Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? – The curious cases of the living – Moussaoui and Detroit Sleeper Cell Pt 5

Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? – The curious cases of the living – Moussaoui and Detroit Sleeper Cell Pt 5

The curious cases of Zacarias Moussaoui and Detroit Sleeper Cell Pt 5

(Continued from part 4)

By Thermal Detonator

In a November 1, 2001 article titled ‘U.S. Says 3 Detainees May Be Tied to Hijackings’ in A NATION CHALLENGED: THE INVESTIGATION series by the New York Times, originally reported:

Mr. Ashcroft said that three Arab men who lived in Michigan had been found in possession of airport diagrams, as well as false immigration forms, a fraudulent American visa and a false alien identification card, and that they were suspected of having knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks

 These 3 is what later became known as the ‘Detroit Sleeper Cell’.

Ashcroft had not mentioned names, but law enforcement officials at the time identified three Moroccan men, Karim Koubriti, Ahmen Hannan and Youssef Hmimssa, where authorities raided  there Detroit apartment which previously had been rented by a 9/11 suspect authorities were after.

But there was a problem with the initial report. not only was Youssef Hmimssa no longer living at the raided Detroit apartment he was already in jail under a different name. According to Hmimssa’s Wikipedia:

The main error in this news was that Youssef Hmimssa was already federally incarcerated in Milan, Michigan, both before and during the 9-11 attacks. When his face flashed across American televisions just after the 9/11 attacks, prison guards at Milan, Michigan, were alerted to his whereabouts. When the other prisoners were intimidated into silence concerning Mr. Hmimssa, a telephone call was then made to Barbera Ann Wood, a former U.S. Customs officer and mother of one of the inmates. She was asked to notify the F.B.I. directly, because the B.O.P. and Federal officers at Milan were uncooperative in bringing this information forward. The day after the F.B.I. was notified of his location in Milan, Michigan, news went out that Mr. Hmimssa was located, apprehended, and “transferred” directly to Milan, Michigan. 

However, there was  a third  roommate arrested at the Detroit apartment, an Algerian man named Farouk Ali-Haimoud and he was detained with Koubriti and Hannan as the original three.

When the FBI raided the apartment they found fake immigration papers linking Hmimssa and the initial 9/11 suspect they were looking for, basically they found with a number of fraudulent passports, visas, social security cards and alien registration cards as well as a day planner containing notations and references to the American base in Turkey; the American foreign minister; and Alia Airport in Jordan. They also found audiotapes preaching jihad and recent tourist videotapes footage in New York, Disneyland Anaheim and MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

[for those who haven’t researched official terrorism time lines, those targets in US, Jordan and Turkey go in accordance with New Year’s 2000, with what some believe was to be an earlier date to launch the attacks that became 9/11, otherwise known as “The Millennium Plot”, or what I’d call, one of the, if not the first attempt at Bojinka]

Another associate of theirs who had stayed at their apartment for three weeks was also wanted on fraud and parole violations in several states, his named is Abel Ilah Elmardoudi, who is also a Moroccan but was  later caught on a bus  from a random drug search in North Carolina in November 2002.

In late 2000 and early 2001, he was involved in a “shoulder surf” scheme to callers at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport in order to obtain their phone card access numbers, according to court records. He then sold the numbers to people who made calls from Egypt, Kuwait, the Philippines and the Balkans, court records allege. He was put under house arrest in a halfway house but fled in April 2001; records state where a judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

An indictment filed in August said Mr. Elmardoudi also lived in Chicago, the indictment portrayed him as the handler of a’sleeper operational combat cell’ based in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, home to the nation’s most concentrated population of Arab-Americans. Court records depicted Mr. Elmardoudi fit for a spy novel, he has previously been referred to as Abdella, with no last name, and as having four other aliases.

Assistant U.S. Atty. Richard Convertino characterized the defendants as having “received direction” from Elmardoudi who lived in Chicago as an “expertise in airport security operations” false IDs and the fraudulent use of phone-calling cards.

Elmardoudi and Koubriti are convicted of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and also document fraud. Hannan is convicted of document fraud, but Ali-Haimoud is cleared of all charges.

According to SF Gate, August 29, 2002 ‘5 in Detroit indicted as al Qaeda ‘sleepers’ / FBI says cell’s job was to scout airport, buy guns’ by Washington Post’s Douglas Farah and Tom Jackman pointed out how Ali-Haimoud’s attorney Kevin Ernst said how much of snitch Hmimssa was, “Hmimssa “made multiple statements initially that he knew nothing,” Ernst said. “But it is amazing what the threat of incarceration will do to your knowledge.”

