Flight 93 Vs. PSA 1771 – TAP attempts to twist past events into hoaxes for support of those failed ones in the internet-age

By Thermal Detonator (June 26th, 2020)

Recently I came across a 9/11 Truth Action Project article (otherwise known as TAP) tweeted by one of its organizers Dwayne Deets of San Diego, also a member and head of the 9/11 Truth group there. The article is entitled “Flight 93 and the Fake Crash of PSA 1771 which Presaged It“.

For myself, I am well-read, when it comes to the incident involving, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771, and only having to glance the title, I was excited to read it thinking that this was going to be a fair comparison to demonstrate that United Airlines Flight 93 did crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Unlike what is commonly believed by conspiracy theorists and even people outside the Truth movement, in which, that it was shot down rather than the passengers attempting to take control back of the plane, essentially thwarting the hijacker’s mission. Which, unfortunately, that theory alone is not “sensational” enough for some Truthers, who would rather claim all of Flight 93 crash scene was a fabricated hoax fully complicit by the United States Government.

But the TAP article, which was written by Alison Maynard, is a name I did not recognize at first, and it was not about diminishing any doubt that Flight 93 hadn’t crashed in Shanksville with comparison to PSA 1771, in fact, completely the opposite.

In the first part of the article, it says that in the beginning, she did not believe an airplane had crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Along with doubting of the scenario involving Todd Beamer’s “Let’s Roll” while only by picking 2 passenger phone calls out of many other calls that were made affirming that the hijacking took place. But she instantly proves her insanity doubting that planes could bury itself or “melt” into the sides of the Twin Towers.

Maynard’s approach to the matter of Flight 93 is not only incomplete but dishonest as one would expect because from the beginning she states that her initial problem was that there was no plane, which is the same thing we’ve heard over and over again, as a response to the fine and small pieces of debris found.

This initial problem detected with the anomalous looking crash site at Shanksville didn’t come from her naturally it came from the mainstream media, mostly CBS and CNN, reporting on scene and days after, asserting that NORAD may have possibly intercepted Flight 93 and shot it down, that the military and White House were being quiet about it.

But of course, how could the media have avoided such odd details about Shanksville not to mention and compare it to all plane crashes they have covered, without having known what occurred on the final moments of the flight regardless of passenger phone call details was unavailable at the time. When also none of the black-boxes or flight data recorders had been recovered yet, in order to produce the final read-out of what flight path and speeds flight 93 was traveling at before crashing.

According to Maynard’s incredulity, all of it doesn’t matter. Only because she has already ruled out any technical reading, assuming that the flight, through a data recorder that was found, had no identification number and its contents were never released. Which is not true at all, as well as asserting that only one hijacker passport was found, when there were actually two hijacker passports discovered.

Arrogantly, her accusations of altered and coerced coverage just on the planes that struck the Twin Towers, it’s obvious that Maynard would want to avoid who initially instigated skepticism about Flight 93. As it would seem she would already be implicating the media as being part of the grand conspiracy and cover-up, in which she does not want to give the press any credit or thankful acknowledgment to their foresight on Flight 93 in Shanksville.

She states in her article that she has more still to write about flight 93 In the future, in which I would certainly tell her, don’t bother, because you haven’t even gotten the stats right so far.

But what does she say will be a teaser when she does write more about Flight 93?

She states that as of September 2019, Flight 93 passengers Todd Beamer, Sandy Bradshaw, and the pilot, Jason Dahl; still have listings and current addresses in whitepages.com which looks to be a basic People Finder website. Data-driven sites such as White Pages, will not always be up to date, however, considering that the deceased cannot correct or delete the profile themselves, something as obvious as this seemingly never crossed Maynard’s mind at the time of her constructing this “article”.

Regardless that she’s wrong assuming that all Flight 93 passenger calls were done by cell phones, or that she’s not entirely addressing or even throwing away all other physical and eyewitness evidence to Flight 93 having been hijacked and crashing. Does just looking into people-finder website sound like the normal angle or route of inquiry a real investigator would practice confirming such a claim of pseudocide?

Carrying on with the article, as to the absence of identifiable plane parts or bodies, in contrast with Flight 93 in Shanksville, she states that two other 9/11 researchers in recent have brought up an LA Times news article and photo of the crash site to the suicide hijacking of Pacific Southwest Airlines flight 1771 in San Luis Obispo California.

