The Deserved Death of Sandy Hookers

By Thermal Detonator – Edited by Adam Fitzgerald (July 3rd, 2020)

When I started this blog several years ago my main emphasis was to stick to content relating to the September 11 terrorist attacks and events relating to it. However, after the construction of my recent article on Flights 93 and PSA 1771, which was a response to a 9/11 Truth Action Project summary “haphazardly” written by Alison Maynard. A disbarred lawyer of Sandy Hook Hoax propagandist Wolfgang Halbig. While along with other responses I’ve gotten from TAP members, I feel now that I need to make it clear as to why I have not a single reason to doubt that the Sandy Hook shooting did not happen, or that it was staged, a hoax, or a Psy-op, Etc.

The year was 2012, but it was not December yet, it was already the beginning of the year where I was heavily paying attention to Ron Paul’s second run for office as a Republican and was still somewhat of a regular listener to The Alex Jones Show, but at the same time, had been withholding a lot of doubts and losing trust in regards to Alex Jones’s for the last 2 years at this point, for countless reasons that would take too long for me to elaborate. But as imperfect as the show was from its inception, most that had been members long enough in the Truth movement, can see that there was plenty of good reason to have “suspicions” of him since day one.

As Ron Paul’s campaign carried on, I grew concerned that he would have his money bombs to raise money for his campaign, Alex Jones would then hold his on the same day for Infowars network, and when things started to heat up during that summer around the time of the Bilderberg meeting that year. I was particularly disturbed by Ron Paul’s largest contributor, PayPal’s founder Peter Thiel, having attended that Year’s meeting where it was being virtually ignored by Infowars.

Things started to make sense by the time it came out that Ron Paul’s son, Senator Rand Paul had met with neocon demagogue, William Kristol, and even when Rand was confronted by Abby Martin over endorsing Mitt Romney, where he totally ignored her and even tried later to get her fired from RT when she was still on the network, over her ambush journalist attempt. All of this happened, while the Ron Paul campaign was still afloat, and after Rand Paul ended up going public on Fox News endorsing Romney.

This very much bothered me knowing that Alex Jones had very much a lot to do by influencing Rand Paul to run as a senator for Kentucky, which he had ultimately won 2 years prior. Basically, most Ron Paul supporters felt betrayed and disenfranchised, particularly when a lot of his supporters identify themselves as Truthers like myself, but more of this mistrust was projected at Alex Jones and Rand Paul, rather than Ron Paul.

But my suspicions weren’t projected at Ron Paul; they were projected at Alex Jones, as the truth movement was not incentivized by him in those four years of Obama’s first term to be the substitute and real stand-in for the anti-war voice and activism against the war on terror. It was very obvious with Infowars/Prison Planet, that there was more effort spent on demonizing Obama rather than Mitt Romney throughout the course of the year with the Presidential run. The Truth movement at that point already progressed into being anti-Zionist as the subject with the story of the Dancing Israelis and 9/11 actually started to become more widely disgusted, and it was clear Romney was more loyal and favored by Israel rather than Obama, who still had issues that followed in regards to Libya, Syria and wide use of drones.

By the time November rolled around with the election, with Mitt Romney deservingly losing, I found myself losing it the following day, when I heard Jones’s broadcast the following morning. Where he was literally pandering to the idea of Mitt Romney being a better alternative than Barack Obama.

By that point, I was perturbed, wondering to myself aloud “Man, I need a really stop listening to Alex Jones”, but then about two weeks later I came across this video, which had also been part of a recent broadcast I obviously missed.

Contemplating my deteriorating position of Jones i clamored aloud, “Fuck Alex Jones!” this guy has never been on our side, and immediately came to the clear realization that he was not to be trusted, and saw him as nothing more than an enemy (as I still do). Someone who has betrayed the 9/11 Truth, thus the American people, and humanity. And for any Truther who did not wisely choose to “exodus” themselves from Infowars as I did, and remained a follower while witnessing all that had been occurring in 2012, you very much deserve the sheer disillusionment you had received years later when it came to him to supporting Trump.

Especially with the warning signs and direction Jones had already gone practically being a Birther, avidly and proudly re-posting articles from Drudge Report and Breitbart and so on. Jones returned back to his right-wing neoconservative ways, but then again, it’s obvious that he had never changed and kept those ideological beliefs in the closet, along with 9/11, having not fazed him one bit.

