Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? – “Four to Five” or “Three to Six” Per Plane? Pt 4


 (Continued from part 3)

By Thermal Detonator

For those of you who are unfamiliar or unwilling to research basic or even official terrorism timelines because the establishment has covered up the destruction of the World Trade Center, so that it must mean that everything that’s ever been said about 9/11 on TV is all lies and islamophobic propaganda, well I have some inconvenient news for you,  the Bojinka Plot was real and it was found on laptop Ramzi Yousef’s in 1996 after an apartment fire in the Philippines which he had rented under a Moroccan name and previous address, while fleeing, and still being a wanted fugitive for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Other than a few non-plane operations, the gist of the plan was mainly to hijack and also blow up 12 airliners in the U.S, crashing them into the World Trade Center, The Pentagon the United States Capitol, the White House, the Sears Tower, the U.S Bank Tower (Los Angeles), Transamerica building (San Francisco), CIA headquarters in Fairfax County Virginia, as well as other targets likely in accordance with the Millennium Plot also.

But you know Ramzi, right? That guy who’s also the nephew of that other irrelevant guy they also blame for 9/11, besides Osama Bin Laden, Khalid Sheik Mohamed?

You’d be surprised how many truthers do not know who he is; the 1993 bombing is virtually avoided in the 9/11 Truth movement.

I won’t spend a great deal of time about who the suspects and details of where and what happened during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, even though it’s extremely important and very much neglected (probably because it lacks hoax plane fantasies and  multiple incidents to invent even more alternative theories) but the 93 bombing and NY landmark plot that was foiled several months later, is tremendously important to 9/11 for those who already have a clue, because it’s the reference point for prior modus operandi examples and plans to use of explosives and moving vans not only in the intentions to bring down both Towers, but latter targets blowing up the major NY bridges and tunnels as well the U.N. building and Federal Building (where the FBI was housed before moving into WTC 7), plus there was also anthrax stolen months before the 93 bombing from Fort Detrick Maryland, the same laboratory where the patented strain of anthrax found in envelopes containing letter’s saying “Death To America, Death To Israel, Allah Is Great!” that were  mailed off right after 9/11.

But it isn’t any more obvious how important 93 is to 9/11 when they were already in full propaganda swing right after and on September 11th trying to blame 9/11 on those responsible for 93, by way of an even more bogus theories of Judith Miller colleague, Laurie Mylroie claiming that since Iraq was supposedly responsible for the 93 bombing, then by default, they must also be involved in 9/11. There were also other theories years later even claiming Saddam was responsible for the OKC Bombing.

I mean take a look at the still in-hiding, former FBI informant and very likely double agent, Emad Salem who was within the inner workings of the 1993 bombing & NY Landmark conspirators, and in bugged recordings with FBI Agent John Anticev admits to being totally aware and having warned FBI officials that the first bomb was being built (by Ramzi Yousef prior).

But in an interview last year with 9/11 researcher and activist Sander Hicks and actually professes that Omar Abdel-Rahman (aka the Blind Sheik, which he entrapped and may have framed for the bombing, and has now also recently passed away) is actually the real Jihadi martyr inspiration out there in the radical Islamic jihadist world today, and because the plan to bring down the WTC was originated by the Blind Sheikh, Osama Bin Laden was just a foot shoulder accomplishing his mission and was never spiritually qualified for martyrdom as the Sheikh, and Salem also claims radicals in the middle east want him free and it would jeopardize the world as he already is to us, being locked up in North Carolina. In other words, attempting to fear monger main line propaganda, that it still ain’t over yet America. And he’s been on the Alex Jonestown show in recent years before; adhering into this right-wing Kenyan Birther fringe mindset, proclaiming that he believed Obama is a radical and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.

To be absolutely clear, I don’t defend the official story on who was blamed in the planning and execution of the 93 WTC bombing, nor do I subscribe in the basic alternative conspiracy theory that the FBI was solely responsible either. But If you want a good presentation of the whole story, watch the last hour of ‘AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH [Part II].

But what’s truly remarkable about the Salem interview with Hicks, is the responses given to his questions in regards to 9/11 news reports of a vans packed with explosives on the George Washington Bridge, as well as the one the infamous Dancing Israelis were driving in.

And Salem after having long explained the mainline propaganda to cover up the 1993 story that he’s associating to 9/11 at the same time, agrees to and admits to his knowledge about the vans and personally having contacts with Israeli intelligence. Hello!

But just so readers get a clue, those forces who assisted the 93 conspirators directly or through proxy, are the same as the 9/11 culprit’s. And when looking at the history of 9/11 by the official claim and un-kosher role, the connections overlap especially on how these events have been blamed primarily around the Yousef/Sheik/Al Baluchi family, Egyptian radicals (like supposed lead hijacker Mohamed Atta) and also Palestinians with 1993.

In September of 1992 before the bombing, when Ramzi Yousef landed at JFK airport carrying an Iraqi passport of disputed authenticity (but that’s ok, will just blame it on Saddam anyway) was barely allowed to enter the country, but his Palestinian companion Ahmed Ajaj didn’t, and was detained for carrying false credentials, bomb-making manuals and devices made to alter passports from Saudi Arabia. In fact, as Ramzi Yousef remained in the U.S conspiring to do the WTC bombing, he was often contacting Ajaj while still detained for immigration violations, and has been suggested by the authorities, that Ramzi was getting the bomb making tips from Ajaj.

ajajyousef-shiekDeceased author of several books and writer for the Village Voice, Robert I. Friedman who had sources within Israeli intelligence discovered that Ajaj was arrested in 1988 as a petty crook counterfeiting U.S. Dollars out of a base in east Jerusalem and was sentenced for 2 and 1/2 year in prison, but only served a year and was recruited by the Mossad to infiltrate radical Palestinian groups operating outside Israel. He was later arrested for smuggling weapons for El Fatah, which was staged by the Mossad to establish his credentials as an intifada activist where he was later deported to Pakistan and turned up in the company of the anti-Soviet mujahedin rebels in Afghanistan.

Ajaj is not the only Israeli link to the 93 bombing, there is also another explained in AN INCONVENIENT 9/11 TRUTH Part II.  But this is an example of how inseparable the Mossad presence is in the radical fundamentalists world and 93 bombing, as it’s already known in the 9/11 attacks.

It also stated on Ajaj’s Wikipedia page for ‘Training for Terrorist Attacks’: in April of 1992, Ajaj flew from New York to Pakistan, from there to Camp Khalden and was sent to Saudi Arabia to obtain a letter of recommendation for lacking necessary credentials, and in May 1992, he flew to Saudi Arabia where he procured a letter of introduction requesting training in use of weapons and explosives.  This may also put in perspective how far back Saudi Arabia and Israel have been involved in all this together too, before and after the Bojinka plot discovery.

