Notes from ‘Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’

Notes from ‘Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’

By Thermal Detonator 

Recently i finished making a film that has 2 versions ‘The Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’, full film (1hr 40min) and extended version (3hr). As you will tell, it doesn’t have any major editing or credits, there is barely any original narration; all of it is within the first 13 minutes of each version added with a quick score I wrote.

But I wanted to take a brief opportunity to explain what this film is about, how I discovered the information, its purpose, and why I came up with and produced it as raw as I did, without a real ending or conclusion.

The film is about Flight 23 at JFK airport on 9/11, but mainly also about what happened two days later on 9/13 at JFK airport again, and LaGuardia Airport also in New York, when airports just barely started opening up after the FAA’s no fly ban. There is enough detail about the film in the YouTube descriptions and on two other articles varying with some minor differences, about JFK Airport alone and supposed living 9/11 hijacker Alomari.

Over a year ago, as I was setting out to compile for my film series ‘An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth‘ part 3,  as i had an intention to give room for both sides of the arguments over the planes, in  what’s called no plane theories or alternative explanations to what happened at the Pentagon and Shanksville, in contrast to the official claim that the actual hijacked planes did strike as what’s seen and authorities say. Because for the past 6 years. I myself doubted the no plane theory at the Pentagon, and have even dare suspect some of figures peddling that disinformation are doing so intentionally for other interests, or their own, while consciously knowing that they don’t have the standards for a case, and wouldn’t be able save there ass in a serious debate over it. But I had always kept quiet about bringing up the theories of flight 77 to other activists for years, as I wanted to avoid any out lash or naysayers from the truth movement.

But as I also came across new evidence of the Israeli role, specifically with the network of moving companies in New Jersey, that literally crosses paths with the hijacker’s and hijackings, that made it abundantly clear to me how real the hijackings on those planes were, and, that there was no room or excuse anymore, and that only harm comes of it and  it explains why we were never near, or are ever going to get near any justice,  accountability or credibility for 9/11, by continuing to give any spotlight or credence to the standard-less no plane theories on any incident, either on film, or as an activist.

What’s given me more fuel (other than overwhelming evidence for hijacked planes in the first place) to be vocally against no plane theories, was reexamining Flight 23 and then also discovering 9/13, which was actually by a previous mistake in lumping a news report about it assuming it was broadcasted on 9/11 and a cover up of airports arrests that was unheard of. It was a 30 second snippet of Tom Brokaw reporting that 7 people at NY Airports were arrested. But the original source film I got it from gave no indication to when it was broadcasted, plus I had already used it on an early version of An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth part 1 in wrong context and time.

But, you won’t find anyone in the truth movement who has analyzed reporting’s of the events of 9/13 thoroughly from what I’ve searched, other than what I’m going to explain here.

Once I was able to pinpoint what reports I needed to search, I gathered all them off of YouTube. Most did not indicate what time and date they were broadcast, but I quickly made 30-minute YouTube film called, “Flight 23 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot-Mission Abort and Unfoiled” after being shocked by what details I kept discovering, realizing that barely anyone has touched this. Even some of the original view counts on YouTube sources were extremely low, in the hundreds, and they had been uploaded for several years.

But what I later discovered is the sequence I made for my initial film was not chronically accurate, even though I still got the gist of what went on and how officials reacted, I went and deleted it anyway since i never made any effort of posting or circulating it all the time other than to a few friends, plus now that i have a new, more complete and accurate version to demonstrate.

I later discovered a guide and source from, and I knew I needed to go through all the networks news reports thoroughly to get it right and see where this story really went, so I did. I scoured all the major networks up until the early morning of September 15th, 2001 (9/15) as the reports at JFK and LaGuardia had already dwindled away.

Even though the story ran for over 16 hours, I kept discovering incidental mistakes and variation in details of the reports that I wanted to clear up so there wasn’t any confusion (and to be honest, I think ABC’s John Miller provided the best and most important details on this story, along with Pierre Thomas) other than when the networks were obviously forced to retract the story by the next morning, so the detainees did not seem affiliated to 9/11, as DC obviously had their quagmire destined war plans set, no matter what evidence of culprits surfaces.

But it was hard to decide how to sum it all up as to what likely happened between the airports, and I felt it was best just to tell the story as real time as I could, to when the reports streamed and evolved, and to try to be as complete but also not so repetitive (even though both still are) at the same time, that’s why I have 2 versions, and fortunately over three hours’ worth of material for serious truth seekers and researchers to sift through.

But I wanted to highlight the extended version, especially due to the limited description space YouTube allows for video uploads, and that I could not provide hourly chapters as a guide, nor describe what bonuses the extended version has over the full film.