2012 wasn’t only an eventful year because of the election, it was also a year that witnessed one of the most polarzing mass shootings in recent times (The Sandy Hook Massacre) with another public mass shooting that took place on the evening of July 20th, 2012. A shooting in a Colorado Movie theater by James Holmes, that’s now mainly known as the Batman shooting. A common belief and of the conspiracy theorist was that Holmes may have been a Manchurian Candidate, someone under mind control, clearly with the medications he was under that anyone could tell, and was too tempting not to hypothesize. And this of course, instigated a lot of wild conspiracy theories that there were other shooters, and that it was perpetrated by the U.S Government to enact restrictions on gun laws, due to Colorado’s large military population, as some have argued the sort of the same thing happened 14 years prior with a Columbine shooting there.

But regardless if there were cover-ups with extra shooters or that there is a systematic black budget program which create these mass shootings to instigate a particular agenda or outcome, they are real shootings, with real victims and real consequences. But those theories are not as severely irrational and polluted with confirmation bias, as even for me at one time, I also thought there were some unusual circumstances with the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, as well as the 2011 Tucson shooting with Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford also being shot.

But then came December 14th, 2012. Where I recall the news that morning reporting a school shooting in Newton Connecticut had occurred, with many victims already counted. I had assuredly predicted that Alex Jones was already reporting this to be, a False Flag as he did with the other prior shootings, and lo and behold, my predictions were correct. After already having stopped listening to The Alex Jones Show for over a month, I only tuned into his show for a few seconds that morning, and there in his blemished glory, proclaiming loudly in his bloated self, that this massacre which involved numerous children, was a complete hoax, a fabrication.

In the later evening hours after the disaster had ended and the investigations started, multiple YouTube videos started to emerge showing one of the fathers of the victims, Robbie Parker, speaking at the late evening press conference, where he had to use cue cards, after having reached the podium and giving a slight chuckled response with those conducting the press conference. His nervousness on obvious display, his reaction however caused some concern within the conspiracy movements.

For myself, there was nothing that I found odd about it at all. Parker’s response isn’t the response many would feel after having your children murdered in a malicious manner, however it is also a response that isn’t at all “unusual”, not to psychologists who study the field of stress, it is commonly called “nervous laughter”. Nervous laughter is a physical reaction to stress, tension, confusion, or anxiety. For more on what “nervous laughter” is and what causes it, read Robert R. Provine’s article from the Scientific Research Society “Laughter” (January 1996)

The following day, more videos started to emerge, claiming that Robbie Parker’s daughter who had been killed in the school shooting, was still taking press photos with the family, as well as with Obama. Of course this became quickly disproven, but that didn’t stop the future Sandy Hookers…

Let us not forget, Alex Jones has already destroyed his dubiously, tattered reputation during his deposition regarding the Sandy Hook lawsuit, where he has even callously stated that he had not done any egregious wrongdoing to the Sandy Hook victims’ families with the hoax he, himself had instigated.

Jones had the chance to redeem himself and correct the damage he has done, maybe even settle out of court. However he is clearly not interested in reminding people that he made a mistake. He would rather keep his ‘tinfoil capital’ afloat and while promoting his hilarious farce throughout the Patriot movement. If Alex Jones had any honest intellect and actually cared about getting himself reinstated back on social media, he would have produced a mini-documentary going over the evidence and confirming Sandy Hook happened, instead of playing victim and pretending it was all Hillary Clinton’s fault. But I guess that tinfoil capital is just too rewarding not to crumple up and throw away.

Kelly Jones

I have no desire to go over all the ridiculously failed declarations regarding the Sandy Hook hoax. Because I personally know I have already won this pathetic debate and have already vindicated myself with what’s already happened to Jones, Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer. And the ongoing lawsuits that should have happened much sooner. A defeat that also includes Alex Jones’s divorce of his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, and former partner of Infowars. Kelly has been very forthcoming about the dangers Alex poses. While she has always doubted his claims over Sandy Hook, just as even, Prison Planet lemming Paul Joseph Watson, had warned Alex.