Plus there was Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, a Saudi businessman from Jeddah who was married to one of Osama bin Laden’s sisters, he was arrested in 1994 in Mountain View, California, for conspiring in the 93 bombing and financing the Bojinka plot, when he was in the Philippines earlier in 1994.

Although U.S. investigators did not find (or have not found) the connection to the 93 bombing and Bojinka with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or OBL or al-Qaeda until several years later, they state that the 9/11 attacks evolved from the original Bojinka plan, but that it not the actual plan but an altered and revised version that was executed during the September 11 attacks, because the Bojinka plan was too big and  KSM also decided that explosives were too risky to use in the WTC and that 4 planes with no bombs was enough  and chose instead to just use airplanes.

Not only is that a lie by the graphic evidence with the destruction of the buildings, but Bojinka being too big, as in amount of planes for 9/11, is ridiculous when once you get to the 2006 transatlantic aircraft plot, the failed operation discovered by British police to detonate liquid explosives carried on board at least 10 airliners travelling from the U.K. to the U.S. and Canada, disguised as soft drinks.

And just claiming KSM said no explosives on planes is just as ridiculous too as it an insult and to dishonor the victims witness accounts, only to cover up the Feds incompetence, by claiming 9/11 was a revised and weak version of Bojinka, when even phone calls from Flights 93, 11 & 175 detailed that the hijackers had explosives.

Bojinka is the real reason to laugh at Bush and his administration’s responses for the government and prior administrations not having any prior warning, training or imagination to deal with a scenario of multiple planes used in an attack.

Clinton Attorney General, Janet Reno warned of terrorism being serious threat and was within circles of knowledge about the plot to hijack many planes, which they had believed they already foiled with the arrests of Yousef, but not so when a previously undisclosed raw intelligence report which became the basis for the December 4, 1998 President’s Daily Brief notes that al-Qaeda operatives had successfully evaded security at a New York airport in a test-run for bin Laden’s plan to hijack a U.S. airplane.

Now if you think bringing these points up goes in defense of the official version, then you have a very shallow understanding of what false flags and cover-ups are. This is just basic observation, assessing the reality of real hijacker’s, whether they are the accurate ones or not. Of course, much of the truth movement doesn’t bother to consider any of this and reject it because something they have never heard from their Truth shepherds, mainly because they are emotionally invested no planers, and there entire premise has been wrong from day one because it’s been debunked well after the fact.

Most Truthers remain ignorant and defend living in a conclusion and alternate reality (that’s nothing more than a false duality now) that no plane hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville, or that it was shot down and they would rather die than be proven wrong.

I’ve seen just about most rational 9/11 conspiracy documentaries, and I’ve met and networked with numerous filmmakers, talk radio hosts, authors, researchers and other prominent activists within 9/11 truth and alternative media.

But as the years go by, the theories just seem to get worse and far more outlandish that now people in the truth movement believe no kids died at Sandy Hook and that all of the recent mass shootings are all government hoaxes or false flags (just not any of the ones in the past before the YouTube age coincidentally..) and that these are issues equally important as or a priority over 9/11. Not to mention, that some now even believe the world is flat too, some of these people are actual numbers of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and they have even created dating pages for themselves.

What has always been a religiously held ad hoc hypothesis added to no plane and no hijacker theories, is that all the calls were faked, and one of the primary reasons they speculate this is because they believe the cell phone calls could not have worked.

Now of course if you subscribe to that, you either believe one of several things.

Either the passengers from all the planes were flown off somewhere secret and made those phone calls before they were dealt with (killed by other means). This includes real professional people who have families, major careers in business and government and statuses like David Angell, the Flight 11 victim who was TV producer ‘Frasier’ and ‘Wings’(who knows maybe somebody can make crisis acting theory out of that one) or Psycho actor Anthony Perkin’s widow, Berry Berenson who also died on Flight 11. Or Paige Farley Hackel, who was also Flight 11 while her friend  Ruth McCourt and her 4 year old daughter Juliana were on Flight 175,  while Ruth’s brother Ron Clifford was down below within the lobby of the WTC.

(Even coincidences do still happen within crisis or conspiracies)

Or if one is in denial of real passenger victims, you likely believe that they and their entire families were all made up and scripted, that they were part of an elaborate hoax by “duh Government”.

Never mind that there were only 2 cell phone calls made from the same plane while all the other calls were made on airphones.

Never mind that those 2 cell phone calls were made at 9:58am when Flight 93 was flying at a low enough altitude less than 2000 feet above the Appalachian Mountains which is 6,683 feet is its highest elevation, while cell phone calls could work up to 8000 feet of an airplane, plus that it’s a rural area with no interference.

And never mind that while even still, these 2 cell calls were cut short being less than 2 minutes long before having lost interception.

But even still, there are other two coincidental anomalies to have taken place in particular with the airphone calls on Flight 93 that detailed something about the hijackers that no one in the near decade that I’ve networked in this movement had ever pointed out to me, except for one person.

One of the anomalies is the voice message stewardess CeeCee Lyles left on her answering machine for her family while her husband Lorne Lyles was asleep, saying:

 “There’s 3 guys they’ve hijacked the plane, I’m trying to stay calm, were turned around, and I heard there’s been planes that’s been, been, flown into the World Trade Center”.

Because Lyles happened to also be one of the people who made one of the two cell phone calls from Flight 93, well produced films like Massimo Mazzucco’s ‘September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor’ that spend a tremendous amount of unnecessary time trying to implicate that anything CeeCee said, must of came from the ground, because they believe she whispered a brief message saying “It’s a frame” at the end of her voice mail before hanging up the phone, all for sake of defending no plane placeholder fallacies.

Rather than just be skeptical that she was likely in the company of her fellow flight crew towards the back of the plane, others have claimed that it was probably the phone picking up someone else next to her, like either her handlers or captors saying “You did great” right before she hung up.

But no, forget any hijacker detail or that she would have likely been next to one of her crew companions next to her, Truther dogma tells me phone calls can’t work on planes, it must be all fake and no Arabs..

They also make claims that her entire message sounded scripted, because of how she was able to elaborate details of what was going on board the plane so calmly.


Whether she left a whispering message at the end or not, it’s still not clear or audible enough to signify anything or be such a huge clue to suggest her voicemail was scripted, or the call was made from the ground (even though again, it’s an airphone call) its not anything that outweighs the existence of the plane as even some truthers also try to suggest nothing that everything physically seen there somehow has no integrity.

