the people who know that” Hicks said. Mr. Hansen admitted to reporters that he had not had much contact with his son in recent years – his son had closer ties to his mother, apparently still in Jordan/Gaza. Sakher was placed on two years’ probation on August 19th, 2002, and was sentenced to time served. Four of the other defendants also were sentenced to time served earlier. Three were still being held and are facing deportation for being in the country illegally. “I want to get on with my life,” Sakher told U.S. Dist. Judge Bernice Donald. After the Jordanian naturalized citizen was arrested in February, Sakher was held in prison for 51 days until he making bond.

Although federal prosecutors initially hinted that the case might be tied to the World Trade Center disaster, they ultimately claimed there was no evidence any were involved in terrorist activities. During their separate guilty pleas, at least two of the defendants asked their attorneys to emphasize that they are not being accused of terrorist activity. DiScenza then made a statement to that effect. Jones, who represents Sakher Hammad, said the World Trade Center visitor’s pass found in his client’s wallet was needed because he had worked on the Trade Center’s sprinkler system plumbing. He said Hammad also had a card that indicated he had donated money to the victims of the Sept. 11 attack. “My guy’s a fairly conservative guy,” Jones said.

Freed and Deported

The guilty pleas were straightforward and routine for the most part as Donald asked each man, some requiring Arabic interpreters, if he was pleading voluntarily and understood the implications. She also asked each defendant why he was pleading guilty, drawing tearful responses from Odtllah who said, “I made mistake. I didn’t know I was breaking the law. I didn’t mean to break the law.” Abdelmuhsen Hammad also cried when asked about his residency in New York, where he had been living with his wife and three U.S.- born children. “I’m just concerned about my wife,” he said through an interpreter.

But with Katherine Smith’s horrendous death and 4 months investigating the backgrounds of the five Middle Eastern men turned up nothing except for the fact that three of them were illegal aliens, public interest finally faded, and 4 of the men were eventually deported. Sakher Hammad was quietly returned back to his home in New York. Likely sometime after Sakher’s 2 years of probation was up he had moved back to Jordan as what his status has been revealed on social media. But again, the Port Authority of New York claimed no knowledge of hiring a Denko Mechanical and said Denko must have been hired by a tenant.

Denko Mechanical Ltd’s address and phone number is the residential Manhattan apartment and phone of Mr. Sergei Denko. Mr. Denko obtained a business license in February 2000, but is not listed in any yellow pages or in any type of NY contractor list. Denko simply could not be a contractor for sprinkler systems for the World Trade Center. Not only would the Port Authority have had records, but companies that install and maintain sprinkler systems for large buildings are heavily regulated major operations with civil engineers, inspectors, warehouses full of delicate equipment and highly trained specialty crews.

David Denko

A Feb 8th, 2000 business entity license issued for a Denko Mechanical Ltd, 232 E 26th St. in Manhattan (ph 212-481-8226) which, on reverse trace, is the Manhattan residence and phone of Mr. Sergei Denko; it’s an apartment building. As noted above, the letter verifying Sakher’s WTC employment was signed by a Sergei Denko. In addition to the WTC 9/5 pass, two video rental cards, a credit card, a membership card for the New York City Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, a card for Detectives Endowment Association of New York with a commemoration for 9/11 victims on it, and a charter membership card to Team Ford Racing, were also found in Sakher’s wallet at the time of arrest. The letter exonerating Sakher’s employment was from Denko Mechanical, signed by its owner Sergei Denko, yet it does not exist in NY except as a 2-year-old business license registered to Denko of 232 E 26th St., Manhattan.


Five years later on December 21st, 2007, a special in the New York Sun reported:

Dozens of buildings are being reinspected for safety after two plumbers were arrested yesterday of faking their qualifications to install fire sprinkler systems. The two men, Sergei Denko and David Connell, are being charged with offering a false instrument for filing and forgery, and could face jail time if convicted.

“Obviously, fire suppression systems are critical to public safety,” the District Attorney, Robert Morgenthau, said in a statement yesterday. “It is extremely important that licenses be granted only to qualified professionals. Individuals who obtain licenses by falsifying their applications are putting lives at risk in the event of a fire.”

So far all buildings re-inspected following the arrests have proven to be safe, Building Department officials say.

In 2014, Ryan Dawson of had also discovered the indictments from Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau, as well as a joint statement by the City of New York Department of Investigation Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn, Department of Buildings Commissioner Patricia J. Lancaster, and Department of Citywide Administrative Services Commissioner Martha K. Hirst for the arrest of Sergei Denko and David Connell, who were involved in hiring the men arrested in Tennessee who had illegally done work in the WTC the week of 9/11.