But the reason why I don’t need to go over every boring and pathetic claim that has turned into the cheaply produced so-called documentary ‘We need to talk about Sandy Hook’ from 2014, is because I never had a reason to believe in such nonsense. Particularly seeing for myself that it’s already constructed off a false premise from Alex Jones. Plus that I already have other sources to validate things which I will explain ahead, even though at a point, there was the belief going around that there may have been an extra shooter at the time of the shooting.

As the next year rolled around, Alex Jones made a predictably, psychotic appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan show “Piers Morgan Live” on January 7th 2013. Jones had performed his “theatrics” screaming like a rudimentary child from the top of his lungs, including frothing at the mouth while slurring out such infantile remarks such as, “1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN IF YOU TRY TO TAKE AWAY OUR FIREARMS!” Morgan entertained the idea of some new added security measures and gun restrictions as a consequence of Sandy Hook.

This irrational and unhinged appearance of Jones on CNN was so shocking, that it literally scared people like myself and anyone who has ever been affiliated or associated themselves to Alex Jones and Infowars. They now felt that their reputation was in harm’s way, that even as 9/11 Truthers, they were associated with this obnoxiously unremarkable, but dangerous actor that even now as a consequence, they just might actually start to become monitored by the government.

In fact, 2013 became a year where many former associates and guests of the Alex Jones Infowars show started to publicly disavow Alex Jones, even temporarily. People like Mark Dice, who did eventually “rosy” up to Jones but never bought into the Sandy Hoax Theory from the beginning and was one of the first putting up videos countering the fraud on the rise.

But things got worse then what I had previously expected, where to a degree I feel at fault for not warning others sooner even at a distance.

By the time 2015 rolled around, it had already been over 3 years since I had attended a We Are Change Los Angeles meeting since I had already moved out of the LA area in 2011. And in my return to which the group had already dwindled down terribly over the years to an average turnout of 5 to 7 people attendance. I was trying to bring new 9/11 data, not just regarding the Dancing Israelis but also to revisit and re-think the “no plane hit the Pentagon” narrative, but I was met with hostile reactions from several of the members, except for the group organizer Ed Brotherton who had known me the longest, and trusted me and absolutely agreed with what data and arguments I was presenting. That it was inline with his ideas on revitalizing a Constitutional Militia and going back to the basics with 9/11 the foundational subject of our group.

The main instigator who led this resistance in WACLA against me and Ed Brotherton, was a known “pretender”, Bernie Saurez. A New York transplant from the We Are Change chapter who moved and relocated to LA claiming to be a doctor and later written a book ‘The Art of Overcoming the New World Order‘. (An obviously generic title that screams being a Kool-Aid Drinker of Alex Jonestown). Suarez was not only an avid believer in Sandy Hook Hoax but also claimed that the Boston bombing was also a hoax, circling and pointing at victims with blood everywhere and limbs blown off. Claiming that it was staged, also a Psy-op. A truly sick and disgusting individual, who has apparently already abandoned 9/11 Truth and is now a Qanon cult propagandist with an unusually large following on YouTube. This person even went out of his way to make videos poorly smearing me and Ed Brotherton.

Even though the discourse of arguments that we carried on with Suarez before booting him and other “questionable” members out of WACLA, (which subsequently became the end of the group just a couple of years later) i offered references to people I knew that had personal information and were approachable to them for any questioning in regards on the matter with their doubts of Sandy Hook that they professed with certainty that it was faked. However they showed no interest even though that some of them were people they may have briefly met or known of for years.

And although that list of references, most of them being 9/11 Truthers and conspiracy theorists themselves have now grown a little more since those debates than with Suarez and company years ago. For which I’m going to lay out here listed below in this article so you can understand just what type of networking and confirmation I was able to do even before myself and Ed had combated these former WACLA members, and why I had no interest and would have been impossible for me to get hooked (pun intended) by these Sandy Hoaxers.