One of the great things missing from these filmmakers that they intentionally ignore is some of the lifestyles and past professions passengers and flight crew had. Lyles also happened to be a former Florida police officer of 6 years while her husband Lorne Lyles was still one. And with those types of training experiences and protocols this would likely explain why she was able to leave a well-informed message of the criminal and dire situation she was in.

This form of jumping to irrational conclusions is not only dangerous and a waste of time, but it completely avoids a greater clue in what CeeCee detailed in her voice mail. What’s truly gone over the heads of most truthers is what she said that “3 guys” hijacked the plane, not “4 guys”.

Now if you think that’s odd, according to what Flight 93 passenger Mark Bingham said to his mom Alice Hoglan who has recited this several times, that Mark told her on the phone that:

“three people had taken over the plane with knives and a bomb”.

Here we go with “3” again.

It’s not only disturbing as it is disappointing to discover that this is not only disinformation, but as a “truth” movement, it’s an obstruction of justice for serious and committed truth seekers who have been sincere about trying to obtain data to actually do something about the 9/11 lies, when films like Loose Change specifically focus on this conversation between Mark and Alice as being unusual, implying that it was scripted, because Mark first introduced himself on the phone by saying “this is Mark Bingham”, being professional using his full name to his mom as he always did when he spoke on the phone to anyone introducing himself first, which Alice Hoglan made clear several times in interviews right after 9/11, while continuing to repeat till this day that Mark told her there were 3 hijackers, not what later became the official version of 4 hijackers as what’s claimed for Flight 93.

Those two calls aren’t the only instances from Flight 93 accounting only 3 hijackers, another call from stewardess Sandy Bradshaw and the two other passengers, Jeremy Glick and Todd Beamer detailed the same account. But to get to the point and for the sake of minimizing time, I’m not going to go further deviate into one flight account even though this information has been out there since day one.

Regardless, Loose Change (particularly the popular 2nd edition) decided to use Alice Hoglan’s evidentiary message to try to sell a bogus theory that all the phone conversations were either scripted, made up with voice morphing technology or had been done right next to their captors, and that all 200 passengers from the 4 planes were somehow consolidated onto one plane (supposedly Flight 93) that landed into Cleveland Airport where the passengers were moved into some secret hanger.

A bizarre conclusion made by completely overlooking the fact that the only thing wrong with what Mark said contrary to the official account, is the amount of hijackers and weapons they had, which is a HUGE piece of evidence against the official version, added with the false premise of it being Delta 1989  which ended up being  the plane that landed in Cleveland Airport under suspicion that was falsely believed to have had hijackers on it, because it also took off from Boston Logan Airport and was headed for Los Angeles like Flight’s 11 & 175.


Delta Airlines Flight 1989 [source: The Plain Dealer 9/12/2001]

According The Boston Herald, September 19, 2001 Wednesday; Pg. 4, HEADLINE: WAR ON TERRORISM; Two more planes possibly targeted on day of terror  By Doug Hanchett and Cosmo Macera Jr:

 Delta Flight 1989 with 69 passengers and nine crew members – a 767 like the two hijacked planes that forever altered the Manhattan skyline – was considered missing for a spell during America’s day of terror from the skies. At one point the Federal Aviation Administration feared it too had been commandeered by terrorists.

 “People thought this was the third flight that had been hijacked (from Logan),” said one source familiar with the situation. “There was talk that the FAA couldn’t locate the plane and that perhaps it had been hijacked.”

Just minutes before Flight 1989 departed Logan, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175.took off on journeys that ended with both planes slamming into the twin towers – killing thousands, stuttering the economy and sending the United States into a war against terrorism.

Ordered to land because of the nationwide aviation chaos, Flight 1989 touched down in Cleveland at 10: 18 a.m . By that time, lower Manhattan was in flames and America was stunned.

“Obviously we were shocked,” said Habib Khoury, a Boston businessman who was on the Delta flight.

Khoury said FBI agents asked only “routine” questions as passengers began disembarking.

“There was nothing unusual (about the flight) given the circumstances,” Khoury said.

But sources say at least one female passenger reported suspicious behavior by two male passengers.

Sources say the woman told federal agents the two men appeared nervous as the flight sat on Logan’s runway awaiting takeoff. She also said they repeatedly looked around the cabin and were restless early in the flight, as if they had been looking for others but couldn’t find them.

Could there have been more suspects that were supposed to board Flight 1989, like maybe one more, to make three?

Hold that thought.

There was another suspected American Airlines plane out of Boston Logan; Flight 43 which was reported that authorities believed may have another hijacking target, after flights were already cancelled.  BBC reported on Sept 18 ‘FBI probes ‘attempted fifth hijack’  “that the FBI was searching for a number of passengers who were due to fly on American Airlines Flight 43 from Boston, which was grounded due to a mechanical problem”. It was “scheduled 8:10 a.m. departure from Boston”.

A witness in the Boston Logan parking lot had made a cell phone call to authorities after almost running into a scuffle with Middle Eastern men who were causing a scene near a rental car that later turned out to be one of the cars supposedly rented by the hijackers (originally thought to be Bukhari later becomes Atta) which by credit card, lead to arrests of 3 suspects at the Westin Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.

This could all mean that there might have been 4 planes in total (or more) intended to be hijacking targets from Boston Logan. And why not if there is plan for up to 12 planes to be hijacked simultaneously, when there were still other worthy land mark targets in New York, like the Empire State Building, and smaller building’s like the U.N. and WTC 7.

But let’s disregard the reports of how many hijackers were on the tarmacs of UA Flight 23 and AA Flight 133 on 9/11 and 9/13 at JFK Airport, or whatever circumstance’s occurred on Delta Flight 1989 or AA Flight 43 and any other reports about possible hijacked planes that may have been thwarted on 9/11.

But this point it’ should be pretty clear  that there were “three hijackers” on Flight 93, not four, and not with Ziad al-Jarrah who had to many family members involved in Israel espionage and lifestyle conflicts with the typical fanatic profile.

But, even stewardess Madeline Amy Sweeney on Flight 11 read off three passenger’s seat numbers as hijackers, also stating they have a bomb, according to parts of the transcript reported by Gail Sheehy of The New York Observer February 16th, 2004 in ‘Stewardess ID’d Hijackers Early, Transcripts Show’:


 “Amy, this is Michael Woodward.” The American Airlines flight service manager had been friends with Sweeney for a decade, so he didn’t have to waste any time verifying that this wasn’t a hoax. “Michael, this plane has been hijacked,” Ms. Sweeney repeated. Calmly, she gave him the seat locations of three of the hijackers: 9D, 9G and 10B. She said they were all of Middle Eastern descent, and one spoke English very well.