Maynard says she was only directed to one photo, but then found a few more ones in blurry detail.

But unlike Maynard’s article, to get a fuller scoop on what happened; PSA Flight 1771, it was a scheduled flight along the West Coast, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It departed from LAX at 15:31 PST, scheduled to arrive at SF International Airport at 16:43. On December 7, 1987, it crashed in San Luis Obispo County near Cayucos, after being hijacked by passenger David A. Burke, a disgruntled former employee of USAir.

USAir had recently purchased Pacific Southwest Airlines and terminated Burke, who was a ticketing agent, for petty theft of $69 from in-flight cocktail receipts; he had also been suspected of involvement with a narcotics ring. After meeting with his manager Ray Thomson in an unsuccessful attempt to be reinstated, Burke purchased a ticket on PSA Flight 1771; a daily flight from LAX to SF. Thomson was a passenger on the flight, which he regularly took for his daily commute from his workplace at LAX to his home in the SF.

All 43 passengers and crew aboard the plane died, five of whom, including the two pilots, were presumably shot dead before the plane crashed with a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver that Burke had borrowed from a coworker, and was able to bypass the normal passenger security checkpoint at LAX. After boarding the plane, Burke wrote a message on an airsickness bag, but it is not known if he gave the message to Thomson to read before shooting him. The note read:

“Hi Ray. I think it’s sort of ironical that we end up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family. Remember? Well, I got none and you’ll get none.”

There’s a lot more to the story, but Maynard is somehow confused by the LA Times article, where the subsequent discovery of the Magnum revolver found at the crash site also had a small piece of skin wedged between the trigger and barrel. They were able to determine by fingerprints two days later, proving that it belonged to David Burke who already had a criminal record, and also too easy to find on the flight manifest.

The reason for Maynard’s confusion is that she hasn’t done any basic research on the crime itself and doesn’t bother addressing what authorities believed took place on board PSA 1771.

Instead, she refers to an obnoxiously anti-Semitic Christian conspiracy blog “Fathers Manifesto” where it states “the crash of PSA 1771 was the end of Pacific Southwest Airlines”, which was obviously untrue.

PSA agreed to merge with USAir which was completed in 1987 after competitors Western and AirCal Airlines were purchased by Delta Airlines in America in 1986, a year before the crash of PSA Flight 1771. PSA’s last flight was in April of 1988.

In fact, PSA had a rather interesting history being exclusive to the West Coast, known as “The World’s friendliest Airlines”, where it’s pilots and stewardesses were encouraged to joke with the passengers. As well as its flight attendants, who were known for wearing brightly colored uniforms in miniskirts and hot pants. The airline had operated from 1949 till 1988.

PSA 1771 wasn’t just the last and only accident or crash to have occurred from the long-defunct airline. There had been three other incidents during the ’60s and 70’s prior, as well as 3 hijackings, one of which being PSA Flight 710 that was thwarted while on the ground in San Francisco by FBI agents who stormed the plane killing both hijackers and a passenger by accident, as well as wounding two other passengers, one being the actor Victor Sen Yung, who was a character known as ‘Hop Sing’ on the television western series, Bonanza.

But what does Maynard do once again?

She refers to the White Pages site because now she’s been put on a doomed path looking for insider trading based on this “Father’s Manifesto” myth without any mention of ownership and competing Airlines. Instead, she’s looking at the passengers in what she already perceives in comparison to Flight 93 as hoax theories. Again, inventing a hoax to support another invented hoax that’s never been proven, and can never be a realistic possibility.

She brings up the fact that that there were four Chevron executives officials and claims that they all have current addresses as if they were alive, or had lived till after the incident claiming that she cannot find any obituaries, without any indication of what her limitations are for finding such things.

Maynard even brings up the PSA 1771 pilot, Capt. Gregg Nelson Lindamood and states she wasn’t able to find an obituary but that there was no White Page listing for him, nor any military listing under his name in ancestry.com.

She claims that the pilot was decorated in 1988, the following year after the crash, but of course, these things are easily explainable as inaccurate data, particularly when dealing with age-old archives well before the invention of the internet. She makes a wild accusation that this was all part of scamming the airlines for 3.9 million dollars he and his family got for their lawsuit.

She instantly calls this incident with PSA flight 1771 a hoax insinuating that it’s a common “psy-op”? Well, where has there ever been a proven hoax of mass murder in the past, to suggest psyops are often?