Hmimssa pleaded guilty to 10 felonies in three states and risked spending up to 46 months in prison on those charges, that included credit card fraud and possessing fraudulent documents, and would receive up to 81 years, but instead made a deal to get a lesser sentence and became a key government informant and witness in the case against the four arrested Detroit men. He also had a string of charges from stolen watches, fake documents, even currency Black Market transactions, and a few arrests in North Africa and Central Europe before arriving in the U.S. on a phony French passport. The forgery case was classified as terrorism-related, because of convicted immigrants who bought fake IDs from Hmimssa came from several locations, including Algeria, Eritrea, France, Palestine, Pakistan and Morocco. He was very blunt about his fraud skills in the trial; he was labeled as a self-described scam artist.

He had also said to have made false identification documents for all 4 defendants but then had a falling out with them. He described them all as Islamic extremists and terrorist’s, when prosecution presented sketches they found in the apartment he showed one claiming that it was a target they intended to attack.

The trial began on March 26, 2003 and was the first terrorism trial in regards to 9/11. When Hmimssa was left testifying against Elmardoudi and Koubriti, he said that the day planner with all the sketches of the US military facilities in Turkey and Sudan were of Elmardoudi to use as instructions or sketch ideas.

Unfortunately for the prosecution, the day planner was the property not of the defendants, but of another previous tenant of the apartment, Ali Mohammed Ali Ahmed, a mentally unstable man from Yemen who had moved to the U.S. in 1999 with help from his brother Naser, and ultimately committed suicide by jumping from an I-94 overpass in Dearborn on March 3, 2001.  According to The Metro Times article ‘Conspiracy theory’  on April 9th, 2003 under “The Madman”:


Ali moved in with Naser, who said Ali stared at the floor, would not bathe, was unable to hold a conversation and spent most days sleeping, chain-smoking and begging strangers for cigarettes. Sometimes Ali would walk in the snow naked, crawl on the floor, convinced he was a snake, or eat a meal while chatting with imaginary friends, Naser testified.

As a boy, he drew pictures of tanks and soldiers and believed he was a general, Naser said.

After seven months, the brothers were evicted because of Ali’s strange behavior; they rented a basement apartment in a Dearborn neighborhood populated by other Yemeni immigrants, Naser testified.

During the two years that Ali lived in the States, Naser said, he committed his brother to several psychiatric hospitals for treatment. But it didn’t help much; Ali refused to take his medication.

When he returned from his last hospital visit in February 2001, Ali had new clothes, cigarettes, money and a stereo with headphones, Naser said. Ali told Naser that two men gave him these things. He also said that they promised to pay him $20,000 if he signed some papers. Naser said Ali told him he would find the men at the Arabian Village Restaurant.

Naser testified that he took Ali to the restaurant on Dix Avenue in Dearborn, but they never found the alleged benefactors.

Around this same time, Naser testified, he found a day planner in his brother’s bedroom. Naser said that he perused it for a minute, saw his brother’s signature on some of the pages and tossed it in the trash. Ali came into the room and snatched the day planner from the waste bin, put it under his belt and threatened to kill Naser if he touched it again, Naser testified.

Dr. Mamoun Dabbagh testified during the trial that he had treated Ali Ahmed in 2000 for mental illness and that among his delusions was the belief that he was the “president of Saudi Arabia.”

But what truly ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back on Hmimssa being a completely unreliable witness against Elmardoudi and Koubriti, is when judge Rosen learns the prosecution had withheld evidence in the case, which soon begins to fall apart. In December 2003 he orders an internal Justice Department inquiry. In August 2004 the inquiry asks the judge to throw out the convictions because of prosecutorial misconduct, which he does. It’s revealed that the only witness in the trial, Hmimssa to told 2 other inmates who were either in the same jail cell or next to his, who he had often spoke with saying that he was always lying and exaggerating a bunch of claims about the two remaining Detroit Sleeper Cell suspects.

In 2013, an 11 minute RETRO REPORT film by The New York Times, the only person named being witness to Hmimssa proclaiming to be lying against the cell was a notorious Detroit heroin dealer in prison named Milton Butch Jones (Young Boyz Inc GANG) which they don’t even highlight his notoriety, and of course ignore the highly suspicious Omar Shishani entirely.

Ahmed Hannan pleaded guilty to the insurance fraud and was deported to Morocco. Abel Ilah Elmardoudi served some time for document fraud before he was deported to Morocco.

Unfortunately Ali-Haimoud is not interviewed, only Koubriti is and they barely dig into any details and ask in-depth questions.

But the main elelment thats completely ignored or overlooked about the Detroit Sleeper Cell story, is the reason why authorities were even at their apartment in the first place, which was the manhunt for Nabil al-Marabh, which they don’t mention Hmimssa was also one of his roommates there previously. In fact some other reports try to play it off that Hmimssa lived in the apartment after Koubriti, Hannan and Ali-Haimoud.  Like Hmimssa, al-Marabh had been a Chicago Taxi driver among many other things.