So I’m going to take word of the victims actually said, not what 9/11 Commissioners have whitewashed or what some conspiracy scam artist or Truther has concocted off that limited data to sell.

The placeholder fallacies the truth movement have cornered themselves in with scripted media claims about what they believed really happened to the passengers, and there that they are able to produce elaborate real-time live fabrications, as well as plane debris at the site (even some daring saying the plane debris found at ground zero was also planted) rather than accept the obvious incremental cover ups as the days went on, along with everything else about the hijacker identities and their entire existence, I would expect that with all the time and budget to make this supposedly perfected operation or elaborate hoax, that your proto-crisis actors as victim passengers, would at least get their script straight and corroborate the official amount of 4 to 5 hijackers per plane, NOT 3 to 6.

Ashcroft’s press conference stated that “the 4 planes were hijacked by between three and six individuals per plane, using knives and box-cutters, in some cases making bomb threats”.

So what’s with all these 3’s?

If one invests thoroughly looking at all the news reports several days after 9/11, you will find even more commonalities of the results in “three’s” turning up throughout the investigation dragnet with either where suspects having lived in the company of or where suspects were detained, all within the vicinity of 3’s.

In fact an anonymous letter was delivered to a radio station in the Cayman Islands on August 29, 2001, twelve days before 9/11, where the writer was convinced that 3 Afghani men who had entered the Island illegally were agents of Osama Bin Laden and were organizing a major terrorist act against the U.S. via an Airline, or Airlines.  U.S. Government officials went to the Cayman Islands 2 days after the attacks where the three men were being held in prison.

According to The Miami Herald on September 20, 2001:

“Investigators have also focused on the Cayman Islands, the largest offshore banking center in the Caribbean.

Representatives from the U.S. embassy in Kingston, Jamaica, spent three days in the Caymans last week on a fact-finding mission regarding the case of three men who claim to be Afghan nationals asking for political asylum.

The men, who are now in protective custody in the Caymans, claim they were dropped off by a ship from Turkey in August 2000. However, in a statement Sunday, the Caymans government said, “It appeared likely that the men had arrived here on a flight from Cuba using Pakistani passports.”

The popular whistle-blower website often deemed by most of the truth movement as useless when it comes to anything in regards to exposing 9/11 truth, as others have pointed out its biased when it lacks criticism of the state of Israel, or generic accusations that it’s founder Julian Assange is really working for the C.I.A., Wikileaks, now the new demon of the left, now hero of the right.

Of course, the mainstream media is not looking at Julian Assange as the conveyor of truth, and the likes of the kosher Jones camp are not calling Wikileaks a shill operation anymore due what’s believed to have played a partial role in getting Donald Trump elected (of course, in Alex’s world he himself believes he had played a major role too) with the Clinton email scandal and campaign fraud that’s assumed to have benefited in that direction.  Which I don’t think is all entirely bad, even if i don’t agree with all the vessels that helped him win, and it shouldn’t be looked upon as being hopeless for a large portion of those who are still serious in truth movement, which I’ll further make the case.

But on February 1, 2011 The Telegraph reported that WikiLeaks released secret documents about the FBI has launching a manhunt for a previously unknown team (or cell) of men from Qatari suspected to be part of the 9/11 attacks, but got away.

3 Qatari men suspected as terrorists flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the attacks. They carried out surveillance at the World Trade Center, the White House, the Pentagon and CIA headquarters. Ten days later they flew to Los Angeles, stationed themselves in a hotel near LAX with airline tickets all paid for by a convicted terrorist. The article states:

Hotel staff have told investigators they saw pilot uniforms in their room along with computer print outs detailing pilot names, flight numbers and times and packages addressed to Syria, Afghanistan, Jerusalem and Jordan.

Incidentally, they were booked on Flight 77, but for September 10th, before the attacks, from LA to Washington D.C. but failed to board. Instead, they boarded a British Airways flight back to London, before flying back to Doha on another BA flight.

The article also goes on to say:

It is not known whether the FBI believe that the men were simply assisting the hijackers or were a fifth cell who pulled out at the final moment. Alternatively, they may have been planning an attack on the West Coast of America or even London which was abandoned or went wrong.

We can at least be more generous than The Telegraph and imply that this story here could have been sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth or tenth and so on, cell.

Now I’m not disagreeing that there wasn’t any initial 9/11 planning for an attack on the West Coast, but with the situation and timing for their flight to Washington D.C. right before 9/11, sounds more to me like they were assigned to be set for another attack by plane on the East Coast, not London. But I do agree, that it sounds like that in the final moments they chickened out or something went wrong with the operation, as it may have also happened at other airports and flights meant to be part of the entire the mission.

But let’s be realistic, it’s a fact that more than one hijacked flight that took off from Boston Logan and a high probability for more, so why couldn’t there have also been an original intent to hijack two planes from Dulles Airport, or even Reagan or other larger airports near for that matter? Better yet, what if there was supposed to be a 2nd plane hijacked out Newark?

Well, there was.

Not that this changes the subject, but we just got president-elect Donald J. Trump into office, and besides for what media has exaggerated about him, and how the left have slipped into Neo-McCarthyism,  there’s a lot of questions on where he actually stands on 9/11 and even conspiracies theories in general, since he has opposed the war in Iraq and wants to rebuild a relationship with Russia, but while at the same time says a lot of rhetoric about “fighting radical Islam “that sound close to fighting the  “War On Terror“ that offends some Muslims and anti-war activist, and like many in the Truth and Patriot movements, still don’t trust Trump while calling him a Zionist and not “America first” , and would rather side with Bernie Sanders while having unrealistic expectations of what President can actually do in his position of predispositions.

We all here know that the War On Terror has been bogus from the start and it’s certainly got its second wind under the Obama Administration due to key people in position, specifically Hillary Clinton with fall of Libya that we now have Al Qaeda 2.0 (ISIS) which unfortunately is a real threat, even if this second wind becomes squashed and will continue to be but under different names, unless we deal with what’s causing blowback and expose who actually did 9/11.

But I don’t consider Trump a racist, xenophobic or a full-blown Zionist. He might be a bigot or a chauvinist, but I would rather work with that then the decades the Clinton Dynasty’s who’s had their hands in blood and in the Bush-Contra affair which was the corruption that actually paved the way for the 1993 bombing and 9/11 to happen.

But putting aside ideologies, I do believe he has some merit to understanding architectural structures and buildings, being the property owner that he is, with instantly becoming the owner of the 2nd highest building in the U.S. after 9/11, as with Chicago, Sears and Trump Towers were now the two tallest buildings. But he’s also been someone of wealth who’s had a great amount of influence to New York financial bail out to it in the 70’s, he also been a staunch critic on the new trade towers ugly design (which I’ve always agreed) plus he had visited the WTC 93 bombing disaster after it happened and got a rare close up inspection on the damage. Although not physically harmed in any sense, you could say that he is also like many other New Yorkers, a victim of 9/11.