And she can’t even make up her mind as to what this supposed hoax, it’s all internally contradicting theories because in addition to asserting Burke was a participant in his own pseudocide (even while bothering to look at his relatives current status), is that when addressing Burke as the shooter bringing the gun on board, Maynard says “the point of the psy-op is thus: more security is necessary so we won’t get these crazies with guns on planes”. That it had to do with travel restrictions, which is absolutely ridiculous on multiple levels and again reiterates her not just looking at the basic information that’s out there.

The main thing that resulted in the incident of PSA 1771, had prompted many large corporations to create policies to forbid travel by multiple executives on the same flight. Several federal laws were passed after the crash, including a law that required the immediate seizure of all airline and airport employee credentials after an employee’s termination from an airline or airport position, due to the likelihood that Burke still had unrestricted access of LAX after being fired and was able to bring the weapon onboard PSA 1771 evading any security measures. And the policy was also implemented stipulating that all airline flight crew and airport employees were to be subject to the same security measures as airline passengers.

But past all the passenger crisis actor nonsense, Maynard claims she has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all the information regarding the investigation of PSA 1771 from the FBI, and that she is still awaiting a response. Which begs the question, why even write an article on this ordeal if she hasn’t completed accessing the information she’s looking for?

She also says that she has filed FOIA to the National Transportation Safety Board because it does not show up an accident docket on their website as an accident, which could likely be because the incident with the PSA 1771 was no accident. But the NTSB responded to her, assuring that everything was available on the website where she acknowledges it and that there is one five-page report about PSA 1771 on the website, but it does not satisfy her, because she expects hundreds of photos and scientific analysis of the crash, even expecting an analysis of the flight path and cockpit voice recording.

But you see, those sorts of inquiries (or really irrational skepticism) would be unnecessary if she watched two basic documentaries that have thoroughly documented the case.

A UK Channel 4 television series called ‘Black Box’ which was first TV program to recount air crashes, in the last episode called “Sky Crimes” on July 22, 1998, covers PSA flight 1771 plus the attempted hijacking of FedEx Flight 705, plus even Pan Am Flight 103 briefly.

The other is ‘Mayday’, also known as ‘Air Crash Investigations’ outside of the U.S. and Canada and also known as ‘Air Emergency ‘or ‘Air Disasters’ (Smithsonian Channel) in the U.S., it’s a Canadian documentary series that also recounts air crashes, near-crashes, fires, hijackings, bombings and other mainly flight-related disasters and crises. Their episode “I’m the Problem”, from February 10, 2012, is on PSA Flight 1771

click on the link to view the film: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UhjA36E4Zs0y/

Adam Fitzgerald, a 9/11 writer I often work with, has also written an article addressing all the circumstances with Flight 93, as well as TAP and also Maynard which I refer everyone here to read in case they need to refresh their memory about Flight 93 and Shanksville and still have doubts.

But after having viewed those documentaries on PSA 1771 already recognizing what would be considered the anomalous looking official account of Flight 93, apply this quiz and ask yourself if the answers regarding PSA 1771 are in the same or similar conditions found with Flight 93 at Shanksville:

  1. What kind of aviation accident or incident was PSA Flight 1771?

Answer: suicide hijacking, just like Flight 93

  1. What was the average size of the debris from PSA Flight 1771?

Answer: small, handheld size, just like what was found in Shanksville with Flight 93

  1. What direction did PSA Flight 1771 crash into the ground?

Answer: straight down in a nosedive, just like Flight 93

  1. How fast was the PSA Flight 1771 going when it crashed?

Answer: 720 miles per hour, breaking the sound barrier, where Flight 93 crashed at 563 to 580 miles per hour, nearly breaking the sound barrier.

  1. How big was the impact hole that PSA Flight 1771 made?

Answer: about the size and shape of the plane widthwise of PSA 1771, just like it’s size with Flight 93 in Shanksville

  1. How far did the NTSB and FBI find debris from PSA Flight 1771’s crash site?

Answer: 7 to 8 miles away, where some of the same types of light insulation debris were found about 2 miles away near Indian Lake in Shanksville.

As one of my longtime fellow co-activist confidants, Ed Brotherton of We Are Change Los Angeles has put it, you couldn’t get any more of an “Apples to Apples” comparison between Flight 93 and PSA 1771. And that is essentially all that was ever needed for anyone who ever doubted Flight 93 had ever crashed there, rather that it was shot down or in the most idiotic conclusion, it being a mock plane crash hoax. Of course the newscasters of CNN and CBS like anyone else, we’re likely unfamiliar with the case of PSA 1771.