So I have taken the opportunity to publish this article as a guide and explanation for why the film is so long and redundant and reveal some of details I fore mentioned, but mainly that the bonuses are, that there were even more reports of other Police and FBI activity at other airports and cities, aside just Newark Airport on 9/13.

Whichever you have time for, please check out either version of the film. As mentioned before, you won’t find very many people, if any, within the 9/11 truth movement who know about 9/13. This is crucial in understanding how big 9/11 was supposed to be, and the reality scope and size of the cover-up we’ve actually dealing with beyond the graphic destruction of the WTC, plus that this also has important relevance to the first bombing attack in 1993. If this is new 9/11 information to you that you feel others need to know, please send it to any like-minded associates or even those who still believe in the official version, especially debunkers.



Bonus notes taken from extended version of Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed:

Segment at 4:30PM – 9/13 CBS News with Dan Rather and Randall Pinkston at Newark Airport reporting about the incident at JFK Airport, was mistakenly showing video at Newark Airport of police vehicles surrounding a Saudi Arabian Airlines where 4 people detained and released because of INS violations.

Segment at 8:25PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Jennifer McLogan at JFK Airport reports that her and her camera crew were forced to move 2 times reporting outside of JFK , after attempting to report outside the facility where the five people detained were held, where they were also threatened with arrests if they revealed it.

Segment at 11:00PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Jennifer McLogan is at JFK Airport reporting that “This is The Airliner at Kennedy stopped in its tracks tonight before takeoff when this is a SWAT team stormed the plane and took at least for as many as seven men into custody ..” is mistakenly showing the wrong video that again is Newark Airport where police vehicles are surrounding a Saudi Arabian Airliner as was mistakenly shown by Randall Pinkston.

Segment at 11:10PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Pablo Guzman reporting from LaGuardia Airport also reports that earlier at LaGuardia when the airport had reopened in the morning, two men were arrested because one of them had a suspicious bag with credentials that didn’t check out, while a 2nd younger man came up later posing as his son and also provided a Pilot license and Massachusetts driver’s license, where Guzman also makes  mention that aspect of the story reach into Massachusetts as with  Boston Logan airport and arrest at Boston Hotel and many of the 9/11 suspects being pilots. Due to the daylight hours, this means more than likely that the two detained at LaGuardia that are repeatedly seen handcuffed, being escorted by police officers and put into back seat of the police vehicle that drives off, are these two men.

Segment at 12:00AM – 9/14 NBC’s Tom Brokaw interviews passenger Tim Olsen who was on American Airlines 133 at JFK airport and witnessed fully armed SWAT teams enter the back door of the plane having all its passengers put their heads down in crouch position, where they ended up detaining three individuals.  Jim Olson claims he only saw them apprehend one person who was resisting arrest, but Jim also spoke to other passengers who were next to the two others  detained that were in the front section of coach, and claimed that they were both females. This conflicts with the witness testimony of Jim Hunter. He appeared on ABC News twice and was sitting behind the 2 suspects in coach and said it was a man and a woman who was arrested and taken off the plane, and that the woman also had headphones on. John Miller of ABC News continually reported that the female arrested at JFK Airport was not a passenger and was detained under suspicion for having a support role, however they had also reported that 4 people were detained on that plane, and 5 in total were arrested from the airport. Also, most of all the networks reported a total of 10 people being arrested (nine men and one woman) between both JFK and LaGuardia airports. So it is likely that Jim Olson probably misinterpreted or misunderstood what he was told happened in the coach section of Flight 133.

Segment at 1:05AM – 9/14 CBS News Dan Rather reports “A man who tried to use a fake pilot identification to get past security at JFK Airport has been arrested and  five other people have been detained at city airports by the FBI and Joint terrorism task force. The incident about this man who used a fake pilot identification to get past security caused the 3 major New York airports to close again Thursday shortly after they’d opened… The man arrested at Kennedy Airport, that man was checked in sometime between noon and 4 p.m. today. The man was trying to board American Airlines flight 299 bound for San Jose California. The man had been scheduled for earlier flight on Tuesday bound for Los Angeles…”  This may have been confusion by Dan Rather mixing the incident that happened much earlier at LaGuardia airport with JFK airport, which is where the two men that was also reported at 11:10PM by Pablo Guzman on WCBS (that another person tried to board a plane posing as a pilot with a son) as Rather also mentions that the FBI was already at the airport still investigating the incident of Flight 23. This would seem logical as the only plane that was reported at JFK of having an altercation was Flight 133 to Los Angeles, not Flight 299 to San Jose.

Segment at 1:30AM – 9/14 ABC’s Pierre Thomas reports that 4 additional people (three women and one man) were arrested at Miami International airport; one woman went into a facility and changed clothes into flight attendant wear, and a man within the vicinity began to run. Officials detained the man along with the woman, who was also accompanied by 2 other women who was wearing flight attendant wear as well. However, at 3:05AM Derrick McGinty on ABC reports the same incident, but that it was three men and one woman that were arrested at Miami International airport following the same M.O.