If you haven’t seen any of the recent or past interviews of him revolving around 9/11, it would seem that he has to know that there were explosives used in addition to bringing down the World Trade Center. And if you haven’t been to New York since after 9/11, well I have years ago during an anniversary, and you will find that it’s a widely held belief by half or most New Yorkers that believe explosives were also in the WTC, and it’s not limited to conspiracy theorist or a fringe.

Business Times International had an article in 2014 making fun of Truthers (and deservingly so) ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Inside The Lonely Lives Of Truthers, Still Looking For Their Big Break’:

stating that Trump is the only presidential candidate or major public figure who has written the Truther group a custom letter after being sent their DVDs and literature. Trump’s campaign, Gage said, thanked the members of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth for their “continued support.”

Even though this all sounds great, with even now AE911Truth finally getting a former member of N.I.S.T. to confess to feeling guilty and complicit in their final analysis and reports of the destruction of only WTC Building 7, where nobody died, no plane struck, and isn’t even considered as part of a terrorist attack which is what 9/11 was, its barely a cover-up and it still doesn’t explain who did it.

Not that I want to deviate into all alternatives flight theories, Richard Gage has stepped out of his own expertise and has also commonly taken the position that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, and publicly did so for a National Geographic ‘s ‘9/11 Science and Conspiracy’ Documentary in 2009. If that’s the case for 1 out of the limit of 4 planes, then it would be the case to suggest by protocol modus operandi, that Richard also does not believe those were the actually flights 11 and 175 that hit the WTC.

When you maintain dogmatic fallacies in any manner about one plane and its hijacking being faked, it continually insults a whole other faction of passenger victim’s family members that has the potential to still belong in a joint effort of concern of the remainder of the attack in the Trade Center destruction and security as well as the Airports security. And at this rate, it’s your choice to make it a much greater uphill battle that’s guaranteed never to win and its criticism for being bullshit you call “Truth”  is well deserved,  after having consumed it for nearly a decade by your unchecked ‘misleaders’ of 9/11 Truth.

Besides for the FBI/Police reports pages on Urban Moving Systems previously demonstrated in last part this article, which was processed by a Freedom of Information Act request, we now  have the 28 Pages of the JIS report, still not totally un-redacted but yet uninteresting to most of the truth movement, when it’s an initiative to get Congressman to read it,  because it stated to implicate  “Foreign ALLIES in the Middle East” involved,  not “Foreign ALLEY in the Middle East”, when within the majority of the  JIS pages already implicates Saudi officials as suspects,  and its suppose to a report put together from analyzing the accumulation of the same FBI field office reports as the Urban Moving Systems ones, which it should also be known, that the same person who processed those FOIA requests and got them released, is the same guy who’s also a cameraman that’s just recently contributed film work recording the interview of N.I.S.T.’s Peter Michael Ketcham  for AE911Truth, John Massaria.

It’s sound to me that the most important work is being neglected and placed in a lower level of high concern, by holding the spotlight when the spotlight should be pointed on the person behind the spotlight.

Whether it’s neglecting the Israeli or Arab operative evidence, it doesn’t matter, when in the public sectors eyes, it’s like the planes was a giant lit match, and the buildings were a giant open gas tank full of fuel disguised as a building. Nobody has been able to prove the gas tanks were disguised as buildings and nobody ever will, but everybody got to see the matches, and if you don’t deal with the that first, you are not going to figure out who threw the lit match at the gas tanks on fire. Capisce?

What I’m trying to tell you, is that only focusing on the physics of the buildings is in no way going to solve or tell you who did 9/11. Nor does it set a path for justice and accountability.  It wouldn’t help you to solve the JFK assassination even if you knew exact caliber nor had a fragment of the fatal bullet which killed him, nor even if you had the leftover riffle at the Grassy knoll. You still need a shooter.

But forget Flight 77, The Pentagon, the 28 pages, AE or the fact that Donald Trump has extended out and resonates with us conspiracy theorist, were mad at Trump because he thinks there was only Dancing Muslims in New Jersey and no Dancing Israelis, right? And the good sincere folks at Infowars with the distribution of ‘Fabled Enemies’ just had no correction or new evidence to offer the Don either??

Well someone I’ve talked to decided to take initiative in the old tradition in We Are Change ambush journalism by leaving Southern California to disrupt Trump’s Michigan Speech with “ISRAEL DID 9/11! FIVE JEWS ARRESTED ON 9/11 IN NEW JERSEY, NOT MUSLIMS” making sure Trump knew who was really celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11.

Martin Hill who has writes for his own site has uncovered some interesting news regarding 9/11 before. It may have seemed crude and unprofessional to approach and heckle at Trump using those exact words, but in the fury of the moment of what Trump said saying during his speech after having already appeared on disinfowars, at least he’s somebody who has the balls and still cares about 9/11 accountability, and took whatever initiative he could to do something about correcting Mr. Trump, unlike the million-dollar patriot Alex Jones.

When Trump first made his comments about Muslims celebrating on the streets on 9/11 it was spun big time in the media. And the islamophobe defenders of Trump went out of their way trying to collect vague news reports about a few sparse incidents, most of the claims were various about some Arabs being happy, including the long disputed Dancing Palestinian’s celebrating after the fact and in Palestine not NY, and even the appearance of Dan Rather a week after 9/11, September 17, 2001 on David Letterman where it’s more likely that he was talking about the Dancing Israelis rather than Trumps Dancing Arabs:

“There’s one report, this is not been confirmed, but there’s several eyewitness reports that there was a cell. One of these cells across the Hudson River, and they got the.. This is the report. I emphasize, I don’t know for a fact, but there’s several witnesses who say this happened.  They got on the roof of the building- to look across. They knew what was going to happen. They were waiting for it to happen. And when it happened, they celebrated. They, they jumped for joy. To see this happen, it was a great triumph.”

But there was one news reports that did have some validity to defend Trump, and it was this report that came out of Trumps camp, a poorly recorded CBS news report with hand held camera (why they just didn’t digitize the VHS source tape is beyond me..) of Pablo Guzman on Sept 16, 2001 covering a 9/11 celebration in Jersey City:

Take notice that in the report about “The Dancing Muslims” celebrating or knew in advance of the attacks, were 8 of them on top of an apartment building where 6 of them had lived, which also in the same neighborhood some of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing conspirators had also lived before. Because authorities considered it a hot address, they detained everybody that lived there and found a kind of Architects and Engineers model of the World Trade Center along with a set of binoculars on top of the apartment.