And anyone who’s been a really long time committed 9/11 Truther would already know that the San Luis Obispo area, in the Central Coast of California where PSA 1771 crashed, had already gained some notoriety in the Truth movement being the first city to ever housed an entire Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth billboard. Which even for myself having known and networked with different activist throughout the state of California, I’ve actually been acquainted with the head of Central Coast 9/11 Truth which became We Are Change San Luis Obispo as well as SLO 9/11 Truth, longtime resident Rich Besco, where in the past several years after being familiar with PSA 1771 I had notified him about the incident and had already asked him if he had been familiar with it. And it turns out he was.

Besco who was never thoroughly aware of all the circumstances regarding the hijacking of PSA 1771 and never dawned on him to consider the anomalous similarity with the Flight 93 in Shanksville years later, has told me, particularly in reaction to also reading Maynard’s TAP article, that his gut reaction after physically seeing the PSA 1771 crash site for himself, was that it was legit, but it did seem weird that there were no visible bigger pieces like engine rotors. He stated “just a shitload of random little bits of aluminum skin scattered very widely like confetti”.

But the most pathetic thing Maynard addresses at the end of her article adding that she thinks PSA 1771 was fake is that a real plane crash “would look like Pan Am 700 at Lockerbie”

This is wrong on so many levels, first of all, what she meant and also linked, was images of Pan Am flight 103, not Pan AM 700, (there is no PA 700). But PA 103 is not a plane crash at all. It is known as the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie Scotland, which was a tragic incident that I continually research and have been for the last 2 years, in which case, there is a legitimate cover-up that’s been known ever since, which the bombing has basically been framed on Moammar Gaddafi and Libyan intelligence for being the masterminds.

Unlike PSA 1771, PA 103 was a real crime that had foreign policy ramifications, likely an attempted pretext for war against Libya, which I don’t have time to get into all the specifics. But again, it is not a plane crash, it is a bombing of a jumbo jet passenger airliner that occurred over 30,000 ft above Scotland on December 22nd, 1988, in which the plane basically broke up into 5 large sections in midair, with other debris even found hundreds of miles away. All 259 passengers were killed, as well as 11 people in their homes in the town of Scotland where large sections of debris fell onto there homes and neighborhood in Lockerbie, being engulfed in flames.

But If we are going to use Maynard’s logic of Flight 93 as a hoax, which we all know that ultimately 9/11 has been used as a pretext for the war on terrorism, why not also outlandishly suggest Pan Am 103 was fake or a hoax if she can already retroactively attempt to imply that PSA 1771 was a hoax which only happened almost exactly a year before it when PSA 1771 has nothing to do with foreign policy.

Also with the bombing of PA 103, it’s what also drastically changed in upgrading and adding extra airport security measures (as did 9/11 thirteen years later) unlike what she has asserted with PSA 1771. These measures we’re even extendedly exercised all the way up into the Gulf War, unlike Maynard’s pathetic attempt to try to suggest PSA 1771 was alleged insider trading and cases of life insurance fraud. You can see this very well dramatized in an HBO movie from 1990, where Pan Am’s security concerns before the bombing of Pan Am 103, we’re projected towards European travel and terrorist threats coming from the Middle East.

But ultimately this begs the question just what kind of credentials does Allison Maynard have in the 9/11 truth movement and why would someone emphasize and spend so much time chasing after the victims’ names and families (crisis actor hunting), rather than viewing all the public information about PSA 1771 that’s already out there like the documentary I’ve already addressed?

Well just having done some basic searching for her name on Facebook she does come up, but not with her own profile. Rather from several posts for the Facebook page ‘Sandy Hook facts.com’ a website dedicated to exposing the frauds of the Hook hoax theories, the garbage fringe which has not only destroyed the credibility of many in the 9/11 Truth movement who ascribe to such an asinine conspiracy theory but has also jeopardized the genre of conspiracy theories throughout YouTube and social media, as a consequence with the de-platforming and ongoing lawsuits against long-time Judas goat and now snake-oil supplement salesman, Alex Jones.

So without having to explain what were the Sandy Hook Facts.com page posts indicating, by simply doing a Google search of Allison Maynard and Sandy Hook, the second search result is a website called ‘Social Media’s Most Wanted’.