Nabil al-Marabh, a Syrian citizen born Kuwait and was arrested on Sept. 18, 2001 in Chicago on a parole violation related to the stabbing of his Detroit roommate in the knee during an argument on May 30, 2000 and plead guilty in December 2000. He is known and has admitted to knowing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as well as many operatives of the Millennium Plot (other fellow cab Driver in Boston), he has also bragged about planning to die as a martyr, including plans to steal a fuel truck from a rest stop in New York or New Jersey and detonate it in the heavily traveled Lincoln or Holland tunnels leading into New York City He worked as a sniper in Afghanistan in the mid 90’s before moving to Boston to drive cabs. He was the real deal.

Now speaking of Detroit, Chicago and Yemenis, according to limited articles and news reports, a Detroit man named Nageeb Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed Al-Hadi from Yemen was on board a Lufthansa Flight 430 from Frankfurt Germany that was supposed to land in Chicago on 9/11 but was forced to land at Pearson Airport in Toronto as planes became grounded from the FAA no fly ban.

He was found to have very suspicious items.Customs officers search his suitcases and find two Lufthansa airline crew uniforms and four Yemeni passports, each with a different passport number. One passport had the name and photo of another person. As well as a piece of paper containing “cryptic writing”. The baggage checked by the Al-Hadi on Lufthansa Flight 430 in Germany was transported from Germany to Chicago on Lufthansa Flight 432, which left Germany earlier than Flight 430. That flight was permitted to land in Chicago. This must mean  he was supposed to be on Flight 432 to land in Chicago much earlier, but he must of been delayed and got caught in the air traffic while 9/11 as going on.

In The Washington Times article ‘Passengers say suspicious flier had partners’ September 28, 2001, they state Al-Hadi was traveling with at least four others and:

Witnesses aboard the aircraft have told the FBI that when the pilot announced that the flight would be forced to land in Toronto because of an unspecified “catastrophic event” in the United States, Nageeb Abdul Jabar Mohamed Al-Hadi and others apparently traveling with him produced a bottle of wine from carry-on luggage and shared celebratory sips with each other as they huddled near a midcabin restroom.

“They were very upbeat,” said one passenger who sat near two of the men in the group. “They seemed in a really good mood, which seemed odd under the circumstances.”

In an article simply titled ‘2 Grilled Here – Trade Center Backdrop Used For Photos Taken In Air-Crew Uniforms’ by Tom Godfrey and George Christopoulos The Toronto Sun September 15, 2001:

FBI anti-terrorist agents are grilling two men arrested here who are suspected of links to the attacks on Washington and New York City.

The men, who had pictures of themselves dressed in flight-crew uniforms against fake backdrops of the World Trade Center, were questioned for hours yesterday in a protective wing of the Metro West Detention Centre, police said.

The first suspect, an unidentified Middle Eastern man in his 20s, was arrested at Pearson airport on Tuesday as he arrived on a flight that had been diverted from the U.S.

He was among 14 travellers on flights diverted from the U.S. who were arrested by police and immigration for a range of offences, including possessing drugs and phony documents. “The person was of interest to the RCMP following the incident in the U.S.,” said force spokesman Sgt. Paul Marsh. “This person had photographs that were of interest to us.”

Marsh refused to disclose the nature of the photographs.

Police sources said the man had several photos of himself in a flight-crew uniform against a fake backdrop of the World Trade Center. “He had his thumbs up and he was smiling,” the sources said. “He appeared to be having a good time.”

According to the website published September 15, 2009 under NAGEEB ABDUL JABAR MOHAMMED AL-HADI, it says his phone records showed he was in connection with Nabil al-Marabh. Not surprising being that taxi cabs and airports go hand in hand.

Like many of the official 9/11 hijackers, al-Marabh went to fight in Chechnya in 1999 before returning to the US one month before 9/11.

Here are some quotes from History about al-Marabh:

In February 1999, Nabil al-Marabh moves to Tampa, Florida. He gets a Florida driver’s license and begins driving taxis in Tampa, just as he did previously in Boston. According to an apartment complex manager, from February 1999 to February 2000 he lives in an apartment with another Arab man with a different last name. Investigators later will wonder if al-Marabh was an advance man for the Florida-based 9/11 hijackers. 