Joe LaChance: Was not only a member of WACLA at first, he became very active with the short-lived We Are Change Hollywood chapter that was headed by a guy named Daniel Giguere, as well as I did, since at the time WACLA was only committed to its monthly meeting and their 11th of the month street actions. He also was a video journalist for a website called ‘Truth is Scary’ and had confronted or interviewed different celebrities, one of his biggest interviews being Dukes of Hazzard  star, John Schneider, where he got to question him on 9/11, which was also featured on Infowars when it was published. Me and Joe got the hang out quite a bit and actually know each other pretty well, he ended up moving out of LA around the same time I did, and of course, just like to everyone else, I was able to keep in contact with him via email or social media. Joe is also originally from Connecticut, and at one point when I was able to catch up with him in 2013, I had asked him his thoughts or if you knew anything about the Sandy Hook shooting, which it turned out that he knew one of the police officers that attended the crime scene. Joe had mentioned that this police officer didn’t understand the rumors going around about Sandy Hook being staged, even though Joe himself entertained the possibility that there was a second shooter at that time. And as of recent, Joe had informed me that he had even put out a short video in recent times addressing the fraud of Sandy Hook being a hoax, but although it was anti-conspiracy theory defending the official story, his video was still flagged by YouTube as being a conspiracy theory for it and was ultimately taken down. But unlike Alex Jones, having Joe there in Connecticut was like having sent my own reporter or cover the story, I knew I could count on him eventually because I didn’t need anyone else’s YouTube opinion on the matter, I was satisfied with him.

Tracy Lynn: One-time member of WACWOOD (We Are Change Hollywood) who appeared in the group after I had already left, but met her through other friends on Facebook. Somehow we got into a conversation where Sandy Hook  brought up and she told me her story about how she had worked a temp job in San Dimas, and that an older gentleman who had worked in the Administrative Office at her job assignment, was a grandfather to one of the kids that died in Sandy Hook. She herself had witnessed this older gentleman having gone home early when the news came out that day. Within the first week, she entertained the idea that it could have been a hoax just because of what was blowing up on YouTube with the conspiracy theories about it, but none of it was making sense to her, because this older gentleman was actually going through a grieving process also having been absent for days after the Sandy Hook shootings. She ended up knowing better, that whoever was generating these myths about hoaxes didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

Paul (….): Whose full name I won’t reveal since he did not want to get into the middle of engaging with any paranoid conspiracy theorist, was one of my roommates in 2015 for a short period, who is from Fresno and comes from the same ethnic background as I do, and is longtime friend to my cousin’s in the Central Valley. He has an older female second cousin from Massachusetts who had a friend that went to law school together that lived in Newtown Connecticut and lost her child at Sandy Hook. An unusual distant connection most people wouldn’t bother mentioning, but for myself, I’m just adding up all the confirmed instances I know.

David Jonathan DiSarro: Is a heavily involved performing artist from LA/Southern California who I had met to through a Facebook post from another former member of WACLA (Bob Sherman) regarding the discussion of Sandy Hook and conspiracy theories, in which I had also added him as a friend because he had many mutual friends of mine through the Gothic/Industrial Music scene I once was intimately involved in. I’ve never met David in person but I’ve had plenty of discourse with him on Facebook.  But during the time I had met him originally from Bob Sherman’s post (Bob was not Sandy Hooker, but impossible to take serious since he is a ridiculous Rebekah Roth induced No Planer) he made it very clear that Sandy Hook was real, and that he attended one of the funerals of the victims because his drummer for his band ‘Cardiac’, who was on tour at the time through Connecticut, had also knew one of the victims’ families. David has been one that is forthcoming and will talk to anyone about the matter.

Dave VonKleist: If you’re a serious 9/11 Truther I shouldn’t have to explain who he is. Dave is a musician, activist, civil libertarian and public speaker. He co-produced and narrated the film’s ‘9-11 In Plane Site’ (one of the first 9/11 truth films released in 2004) and ‘9-11 Ripple Effect’ (2007) for writer, producer/director, musician, civil rights advocate, William Lewis. He used to co-host The Power Hour Show with his former wife Joyce Riley (July 31, 1948 -June 25, 2017 RIP). In fact I wouldn’t doubt that VonKleist may have had Jim Fetzer on as a guest to one of his broadcasts. But as a musician he was a member of Dandelion Wine, a band that was produced by Richie Havens. He was also a member of a large multi-racial band called The Indigos. I never met Von Kleist in person, but he became one of my Facebook friends where I was able to regularly thread with him. And to be quite honest, unlike most in the 9/11 Truth movement, I respect him more as a musician rather then a 9/11 researcher, because on several occasions I challenged him on his beating the dead horse with the No Plane hit the Pentagon myth and informed him that other well-established 9/11 Truth researchers, like David Chandler and Wayne Coste, have put out films demonstrating painstaking scientific analysis proving a Boeing 757 (Flight 77) did indeed crash into the Pentagon, in which he thoroughly rejected watching any of these film links,  and repeated the same mantra showing only the anomalous looking images of the crash site that did not show the clear and hug hole on the bottom floor, where the majority of the plane impacted. This eventually resulted in him unfriending me off of Facebook. But in one of my postings were the subject of Sandy Hook came up, surprisingly, he had this to say…