Segment at 6:05AM – 9/14 CNN’s Carol Lin reports that the suspect with the false pilot credentials at JFK airport was arrested in the Pilot lounge.

Segment at 1:30AM – 9/14 ABC’s Brian Ross reports about overnight motel raids by the FBI in Deerfield Beach and that Florida Highway Patrol put out an all-points bulletin for 7 Arab men in two different Lincoln Town Cars that was rented in Fort Myers Florida, for one way headed to New York City.

Segment at 8:05AM – 9/14 ABC’s John Miller reports that a crewmember on Flight 133 at JFK Airport was debriefed and according to that source,  they were all gathered in the waiting area to board the flight, and that there was a number of airline employees flying non-revenue, taking the plane back to their base at LAX, and they didn’t have enough crew to fill out the plane, so they were asking crew members who were off duty if they would work the flight. Most of them rejected either due to exhaustion of grieving over fellow co-workers who died on 9/11.  But a gentleman with the LAX ID card had stepped up and offered to work the flight, but the people who worked at LAX didn’t recognize him and thought it was odd. By that time enough crew showed up to fill in, he was given a passenger seat instead of a crew seat.  He was also identified as another person arrested off the plane by FBI agents that had stormed in with SWAT team.

Segment at 8:20AM – 9/14 CNN’s Eileen O’Connor reports that the Coast Guard greeted a Carnival Cruise Line ship in Miami at 5:00AM where they detained two people on board with alleged hijacking history.

Segment at 8:20AM – 9/14 BBC’s James Robbins reports that suspects arrested at JFK and LaGuardia airports had “pen knives”.

Segment at 8:30AM – 9/14 CBC reports that the Global Mail reported that authorities are questioning a man at Pearson airport in Toronto who was headed for the U.S. but was rerouted there on Tuesday (likely because of the no flight ban), he was carrying a Palestinian Authority travel document and a photo of himself in a flight crew uniform against a fake backdrop of the World Trade Center.

Segment at 9:05AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 Paul Fleuranges also reporting outside from LaGuardia airport make a mistake by mixes up the reports of the pilot suspect from JFK with the pilot suspect much earlier at LaGuardia, as he mentions the commonality that all the suspects had tickets for flights on Tuesday to Los Angeles, where this individual at LaGuardia tried to change his flight for San Jose instead, which would likely be Flight 299 as Dan Rather reported earlier at 1:05AM.

Segment at 10:10AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 broadcast’s the mayor’s news conference where assistant director of the FBI, Barry Mawn tells the press that there were a dozen people between JFK and LaGuardia airports that were detained and questioned. It’s likely that he said 12 because of the two other people who were arrested earlier at LaGuardia in addition to the 10 later arrested there and JFK Airport that was thoroughly covered throughout the day.

Segment at 10:20AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 broadcast’s mayor’s new conference where Barry Mawn also tells press that the one suspect left detained from the multiple arrests at the airports is being held voluntarily, while also omitting that this person is the individual at JFK Airport with the false pilot ID. It simply cannot be true that this person was held voluntarily, as reports shortly after by Pete Wilson on NBC news indicated that pilot suspect at JFK was not being cooperative and authorities felt he knew more than what he was saying, which also later revealed by Pierre Thomas that he had a false address on his license with an address of an Osama Bin Laden brother in Boston. Plus this pilot suspect at JFK ended up being the first person arrested in the investigation of 9/11 as a material witness.

Segment at 7:00PM – 9/14 ABC’s John Miller reports that police detained 2 more people in New York City that were called in under suspicion by a Manhattan Hotel. Both of them were Saudi Arabian and had pilots uniforms and Florida flight school certificates.

Segment at 7:30PM – 9/14 FOX News’s Todd Connors reports from JFK Airport that there were 4 incidents between JFK and LaGuardia airports and that there were 13 people detained (12 men and 1 woman) but only 1 is still being questioned.

Segment at 8:05PM – 9/14 CBS News Dan Rather also reports that 2 other suspects that seem to be cooperating with the investigation having significant knowledge, were talking and being held in federal custody lock up along with the individual with the false pilot ID from JFK airport as material witnesses to 9/11. These two were likely Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath who were arrested in Dallas Texas and later taken into custody in New York.

Note: The later interviews of AA Flight 133 passengers Jim Olson and Jim Hunter are incomplete due to clip limitations and glitches. The entire interview of Senator Joe Biden on Good Morning America was not available either. Segments provided from that interview appear on a later morning MSNBC and later BBC clips.


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