Whatever Dan Rather said on David Letterman is actually irrelevant to some because it’s vague, while there is much evidence of the Dancing Israelis added with the obscure press reports after 9/11, like even ABC 20/20 had an episode about “The White Van” the following year after 9/11, and they’ve even been featured on an HBO film and BBC documentary before, or it can simply be implied into the December 2001 Fox News 4 part series on the Israeli spy ring.

But we don’t really need to go there when we have the UMS FBI/police reports. Not to mention with what Ryan Dawson has pointed out the mover’s communications and activities between locations that’s been documented by the police, as they were in Hoboken New Jersey, if anybody was getting a clear and close vantage point of both planes, it was the Urban Moving System boys, not Donald Trump’s Dancing Muslims in Jersey City.

However that doesn’t mean this story of these Muslims in New Jersey isn’t important and doesn’t need further investigation by any 9/11 skeptic,  as I’d love to get my hands on these police reports and see what kind of building model they had, wouldn’t you? But you will find that most Truther’s will be like, “who care’s”.

This is still a Jersey incident and the 93 bombing history matters, but there’s also another huge clue to the 9/11 cover up  that’s completely over looked by this whole premise for discovering these celebrating Muslims by the Guzman report and that neither side whether Truther or official story defender,  notices when  the report starts covering the arrests of two suspects connected 9/11 “taken off the train they had boarded, after their flight out of Newark, like every other flight in America, was ordered down after the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania” as Pablo says.

But not every grounded flight on 9/11 had token off from an airport where one of the official planes was hijacked from. These two guys were, and they took off from Newark Airport where doomed Flight 93 had also taken off before them.

So who were Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath? I don’t remember ever hearing about these guys being in Gitmo?  If they didn’t end up there, what happened to them?blank .Still053

47 year old Mohammed Jaweed Azmath and 51 year old Ayub Ali Khan Both apparently emigrated from India and were also roommates in Jersey City, and were also coworkers at a newsstand in Newark’s Penn Station. They were laid off and decided to move to San Antonio and open up a fruit stand. So on 9/11 they boarded American Airlines Flight 1729 from Newark and after being grounded in Saint Louis, Missouri due to the attacks they then took a train and ran into a random drug screening in Dallas that just happened to be going on the day after 9/11, and were searched by authorities where on they had found box cutters they had used for their previous job at a newsstand.

They were the first suspects to be held in New York as the first 4 material witnesses (along with Zacarias Moussaoui and the arrested unnamed Saudi pilot with false credentials at JFK airport on 9/13) and after three months of intensive investigation, they were cleared of any wrong doing or involvement in the September 11 attacks, but prosecutors charged them with what was as an unrelated case of fraud involving several hundred thousand dollars of unpaid credit cards, also spending 12 months in solitary confinement in a total of 16 months incarceration. That’s basically what they all said, or at least both sides of their cover stories.

But here’s what really happened.

Ayub Ali Khan who’s true name is Gul Mohammed Shah who’s 34 years old (not 47), along with Mohammed Jaweed Azmath who was actually 30 years old (not 51) who also had a Pakistani wife that was also his 2nd cousin that were married in a ceremony conducted over the phone while she was in Karachi. Both Azmath and Khan had fake Indian passports, and according to their landlord Ousman Rabouh, they had been living in at 6 Tonnelle Avenue, Jersey City, New Jersey, apt # 202 for 5 to 6 years.

At Newark Airport, they purchased one way tickets (as did all the 9/11 hijackers) one of them purchased their ticket by exchanging another plane ticket that was for 9/12 while also paying for the extra fee for the service of exchange. They departed on Flight 1729 at 8:50 a.m. just eight minutes after United Airlines Flight 93 left the same airport departing for its last time.

Flight 1729 was headed to San Antonio until the flight was diverted to St. Louis during the no fly ban and was grounded. Azmath and Kahn took a train from there and were soon after apprehended in Dallas on the way to San Antonio. Early reports indicate that they drew attention to themselves at the train station causing a scene of having a confrontation among one another where authorities noticed them.

They were found to have been carrying 2 box cutter knives (reported as similar weapons to the 9/11 hijackers) a pocket knife, $5,588 in cash and back hair dye. $2,400 of the cash was in a new black briefcase with a combination lock that belonged to Kahn. Azmath carried nearly $3,200 in cash and photocopies of multiple passports depicting him in various guises: with a full beard; a mustache; and clean shaven, both with and without glasses. There were also receipts for wire transfers, empty cash envelopes with dates written on them, and letters in Arabic. Yet, the report said Azmath answered “no” when asked if he was carrying knives or a large amount of money.

Azmath and Kahn’s bodies were also shaved, which was part of a hijacker ritual detailed in orders loosely associated as Al Qaeda.

According to the Fort Worth police report that most news sources had gotten a hold of then, showed that Khan and Azmath appeared very nervous to questioning officers, that Azmath stated “I did not have anything to do with New York”. It also stated “The carotid pulse in his neck was visibly pulsating rapidly and Azmath broke into a sweat above his brow”, and that “Khan was very nervous and evasive when he was questioned about his travel plans.” Plus it also showed how their stories did not corroborate as Azmath told officers he was going to see a friend in San Antonio and stay a month, while Khan said they were planning to stay only a week.


Another Muslim man, Dr. Al-Badr Al-Hazmi from San Antonio was also arrested at his home by authorities who claimed he knew Azmath and Khan or were ready to seek refuge with him. FBI agents searched his house for six hours and removed his home computer; medical textbooks and Islamic magazines while Al-Hazmi called Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian oil company that had sponsored his residency since 1997 and asked them what to do.

On September 14th, FBI agents drove him to the San Antonio airport, where he boarded a small aircraft with Kahn and Azmath accompanied by a U.S. marshal and an immigration officer, they had also picked up Zacarias Moussaoui in Minnesota on the way to NY.

In 1999, Al-Hazmi had twice contacted Abdullah bin Laden (one of the family members of Osama Bin Laden) in reference to his nonprofit World Assembly of Muslim Youth, which teaches people about Islam. His travels to Washington and Boston earlier in 2001 was questioned too, Investigators said they were examining whether Al-Hazmi might have been a victim of identity theft, after he was released after 2 weeks.

According to the book ‘Criminal Investigation’ by Steven G. Brandl, on page 488 it states: It was discovered that two of the hijackers used credit cards that belong to Dr. Al Badr Al-Hazmi, a radiologist who lived in Texas, for various purchases.