Hard Questions

This brings us to new questions: Who is Sergei Denko and who is David Connell? Why did Sergei cover for Sakher Hammad? If not the sprinkler system, why was Sakher in the WTC on September 5th, and why did he claim to be working on the sprinkler system? Who else worked with them on that job? Were the other three suspects that drove down to Tennessee from New York with Hammad also employed? How did the FBI really get tipped about them in the first place?

Odtllah and Sakher also spent time in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn in 2000 and lived about 22 blocks apart near New York Harbor. Sakher frequented the Sunrise Farms delicatessen a Lebanese deli in the neighborhood owned by Elie Eid, who managed it. Mr. Elie later gave reporters a character reference on Sakher, quoted that “he was a hard-working boy.”

Now there are a couple of things to consider what this could all be about. Some early mainstream reports that followed the suspicious circumstances of this story seemed to have been insinuating that with the World Trade Center draft report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Society of Civil Engineers about the engineering failures that they concluded caused the towers to collapse, among its findings was that fireproofing, sprinkler systems, and the water supply for hoses were all disabled, allowing the fires to generate a heat “equivalent to the energy output of a nuclear power plant” as the report said, picked up from the New York Times in March of 2002. Basically, a theory to support the circumstances given within those parameters – that if it wasn’t for the fires or another secondary catastrophic force the towers would have remained standing.

Of course, part of this assertion with Denko Mechanical is that they could’ve tampered with the fireproofing sprinkler systems unintentionally or intentionally so that it could not extinguish or minimize the blaze, giving it time to burn and initiate the destruction of the Twin Towers before the firemen could reach those specific impact zone and hot points. Given the circumstances of how easy it would have been to get access inside the World Trade Center complex through the Port Authority with a construction or remodeling company as a front, as well as movers and shipping, a bolder accusation in which many readers would feel compelled to agree with or speculate; that these Middle Eastern men working for Denko Mechanical could have been explosives operatives, and at the minimum may have been assigned to place bombs or explosives within in the basement or possibly elsewhere inside the Twin Towers.

But at the same time, perhaps they were not qualified or skilled enough operatives to pull off such an assignment, and maybe they were just there to suppress or make sure that the fireproofing sprinkler system malfunctioned on 9/11. Even with those who were covering this story and by default going with the official narrative of what caused the destruction of the Twin Towers years before, this accusation of tampering with the fireproof system would still lend to the possibility that there were still other operatives working in other areas, mainly throughout the center core columns, setting up likely wireless explosive charges. With such explosive items set in place, thinking carefully about the operation as the towers themselves are set up as booby traps, you would want to make certain that no water from the fireproof sprinklers could short-circuit or turn the explosives into duds. And for myself not even being convinced or enthusiastic that the highly inaccessible and unneeded use of Nano-thermite was used to destroy the World Trade Center, even with such a claim for exotic incendiaries or charges, you would have to be mindful to consider this fact that the fireproof sprinklers never went off during the attacks, which potentially could have damaged or malfunctioned any scenario of that sort.

But let’s also consider similar circumstances or coincidences about these five Middle Eastern men central to Denko Mechanical, in contrast to what we know about 9/11 as well and what’s been covered up, especially the first attack on the Twin Towers that clearly involved explosives used to try to bring down the buildings. Even with Ramzi Yousef being deemed the mastermind of the first attack, he’s reported to be half Palestinian, and with those hardline anti-U.S. sentiments already inculcated in him is also shared within his Pakistani ancestry. In the case of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, most of the conspirators where either Palestinian or Egyptian with one other late member coming in out of Texas who was from Jordan too (Eyad Ismoil). There you already have three of the four same national ethnicities coming out of the Tennessee 5.

Plus, when you forward ahead 8 and 1/2 years with the official conspirators of 9/11, among the nationalities of the hijackers, most were from Saudi Arabia, two of them were from the United Arab Emirates, while others were Egyptian and Lebanese. But what has to be understood here, regardless if we don’t know everything entirely about the hijackers, all things considered with what’s been made public is that the Egyptian (Mohammed Atta) and Lebanese (Ziad Jarrah) hijackers, one from the United Arab Emirates (Marwan al-Shehhi) are the Hamburg Cell deemed as being the masterminds and ringleaders of 9/11.