Ihab Mohammed Ali Nawawi Egypt

However, an Egyptian-American cab driver who was close to Osama Bin Laden seems to have been in the same circles as these Canadian, Detroit and Chicago suspects arrested right before and after 9/11, is man named Ihab Ali Nawawi who became a personal pilot to Osama bin Laden in the early 1990s. History covers some interesting connections to obvious to be coincidental to al-Marabh:

In May 1999, a potential al-Qaeda sleeper agent named Ihab Ali Nawawi is arrested in Orlando, Florida, about 80 miles from Tampa. Nawawi had been working as a taxi driver and was in contact with top al-Qaeda leaders. While the similarity between him and al-Marabh is intriguing, there is no known reported connection in Florida between the two men. In the early 1990s, both worked for the Pakistani branch of the Muslim World League, a charity with suspected terrorism ties. Al-Marabh also apparently goes to Afghanistan some time in 1999 or early 2000.

According to Nawawi’s Wikipedia “He trained at the Airman Flight School in Norman, Oklahoma, before joining the fledgling al-Qaeda in the Sudan. In the 1990s, he worked for the Muslim World League in Pakistan.”

Airman Flight School is also reported to have been attended by Mohammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehi  as well as the elusive Adnan Bukhari in the early 90’s, who was first thought to be a Flight 11 hijacker before ending up being found alive at his home in Vero Beach Florida, next-door to another Pilot thought to have been Abdulaziz al-Omari. But guess who else, the supposed 20th hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui.

Photo policière du suspect Zacarias Moussaoui

All though much of what’s been discussed revolves around Detroit and Chicago, it should be noted, that Moussaoui, like al-Marabh also fought in Chechnya at the same time. In fact a Lebanese national named Mohamad Elzahabi who was a sniper and fought in Chechnya and trained others on the use a Dragunov sniper rifle at the Khalden training camp, he met Nabil al-Marabh and 2 other suspects involved in the Millennium Plot, where he later renewed his acquaintance with in Boston a decade later, when they worked for the same taxi company. Elzahabi moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota after returning from Chechnya.

In ‘Minneapolis terror suspect licensed to haul hazardous freight’ by Greg Gordon and David Chanen in The Star Tribune, states that:

Mohamad Kamal Elzahabi

Elzahabi’s name was known to the FBI well before the Sept. 11 attacks, according to law enforcement officials who declined to be identified. He also was on a list of possible or suspected terrorists obtained by the Star Tribune shortly after the suicide hijackings — a list that was circulated to foreign airlines and banks.

Fox News will later note that Elzahabi has a “potential link to Zacarias Moussaoui” since Moussaoui moved to Minneapolis in early August 2001 and is arrested on August 15, but no firm connection between the two has been shown.

During the time of when the Detroit Sleeper Cell trials were going on, most of the mainstream media focus having to do with any legal actions on 9/11 suspects, really was on Moussaoui. The botched handling of witnesses in the sentencing of Moussaoui was a series of missteps and false starts that had beset prosecution of terrorism cases. The government had seen juries reject high-profile terrorism charges, judges throwing out convictions because of mistakes by the prosecution and the FBI; this was in other cases besides the 2 cases of the Detroit Sleeper Cell and Nabil al-Marabh. But as for these 3 cases it seems that there was evidence intentionally being withheld between the investigations and cases so that they not connect to each other.

Nabil al-Marabh was kept in solitary confinement for more than eight months after his arrest without seeing a judge, his prison sentence, federal prosecutors lodged a material witness warrant but was dropped and he was cleared of any terrorist activity or organization connections, but pled guilty to conspiracy to smuggle an alien into the U.S. from Canada and was ordered deported to Syria in January 2004, and was arrested by Syrian intelligence agents where it’s believed al-Marabh is still jailed with no reports of being officially charged with any crime. Both Democratic and Republican Senators later express bafflement and complain about this deportation of an extremely likely 9/11 suspect.  Some sources say that he was neutralized and was sent back in an attempt to be a informant for the U.S., same is also suggested for Abdul Jabar Al-Hadi who was only convicted in the U.S. on the forgery charges.

The Detroit Sleeper Cell case was the only 9/11 related trial that was held in a public court where there was not only corruption and suspicions between the defense and district attorneys, the government star witness Hmimssa in the end, was even put to question whether he was actually a terrorist himself tryting to weasel his way out of jail time.

Moussaoui was indicted by a federal grand jury in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on six felony charges.

If Moussaoui, al-Marabh, and some Detroit sleeper cell really were low or hi-ranking members of so called al-Qaida or faction that was to be part of the 9/11, they should of been tried in a closed military commission.

But the question here has to be obvious, how on earth would Moussaoui have not associated or had not been in any previous contacts with or in the original plans with the shady members in or around the Detroit Sleeper Cell, when authorities only went to the apartment searching for Nabil al-Marabh? Four of the people involved in the Detroit Sleeper Cell were Moroccans who had either been to France or had French passports (real or fake) when Moussaoui himself is a French Moroccan and found with fake passport? Not to mention on of them, Elmardoudi, had also lived in Minnesota before.