It was reported that Al-Hazmi was not seen at work on Tuesday morning 9/11, according to SeattlePI ‘Innocent Muslim doctor tells of arrest, two-week ordeal’ on September 30, 2001. He was released, but ironically denied knowing Khan and Azmath but went to the same Arizona flight school as Pentagon hijacker of Flight 77, Hani Hanjour.

According to Salon June 19th, 2002 ‘The dragnet comes up empty: In the aftermath of Sept. 11, law enforcement agents detained more than 1,000 people, mostly Middle Eastern-born men. Some were held for weeks without an attorney. Some were virtually convicted in the press. But none have been implicated in terrorism’:

Their arrest was covered by every major news organization, as law enforcement officials assured reporters that the men had important information about the terrorist network behind the World Trade Center hijackings. Two anonymous investigators told the Dallas Morning News that “credible witness accounts” indicated the two Indian men “were seen with one hijacker at a mosque in Brooklyn, N.Y.” Some sources even hinted to the press that the men were connected to last year’s anthrax attacks.

And as far some other unusual details about the neighborhood, according to The Jersey Journal ‘Neighborhood tired of suspicions and fear’ on December 12th, 2001 by Falasten M. Abdeljabbar:

The uncertainty has extended to surrounding businesses, with a video store owner and a diner employee claiming that suspected hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi patronized businesses in the area.

Atta, the suspected terror ringleader who is believed to have driven American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, was seen in Journal Square in June, according to Sip Avenue video store owner Rumpaul Guyadeen, who says he rented a video to Atta and an unknown woman.

A waiter at the VIP Diner across the street from 6 Tonnelle, meanwhile, told an Associated Press reporter that he served Al-Shehhi – the man investigators believe rammed United Airlines Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center – numerous times. The diner owner discounts the possibility.

The FBI says that reports of the pair in Jersey City are “unconfirmed,” but for some locals, the damage has already been done.

On September 12, 2002, after a year in solitary confinement and four months before he was able to contact a lawyer, Mohammed Azmath pleads guilty to one count of credit card fraud, and is released with time served. Ayub Ali Khan, is given a longer sentence for credit card fraud, but is released and deported by the end of 2002. At first they were also suspected as possibly being responsible for the anthrax letters but that never panned out.


Neither man is cooperating with investigators.

Their flatmate, Mohammed Pervez, is charged with lying to the FBI about more than pounds 70,000 that moved in and out of his bank.

Pervez used to work in Trenton, New Jersey, where anthrax letters were postmarked.

New Jersey authorities discovered Azmath and Khan had a credit card scam going running unpaid balances totaling $473,000, as well as another roommate Muhammad Aslam Pervez who was charged for lying to investigators

According to Dunstan McNichol in The Star-Ledger December 14, 2001 ‘Two arrested Sept. 12 charged in credit card scam’:

Azmath and Khan attracted national attention amid speculation they may have had a role in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks or in other, future terrorist actions. But the complaint unsealed yesterday makes no mention of the attacks. It does say one of the bank accounts used had been opened at the Citibank branch on the Trade Center concourse.

“The terror case is over and done with; it’s fading away,” said Lawrence Feitell, attorney for Khan. “And all that’s left is the residue of this credit card case.”

Both men, who emigrated from India, remain in federal custody while officials determine if they were in this country legally. Khan had agreed to be deported to his homeland, but the charge enables prosecutors to keep the two men jailed for up to 30 days, or until a grand jury decides whether or not to indict them.

The complaint says Khan’s real name is Syed Gul Mohammed Shah. It also notes both men were interviewed repeatedly by federal agents, and says both changed the accounts of the credit card scheme they had given agents during their first interviews on the topic Sept. 22.

According to the complaint, Azmath told agents he was paid $7,000 to $8,000 to sell a third man his Social Security card and New Jersey non-driver’s identification card. That man later used a credit card created in the name “Azmath Jaweed” to buy Azmath pants and shoes, and Azmath knew the third man would not pay the bill, the complaint says.

Khan told investigators he sold the same man 15 credit cards, for between $1,000 and $2,000 apiece.

 Investigators reported finding 11 different credit cards issued to “Azmath Jaweed” and another 20 cards in Khan’s name. Together, the cards had unpaid balances totaling $473,000, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Azmath and Khan were carrying $5,588 in cash when they were arrested on an Amtrak train in Texas Sept. 12. The two were flying from Newark to San Antonio, Texas, on Sept. 11 when their flight was diverted to St. Louis in the wake of the terrorist hijackings. They continued their trip by train the next day.

Muhammad Aslam Pervez, another roommate of Azmath and Khan at 6 Tonnele Ave., Jersey City, has been charged with lying to investigators about more than $100,000 in cash that moved through checking accounts he controlled.

Muhammad Pervez was a naturalized American from Pakistan. In fact, Azmath’s families were Pakistan decadents that migrated to India. And in fact, many of the other suspects who were detained that lived in the same apartment or within the area were from Pakistan.

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) report defined 9/11 detainees as “aliens held on immigration violations in connections with the investigation of the September 11th attacks”. Of the 1,200 aforementioned cases, the report focuses on 762 individuals arrested for immigration violations between September 11th 2001 and August 6th 2002. 33% of the 762 individuals were from Pakistan, even though none of the 9/11 hijackers (those who at least accomplished there mission) were from Pakistan.

According to the U.S. edition of CNN Europe ‘Investigators focus on three detained N.J. men’ October 29, 2001

Khan obtained a Social Security card issued in New Jersey between 1994 and 1996, and Azmath obtained a Social Security card issued in New Jersey between 1992 and 1993. Indian authorities have said Khan, 34, and Azmath, 37, had false passports obtained in Mumbai, India, where an Indian Air Flight was hijacked two years ago and where Indian intelligence sources have told CNN an extremist cell exists. Khan and Azmath have sent their families in Hyderabad more than $58,000, Indian sources have said.

Pervez, arrested on September 16, was listed at the same Tonnele Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard addresses in Jersey City as Khan and Azmath. He was also employed by S & S, working at its Trenton newsstand, according to attorney Gruber and FBI’s Carroll. Gruber said Pervez worked in Trenton until September 1998 and then shifted to the Newark station.

Pervez allegedly made false statements about checks and money orders that were deposited into his bank account and about checks written from that account. A criminal complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan October 16.

The charge stems from Pervez’s testimony on October 10 and 12 before a federal grand jury investigating the September 11 attacks.

The complaint focuses on a total of $63,000 Pervez deposited in 1995, 1996, and 2001, plus $50,000 in checks Pervez wrote in 1996. He told investigators $15,000 he received was to invest in a newsstand on Manhattan’s 14th Street but he offered no details to back this up. He also claimed some $11,000 in checks he wrote was to invest in a 7-Eleven store, which never opened, and the money was returned.