Even in regards to the hijackers’ moral dispositions and those who were members of the Blind Sheikh Omar Rahman’s mosques in New York and New Jersey in 1993, comparing the ethnicities of the Tennessee 5 is not a question of fundamentalism based on nationality, but rather so given with the missing pieces of the first attack, nationalities or ethnicities that are even displaced and already rooted in organized crime, prone to contract terrorism, rather than just the poorer fundamentalist Wahhabi jihadist militants usually recruited as muscle. Also consider Fares and his Lebanese background, which doesn’t necessarily make him a probable Muslim in the first place, being that he could come from a family that is a marionette Christian Mafia from Lebanon, which at times are even commonly known to be Mossad assets, Flight 93 hijacker Ziad Jarrah’s cousin Ali al-Jarrah known to be a prime example of one.

Cautioned Plausible Distraction

Smith, wrapped with barbed wire

In an interesting twist, both cautious and worth mentioning, is that a month after Katherine Smith’s death on March 14, a bomb and two smaller explosive devices were found at the Shelby County Regional Forensic
Center. This establishment housed the morgue and Medical Examiner’s Office of Dr. O.C. Smith (no relation), who conducted the high-profile autopsies of both Katherine Smith and Don Wiley. Wiley, a Harvard University biologist, disappeared on November 15, 2001, whose body was later found in the Mississippi River a month later in the area of a military plant. His death was first ruled as a suicide, then later changed to a tragic accident. Furthermore, in June 2002, the medical examiner Dr. O.C. Smith, who was also a captain in the Naval Reserves Medical Corps and served active duty in Desert Storm, was attacked too and found lying in a parking lot bound with barbed wire, including around his head. A bomb was also tied to his body, which was later defused. Later, authorities began to suspect Smith staged his own attack and eventually charged Smith with lying to federal prosecutors about the homemade explosive device found around his neck. O.C. Smith died at the age of 66 on July 9th, 2019.


The bottom line is that the Tennessee 5 who, like hundreds of other Middle Eastern suspects after 9/11 (including large Israeli spy rings), were ultimately deported after 9/11. And in some cases, there are reports that these probable 9/11 suspects we’re neutralized by making deals with U.S. authorities, working covertly for the U.S., only to be freed and sent back into the field in the Middle East. And out of that huge list from the Offices of Inspector General on INS detainees thought to be suspected in the September 11th attacks, there is the potential to discover other Middle Eastern suspects employed for other fraudulent front companies or services gaining unrestricted access to the World Trade Center.

But of course, which 9/11 Truth organization is even considering all the Dragnet arrests afterward and pursuing whatever available police reports there are on any and all of these suspects detained afterward, especially if they were high-profile at the time? What this isolated case of the Tennessee 5 shows, regardless if it’s an old story and wasn’t familiar or assessed by the Truth Movement, is that you’re being informed about it now. It still matters, regardless if it disappoints truth-seekers who had been hopeful for direct complicity being ultimately uncovered in this angle of the operation, and ignoring such a story would be callous and irresponsible, as it’s potentially a compelling piece of evidence of 9/11 being a greater conspiracy to the majority of the public.

Consider even the infamous World Trade Center janitor William Rodriguez’s graphic explosive account in the B-2 basement level:

An explosion so hard that pushed us upwards in the air. Upwards. And it came out from below us. From the mechanical room that was right below us. And it was so loud and so powerful that all the walls cracked, the false ceiling fell on top of us, the sprinkler system got activated, and everybody started screaming so loud because they didn’t know what was going on.

(Although the fire sprinklers may have activated where he was at below, they certainly did not activate in any of the above levels reaching up to the top, which could mean a sign of only having those specific fire sprinkler lines tampered with before the attacks.)

But what ultimately matters is that William Rodriguez’s account has been one of the biggest literal bases for many demolition theories, and he also claimed to have seen hijacker Mohand al-Shehri scoping out the building prior to the attacks, in June 2001.

Those who believe they’ve had a slam dunk case for proving 9/11 as a U.S. Government conspiracy need to reconsider such expectations and the alternative reality they’ve emotionally invested themselves in as a result of what the truth movement has ignored (such as all the evidence and witness accounts supporting Flight 77 having struck the Pentagon, contrary to the claims of Loose Change and other misleading sources). All of it has only continued to limit the culpability scope to who was really involved in 9/11, when no one should be bound by that closed parameter as things may be more complex than what they really are, which is why the case of the Tennessee 5 forces one to step outside the box and reevaluate everything.

It comes to a point that if the only objective is to try to prove that there was a demolition using explosives in the Twin Towers, then why make it irrational or improbable? Why make this investigation harder? The truth of 9/11 shouldn’t only be accepted on this standard, so long as we uncover more evidence that the CIA and FBI may have been involved in directly carrying out the attacks.

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