Its highly likely that the remaining shady members of the Detroit Speller cell (Hmimssa, Elmardoudi and Hannan) were destined to be 9/11 hijackers, or that that Detroit or Minneapolis airports were targets but that doesnt mean that doesnt mean that the Detroit apartment wasn’t a hornets nest for future operatives, nor does that mean Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport would not have been launching point for more hijacked planes, as the city was already likely to be target with Sear Tower in the first place. Chicago Illinois  would have definitely been a middle ground for Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Ohio as well suspects who may have been in Chicago, and then there also Pearson Airport in Toronto across the border.


Plus there are others within Moussaoui circles in Minnesota and Oklahoma that are also arrested, like his roommate Hussein al-Attas, a Saudi with Yemeni parents, and Abderraouf Jdey a Canadian citizen from Tunisia who was actually had experience in hijacking an airliner, was soon released and fled into Canada and found swearing to die as a  martyr on a series of videotapes found in the rubble of (al-Qaida military chief) Mohammed Atef’s house in Afghanistan in 2002, although not  indicted, in April of 2005 the U.S. State Department offered a reward of up to $5 million dollars for information leading to Jdey’s capture. Plus Al-Marabh was really stationed in Canada with his uncle who owned a print shop Toronto, and was known to network with many others including several official 9/11 hijackers and other operatives in Canada who were either arrested before 9/11 or had been involved with the Millennium  Plot, which were of the same circles as Jdey was in.

 al-Attas, was arrested in Minnesota in August 2001 a day after Moussaoui’s arrest and charges him with violating the terms of his student visa by working at a mosque in Oklahoma.

But here’s very interesting piece to the story of when Moussaoui and al-Attas were in Oklahoma. Nick Berg’s email address had been used by Moussaoui prior to the September 11, 2001, attacks.

nick berg trim

Nick Berg was a 26 year old telecommunications and US civilian contractor. In high school he was known as a prolific inventor, even creating a palm-size “truth detector,” gadget box wrapped in duct tape with flashed lights and wires attached to fingers.

He attended Cornell University, distinguishing himself in engineering courses; he spent the spring of 1998 in an exchange program.

He left Cornell at the end of 1998, despite being on the dean’s list and having only one year left. He spent the next two years studying at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania before transferring to the University of Oklahoma in Norman in the fall of 1999.

He also began learning about communications towers. In 2000, he quit his studies in Norman and for more than a year wandered across Oklahoma and Texas working as a freelance contractor replacing lights, painting girders and fixing cables.

By 2002, he had returned to the Philadelphia and formed his own tower company, Prometheus Methods Tower Service; he had built a client list of 50 companies by 2003.

With the help of the American Jewish World Service, he visited Kenya for two weeks in March 2003. As the Iraq invasion began, he argued that Americans had a moral obligation to help rebuild it. In part, friends said, he saw a business opportunity. In December 2003 he attended a convention in Virginia on rebuilding Iraq. Government officials and private contractors at the convention encouraged businesses to join in the reconstruction, but at the same time Berg had already in the past two years started taking synagogue classes becoming increasingly religious after college, studying Judaism and the Torah which influenced his moral beliefs, while actually only having been raised in a secular Jewish family.  Berg’s family claims he was recruited for Iraq by the US Chamber of Commerce, but set off for Israel first on his way to Iraq to study Hebrew.

In late December, he flew to Israel and crossed by land into Iraq via Jordan. For the next month, Berg operated in Iraq much the same as he did in the United States: touring the countryside, usually by taxi, inspecting towers and building a database, he told friends.

Despite his physique, Berg had no military service. He was unmarried and full of male friends; Berg attended four universities without graduating.

He repaired communications equipment and climbed radio towers and tells friends that he planned to create a company called “Babylon Towers” with a man named Mr. Taee who owned electronic equipment stores in Philadelphia and pleaded guilty in 1994 to selling plastic vials used by crack dealers.

Berg went home in February 2004 and returned to Iraq in March, expressing confidence about getting work from the Harris Corporation, a company based in Florida that had a $96 million contract to rebuild Iraq’s media industry.

Berg also read espionage novels in his Baghdad hotel room; he had brought a yarmulke and a tallis into Iraq and his passport, stamped in Israel which can cause exclusion elsewhere in the Middle East. Berg was carrying a laptop, cash, a Qur’an, and “anti-Semitic literature” in Arabic — a language that Berg could neither read, nor write, nor speak, traveling alone, without a translator or a bodyguard, in a lawless land whose language he barely understand.