Ironically one of the things that I had stressed to him, why it was so important that he get it straight regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11, is that essentially he paved the way for the crisis actor myth which became a distraction from 9/11 Truth. Because that is essentially is what their excuse is regarding anyone who’s ever been accounted as witness of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon (as well as the exciteful lawn gazing…) which apparently he did not like me saying either, but it was the damn truth.

There are a few other people whom have experienced the same sort of thing, but this is the sort of examples of Sandy Hook confirmation I have personally confronted.

Some of the best writers whom were already addressing this awful fraud on the claim that Sandy Hook was staged, are actually authors and journalists who currently at one time have written for one of the most controversial Independent media sources, American Free Press. Including Keith Johnson who did a debate challenge with Wolfgang Halbig on the Infowars Nightly News show, hosted by Rob Dew (who is probably the one most responsible for the millions Alex Jones is going to lose with the Sandy Hook lawsuits).

And yet what was Rob Dew’s excuse during the deposition for admittedly being wrong about Sandy Hook? Dew exclaimed, arrogantly, that he was proud of the fact Infowars called the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax even after the fact “I think our reporting stopped what was going to be a lot of anti-gun legislation that was coming down,” Dew said.

Basically Dew’s excuse sounds like, “So what if we at Infowars made millions of conspiracy theorist more batshit crazy and paranoid than they already were.” Thinking that the government fabricates mass shootings, “Hey, at least we got them ready and armed…”

But back to those staffed at American Free Press. One of its prominent writers and podcasters, Dave Gahary, who in fact is the first and only independent journalist who interviewed the arresting police officer, Sergeant Scott DeCarlo, who apprehended the infamous Dancing Israelis on 9/11 in New Jersey. Gahary had made the mistake buying into this hoax nonsense intimately from Jim Fetzer, and went ahead and pressed his ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’ book where it ended up losing its distribution and getting a lawsuit against. But unlike Fetzer and the circus responsible for propagating this Modern urban myth around Sandy Hook, Gahary had humility and honor by apologizing and settling out of court as what he already mentioned in this CBS news interview.

Nevertheless, when it comes to those who had even contemplated that the Mossad were responsible for Sandy Hook, or that it was a Jewish conspiracy to get the guns out of the hands of the American people, look no further than former American Free Press authors and writers Michael Collins Piper (RIP) and Mark Glenn. In which both particpated in a 2013 podcast which I had also turned into a video myself, and was also eventually removed from YouTube. I made this video before even Wolfgang HalBig-Pig became a name known in this so-called phenomenon.

click on the link to view the film:

Piper who was one of the world-renowned experts on Israeli crimes and Jewish intrigue and organized crime knew that Sandy Hoax was “bunk” from the beginning. This broadcast was during the time where there had been a great debate between Piper and Fetzer over the Sandy Hook claim, which is all anyone needed to be paying attention to, to get the truth, as I was then when this was broadcasted, to get any common sense that these hoax propagandist were pulling the Truth Movements strings.

But this is all I needed to get off my chest and address towards this insane fringe that’s ruined everything they have been involved in, and should not be tolerated in the 9/11 Truth movement. They should be completely addressed by responsible folk and promptly ignored for their truly unremarkable and incomplete “research”. I hope those involved in the 9/11 Truth Action Project read this and finally come to their senses while addressing the problem within their own organization and eliminate them before they become a weight in which they cannot pull anymore.

RIP to the 26 victims who died at Sandy Hook.

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