According to his sealed complaint from the District court of New York, Most of all his checks that were deposited, returned or sent to were titled as “Owner of Company-1” “Company-1”, “Employee-1”, “Employee-1’s wife”, “Male-1”, “Male-2”, “Male-3”.

Pervez further stated that according to his agreement he was to operate a newsstand they had hoped to acquire with “Employee-1” who was to be a silent partner, but had stated that he had visited the newsstand several times, and that the newsstand was located on 14th Street in Manhattan but Pervez was unable to state the avenue between which the newsstand was located, he also said that he had worked at this newsstand for several days as research into the investment but was unable to provide the names of any of the people with whom he had worked with there. Pervez also stated that a realtor had been employed to locate the newsstand as a potential investment but he was unable to provide the name of the realtor and stated that only “Employee-1” interacted with the realtor. But as far as his 7-Eleven endeavor.   US v. Mohammad Aslam Pervez a/k/a Aslam PervezCombining this with Azmath, Khan as well as some of the clues left (intentional or unintentional) by official 9/11 hijackers, it seems that some were at least trained in some espionage to be able to conduct black market schemes, ID fraud, counterfeiting, combined with service fronts in place (asset or criminal) to be able to run their end of the operation and off the books, while at the same time (depending on operatives future) profit for themselves or for anybody else they want to leave it behind to. Some of these identity schemes are common for illegal aliens, but combined with these suspects overstaying their visa’s, it’s also the same level activities found with the Israeli operatives in moving companies or posing as door to door art students selling art, or agents within the presence of  Arab cells across the states.

Dan Eggen and Bob Woodward were awarded The 2002 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for their September 29 article in the Washington Post, about the detention of Khan and Azmath and which mentions an anonymous source said that “Both men had flight training”.

And by doing the math looking beyond the official limited scope of 4 hijacked planes (that both the official version and truth movement have confined their theories around, which in fact is a false premise) due to those hijacking operations including those that were even thwarted and aborted having commonalties of 3 suspects per plane, might imply that there was supposed to be a 3rd confidante who did join Azmath and Khan on Flight 1729 for whatever  reason, either being complications boarding or even chickening out at the end. It could have been a 3rd operative who had more piloting skills or its modus operandi was to bring on extra weapons and or be muscle for the hijacker team.

The 9/11 planes operation that Truthers have built a reputation for explaining away a whole set of different circumstances for each of the 4 planes (or non—planes) being used in the attacks has been nothing but a detour and distraction to accountability. The case alone with Flight 23 at JFK Airport sends a wakeup call of what sort of modus operandi 9/11 really was intended for, while exposing an even grander cover up that puts a damper in the cult world view of Truthers. They don’t want to talk about it or the case of Azmath and Khan plus the attempts again on 9/3 at JFK, LaGuardia and other airport’s having found similar items and suspicious activity because it deviates from there no plane pity party. It’s time to consider re-thinking what you think the 9/11 cover up is and how much worse 9/11 could have been, the Bojinka plan could have been entirely executed and had come sooner.


After returning to India both Azmath and Khan faced new problems, authorities there detained and questioned both of them. The Hyderabad authorities criminally charged Khan and Azmath with passport fraud and as of June 2005, we’re still routinely interviewed and homes were inspected.

Azmath’s wife Tasleem Murad  was a pregnant during the  first months of his imprisonment, the police in India wanted to deport her since she was a Pakistani and attempted to until she went through the proper channels to remain there. However since Azmath had only returned to India once in the mid-late 90’s since having moved to the U.S. in 1991, and while only having been married to Murad over the telephone, Murad’s child seems to not be Azmath’s as indicated in an interview Meet ‘that man who was arrested for 9/11’ September 12, 2011, by

A book had been released in 2011 called ‘Detained Without Cause: Muslims’ Stories of Detention and Deportation in America after 9/11’ by Irum Shiekh, presents narratives of six Muslim men detained on links to terrorism charges, the first chapter beggins with Azmath.

I recently obtained a copy and read the introduction and chapter on Azmath, the author already admits to having met him while incarceration in 2003 and then again in India in 2008 having dinner with his family. There are contradicting statements made about when Azmath and Murad actually got married in the book, one letter stating 2000 and another time stating March 2001; also that Murad had just moved to India within the time frame.


Throughout the entire chapter nothing is detailed about what Azmath and Kahn were charged for in their credit card scams as well as no mention whatsoever about their roommate Muhammad Pervez. In fact, it only documents the unfair conditions he felt he was being treated at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and how the FBI also tried to plea bargain with him to admit to being part of the 9/11 attacks, and they would also have his wife moved to the states and be granted protection (which sounds to me like they wanted to try to make him a material witness against whoever he could confess to who orchestrated it or neutralize him and turn him over as an asset).

However most of the chapter just carries on about poor conditions and how Muslims were being treated and profiled, while never addressing all the accusations and evidence against them, but at the same time criticizing the US justice system while undermining the time and sensitive situation the country was going through, while also adding later attempts to file counter lawsuits that were all just bluff.

He also made accusations that the feds fabricated evidence, he also said he had no idea who was the Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman or anything about the 93 bombing conspirators, nor about their mosque that was in his same neighborhood, even though Azmath said he attended a different mosque, but in regards to his terrorism research, he had this to say:

I don’t think that Muslims even carried out the attacks because Islam does not allow the killing of innocent people. There is a possibility that some American did it. When the Oklahoma bombing happened, they arrested many Muslims in that area. Later they found out that Timothy McVeigh did it. I believe that someone else did the attacks and that the US government is using Muslims for political purposes.

According to published reports, Kahn took a FBI lie detector test and did not fail, however Azmath apparently never took one. Azmath Appeared in a video and being interviewed in English only responding in Arabic never looking at the camera.

Alleging ill-treatment also drew instant controversial media attention of whether torture should be practiced and effective for the United States. On a October 21, 2001 Washington Post article hinting at the US government’s use rendition and torture ‘Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma for FBI’ It refers to four suspects out of the hundreds arrested in the US, but material witness’s Zacarias Moussaoui, Nabil al-Marabh, Ayub Ali Khan, and Mohammed Azmath may actually have links to al-Qaeda. According to the ‘Detention of Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath’ Wikipedia page under “Detention”:

Investigators said they had offered Azmath, Khan, Zacarias Moussaoui and Nabil al-Marabh “the prospect of reduced sentences, money, jobs and new identities within the US” if they assisted investigation into the attacks, while threatening to inject them with a “truth serum”, identified as sodium pentothal, or to transfer them to countries with more brutal interrogation techniques.

So who the fuck is Nabil al-Marabh?

(continue to part 5)

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