On March 24, while traveling to meet his business contacts, Berg was stopped at an Iraqi checkpoint near Mosul and was turned over to the coalition forces under suspicions about him and his safety. Iraqi police took Berg to its headquarters and handed him over immediately to an operations room inside the same compound where the American military police have a liaison office, where Berg remained in Iraqi police custody the entire time he was detained.

Mr. Berg was interviewed three times by FBI agents who what he was doing in Iraq. Berg also told friends that while he was in jail, other prisoners chanted “Isralein,” apparently believing he was an Israeli, because he had an Israeli stamp in his passport. Berg’s friends said Iraqi authorities suspected he was “an Israeli spy.”

Berg’s parents expected him home on March 30. They contacted the State Department and were interviewed by the FBI, which corroborated Berg’s statements in Iraq. The FBI then recommended that Berg be released. But when Berg was not immediately released, his parents filed a lawsuit on April 5, asserting that the American military was violating their son’s civil rights. He was released the next day, April 6.

Upon his release, he sent an e-mail saying he planned to catch a flight home from Jordan on April 10. He disappeared soon after that only to appear in video being beheaded.1snqfys b

Other the Daniel Pearl in 2002, Nick Berg’s beheadings was one of the most famous and widely viewed complete beheadings on the net at the time.

According to TIME magazine, Berg was rumored to work “for a telecom firm with ties to Israel.” So was he Sayanim?

According to French Wikipedia, Sayanim are passive agents commonly called “agents dormant” established outside of Israel , ready to help agents Mossad by providing logistical assistance. The term also refers Jews in the diaspora who decide to collaborate temporarily with Mossad through a sense of patriotism towards Israel. Someone like Jonathan Pollard would be a prime example of that.

Now if sounds implausible for a Jewish-American like Nick Berg to have been this far in the circle 9/11 foreknowledge  or that he couldn’t have already acquainted himself with Mossad agents or Israeli assets, let me also remind you what was reported back in 2002 by Salon ‘The Israeli “art student” mystery’:

“On April 30, 2001, an Air Force alert was issued from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning “possible intelligence collection being conducted by Israeli Art Students.” Tinker AFB houses AWACS surveillance craft and Stealth bombers. The report does not elaborate on what kind of intelligence was being sought.”

On May 14, 2004, in the CNN article ‘Berg’s encounter with ‘terrorist’ Nicks father Michael Berg admitted that Nick had been investigated during the U.S. government’s investigation of Moussaoui.

According to Berg, his son was taking a course a few years ago at a remote campus of the University of Oklahoma near an airport. He described how on one particular day, his son met “some terrorist people — who no one knew were terrorists at the time.”

At one point during the bus ride, Berg said, the man sitting next to his son asked if he could use Nick’s laptop computer.

“It turned out this guy was a terrorist and that he, you know, used my son’s e-mail, amongst many other people’s e-mail who he did the same thing to,” Berg said.

Government sources said Berg gave the man his password, which was later used by Moussaoui, the sources said.

FBI agents interviewed Berg in 2002 and came away convinced that he had either shared the password with someone who passed it on to Mr. Moussaoui or that the password had been stolen from him. The FBI cleared Berg of having links to terrorism. The FBI found that Berg had no direct terrorism connections or direct link with Moussaoui

Hmm, sounds legit. Not!

Oklahoma City bombing investigator and former KFOR NBC reporter Jayna Davis who’s also written the book ‘The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection to the Oklahoma City Bombing’,  that ignores bombing survivors eyewitness testimonies as well as seismographic data indicating that there was more than one blast during the bombing of the Murrah Building following the explosion of the “truck bomb” outside on the street, including other testimony prior to the bombing of mysterious figures (not McVeigh or Nichols) engaged in activity which suggests they were placing explosives inside the building, as well ignoring the multiple news reports at the time indicating other unexploded bombs having been found  inside the remainder of the building, not to mention she never brings up the gruesome death of OKC policeman Terrence Yeakey’s that was purported suicide and deemed “murder” by his friends and family that believe he witnessed something either before or after the bombing suggesting a cover up, and more importantly,  never once does the book reference Andreas Strassmeir the Hebrew-speaking former German military intelligence officer, most likely undercover informant or asset highly suspicious of being involved in the OKC bombing, possibly even the orchestrator.

All though she’s not a 9/11 researcher and tends to stick to the mainline theory of these events as radical Islamic origins only, Davis was not only unconvinced with the excuse of this Berg meeting Moussaoui email exchange story, she said the explanation was “totally nonsensical”. On May 18th, 2004, Newsmax published Jayna Davis Dissects Berg-Moussaoui Links’ which was part of a transcript of her appearance on WABC Radio with Monica Crowley:

“You’re sitting on a bus. It’s a five- to ten-minute ride [from campus to the Airman Flight School, where Moussaoui was taking flight lessons]. How in the world would a stranger sitting next to you say, ‘Hey, can I borrow your laptop computer because I want to log on to your e-mail?'”

For the question to make sense, Davis argued, “You would have to have a cell phone, a modem and be online for it to be a logical request in the first place.”

The investigative journalist noted also that the FBI’s version of the password incident differs considerably from that given by Berg’s own family.

Berg told the FBI that “he was with an unidentified man who turned out to be a terrorist who passed this information about his confidential e-mail account to Zacarias Moussaoui,” said Davis. Meanwhile, Berg’s family insists that it was Moussaoui himself who met Berg on the bus that day.

The US admits Berg was arrested for “suspicious activities” and using “false identification.” Iraqi police claim Berg had “no identification.” And Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmett says US military police “monitored” Berg. And that he is just a freelancing businessman with a high tolerance for risk, whose naïveté and idealism blinded him to Iraq’s treacherous corners.

Berg’s Moussaoui connection has fueled speculation that FBI agents in Iraq would not allow him to be released out of concern he had links to terrorism, officials in Washington deny this even though the FBI also questioned Berg three times in Iraq about his “ties” to alleged 9/11 terrorist Moussaoui in Oklahoma and also asked whether he had ever built a “pipe bomb”.

But being a spy and an associate of the 20th hijacker wasn’t the only thing Berg was suspected of as it turns out.

In late March of 2000, the Suburban Bomber arrived on the scene in Chester County Pennsylvania, within in a five months period he blew up three cars, damaging another and blowing up a dumpster.

It turns out that Nick Berg was suspected of being this one time “domestic” terrorist known as the Suburban Bomber. Action WPVI-TV Channel 6 ABC News Philadelphia in November of 2004 put out an article titled ‘THE HUNT FOR THE SUBURBAN BOMBER’ reporting:


This past Spring another possible lead surfaced half a world away in war torn Iraq. An FBI investigator who had been on the bomb task force was now stationed in Iraq. He was sent to interview a young man being held prisoner in Mosul. Something clicked when the prisoner told the agent he was from Chester County. Like many others he somewhat resembled the most recent police sketch of the suspect. The prisoner worked on communications towers, like the ones only a hundred yards from where the last bomb was found. The young man was Nick Berg, who would later be kidnapped and executed. The FBI went to the Berg family home, along with an investigator from the Bomb Task Force. Could this be the break they were hoping for? At the time, Michael Berg was concerned only about his son’s safety, and didn’t pay much attention when they asked about pipe bombs and his son’s whereabouts several years earlier.

Michael Berg/FATHER: “The FBI in Iraq asked him if he could make a pipe bomb. And he said, ‘Yes he could, of course he never would.’ But he certainly was capable of the electronics of it ever since he was a kid.”

The bomber seemed to have disappeared for six months as there were no more explosions after August, until after 9/11 where investigators got a letter in November of 2001, telling them they could find a bomb on a property in East Vincent Township, which nothing else surfaced from that.

In a Newsmax article dated Friday, 19 Oct 2001 ‘Explosives Found in Philadelphia’ where not only had they reported what also Mercury News in Philadelphia had already reported about Israeli’s in ‘Moving Systems’ Truck who were caught illegally dumping furniture into dumpster, and also them a tape inside a camera containing video footage of the Chicago skyline with zoomed-in shots of the Sears Tower, also in the same article authorities found explosives at Bus stop in Philadelphia:

The powerful explosives had apparently been stashed in the locker since August. Police said the material no longer posed any threat.

Police Lt. Tom Fitzpatrick told reporters on the scene that the amount of explosive found would have caused “a lot of damage.”

Authorities found the material around 10:30 a.m. Friday inside the bus terminal just a few blocks from city hall.

The explosives were discovered when payment for the locker where the explosives were found expired, Action 6 news reported.

The bus terminal was evacuated while investigators dusted for fingerprints.

Passengers were diverted to a nearby station, though some elected to wait outside the station until it was reopened hours later.

The explosive was placed in a locker on Oct. 3 along with 1,000 feet of military detonation cord. However, no detonators were found in the locker.

[One thing that might be worth pointing out as it may only be merely a coincidence, was that around a month after this letter from the Suburban Bomber, in December of 2001 a bombing plot in Los Angles to send explosives to the Sherman Oaks office of Lebanese-American U.S. congressman Darrell Issa and to bomb the King Fahd Mosque in Culver City was thwarted by an FBI sting operation busting its main conspirator’s, Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel of the Jewish Defense League. ]

All though it might seem that Berg is off topic, but one can draw their own conclusions for whatever reasons these extra bombing attempts to have occur before 9/11 and after may have served for the 9/11 conspirators, but his story is just another example to show only sort of circles but the reality of these Hijackers or Arab cells and what other presence thereof.


According to History had sourced through MSNBC, St. Paul Pioneer Press and documents from US Congress through 2001 -2002, that on August 11 someone breaks into the Norman, Oklahoma apartment that remained unoccupied since Moussaoui and al-Attas moved out of it at the end of May 2001. A neighbor’s bicycle is used to break through the door of the vacant apartment and a bloodstain is left on the wall. A neighbor “[tells] reporters that furniture was overturned as if someone was looking for something.”

But whatever the case of Moussaoui or al-Attas networking with Berg, it is very interesting what sort of characters witnesses details al-Attas has described Moussaoui. In a CNN article ‘Roommate: Moussaoui saw jihad as way to paradise – Former roommate testifies via videotape at sentencing trial’ during their period in Oklahoma:

During a second interview, In August 2001 Moussaoui persuaded al-Attas to drive him eight hours to Eagan, Minnesota, for 747 jet simulator training, although Moussaoui had not even mastered how to fly a small, single-engine airplane.

Al-Attas found it strange that Moussaoui would go from “A to Z just like this.” Moussaoui told him learning the 747 would be “easy” because of its computerized cockpit.

Sure sounds like an admission in preparation for protocol to me in the use remote guidance for a suicide hijacking.

In A review of the FBI’s handling of intelligence information related to the September 11th attacks, Special Report’ (November 2004; released publicly June 2006) it states that al-Attas said that Moussaoui followed the teachings of a sheikh whose name he would not disclose because he felt he would not approve. “When asked if the person was Usama Bin Laden, Al-Attas stated that he did not believe so, and that the only reference Moussaoui had made to Bin Laden was to comment on his appearance on television.”

With recent news on Zacarias Moussaoui and the addition of the 28 pages that have been released, this seems to validate it. Because not only had he confessed to being an original part of the 9/11 attacks, he also specified that his role wasn’t necessarily to be a pilot, but to be part of follow up attacks after 9/11.

Whether he was or wasn’t the 20th hijacker is completely irrelevant, as will see in the next article, because as far as I’m concerned, Moussaoui could have been the 35th hijacker at this point, because authorities were just trying to find someone to blame that fits the shoe for 5 hijacker per plane (Flight 93), and as I’ve covered before, there was more than enough planes for him have been on, either on or after 9/11, which also makes Osama Bin Laden’s alleged response saying “I am the one in charge of the 19 brothers and I never assigned brother Zacarias to be with them in that mission… Since Zacarias Moussaoui was still learning to fly, he wasn’t number 20 in the group, as your government claimed”, null and void, because he it’s more than likely he was already dead before anyway.

But what becomes even greater on top of all that is Moussaoui recently stated on oath, twice, that the Saudi royal family members helped finance 9/11 and so called al-Qaeda. Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan and Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, of the Saudi royal family were specifically mentioned as “Al-Qaeda donors”—but the project’s major patrons was Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2013 and 2014. ‘In 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement’ By Kristina Sgueglia and Deborah Feyerick for CNN November 18, 2014:

In two handwritten letters filed this month in federal court in New York and Oklahoma, Moussaoui claimed that, during the time he was taking flying lessons in Norman, Oklahoma, he met with a Saudi prince and princess and that she “gave me money,” and provided funding for 9/11 hijackers.

Lawyers for the Saudi government have repeatedly denied connections, maintaining Saudi Arabia was cleared by the 9/11 Commission.

Moussaoui, who suffers from mental illness, is in the supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado, and is eight years into a life sentence, having pleaded guilty to terrorism and murder conspiracy in connection with the September 11, 2001, terror hijackings.

Moussaoui claims in both letters that he was attacked in prison on orders of terrorist Ramzi Yousef, who Moussaoui says tried to stop him from testifying against the Saudis.

Yousef, a convicted terrorist, is considered the mastermind in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and is in the same supermax prison as Moussaoui.


I don’t know about you, but I think the man needs to be heard. I certainly would like to see Moussaoui interviewed and see what he has to say. They say he has suffered through mental illness due to his incarceration but apparently he has been very vocal and ill towards his judges throughout his court proceedings. He refused legal representation for years entering confusing, insulting and parallel court pleadings.

But in any case whether you wanted to add Moussaoui to a team of 3 or 4 to hijack a plane with any of his roommates in accordance to even Nabil Marabh or any suspects out of Michigan, the man power is there for possibly two planes out of Chicago or for one other Airport.

But that just tells you where all the synchronicities “three’s” can take you in the 9/11 modus operandi. But the question still remains, what about “six”?

(To Be Continued)

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