Alison Maynard AKA Sonja Mullerin

Maynard is a disbarred and disgraced attorney who had been helping both senile Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer, two of the other prominent Sandy Hook propagandists who have already deservingly lost a great deal in lawsuits from the Sandy Hook parents while there are still currently other in pending cases against them.

Maynard has practiced law without a license, she isn’t registered with any state. She has continued to write for Jim Fetzer’s blog on Sandy Hook. The Social Media’s Most Wanted link provides enough information proving Maynard is an out and out, fraud.

So this is what TAP has recruited in their ranks,? People who have helped purport Sandy Hook conspiracy theory content all over social media such as Facebook and YouTube, which have only created a greater obstacle now for the entire 9/11 Truth Movement and legitimate conspiracy theories?

So I ask. Is this TAP, or CRAP?


25 thoughts on “Flight 93 Vs. PSA 1771 – TAP attempts to twist past events into hoaxes for support of those failed ones in the internet-age

  1. I read this artilce. Thanks for the comic relief. You do realize that Pan Am 103 was bombed on purpose and that United Flight 93 was shot down by the U.S. Military. If a commercial airliner does a “nose-dive” into a “hole”….there is no “debris” for “miles around”….. The entire “Let’s Roll” story is fiction. Thanks again for the laugh.

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    1. A) You don’t know a damn thing about Pan Am 103.

      B) You’re a stupid fuck still beating the horse with the shootdown myth that there is not one single witness for and wasn’t even invented by conspiracy theorists but rather by the mainstream media you believe participate in live hoaxes, there is no such thing.

      C) Who cares what a goddamn white trash QAnon cultist has to say, particularly when they have no business of being in part of the 9/11 truth movement.

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    2. You are seemingly unimportant then, because you would rather have speculation as a form of evidence to guide you into where you are now, conspiracy land.

      Funny thing, outside of these transparent walls of the internet, you are laughed at by the real world.

      You have nothing of importance to give to any truth movement besides your unmitigated arrogance which is sourced by your complete ignorance on the subject of 9/11. That’s why your organization, TAP, wont budge an inch. In fact, with you on board, it will start going backwards.

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    3. One more thing, you said, “there is no “debris” for “miles around” you didn’t watch any of the 1771 films or seen any of the debris found in Indian Lake regarding flight 93, so your useless and ignorant opinion on the matter did not see that the debris is also paper insulation, which there is an excess used in constructing airliners, which is light and can easily catch and pick up wind, drifting for miles away, and is exactly the type of debris that was found at those distances. And those aren’t the only two cases with those lengthy occurrences happening, such circumstances have been documented on other air crashes by the NTSB.

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  2. I did get a response to my FOIA from FBI, although it did not produce the documents I requested, particularly the handwritten note on the airsickness bag (which I’d specifically asked for), nor any number of other things, so I will be appealing. As for not waiting until the FBI responded to that before I published, well, they get 20 days under law and it had already been 59 days since I’d made the request, and I had not even had an acknowledgment from them. The FBI has also ignored every other FOIA I’ve ever made to it.

    I have uncovered even more interesting (and damning) information so will be doing a follow-up article. It’s too bad you are so easily duped by the mass media: the contradictions in the PSA 1771 narrative can be debunked just by comparing the various “news” articles against each other. But the real debunking comes, of course, from such things as the bogus “investigation” by NTSB and the fact that the plane was not deregistered until April 1993. You forgot to mention that last detail, which, interestingly, afflicts Flight 93 on 9/11, too, since that plane was not taken out of service until 2005.

    As for your personal attacks on me, republishing the garbage from socialmediasmostwanted.com, what that shows me is not only that you realize your response is insufficient on the merits, but that you are yet another shill on the payroll of the Deep State. I am telling you–once–to take it down, now, or you will be sued along with Leonard Pozner and Doug Maguire for defamation and invasion of privacy. I have NEVER practiced law without a license. And if you look at my blog (therealcolorado.blogspot.com) you will know that there was zero basis for the disciplinary campaign conducted against me in Colorado. I was retaliated against by corrupt judges and attorneys for exposing their criminal conduct in connection with water projects, and their contempt of a U.S. Supreme Court decision. That’s what that was about. So take this crap out now or you will answer for it in court.

    By the way, what’s your name? I’d like to google you, too.

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    1. Go to hell you Goober looking Hag. You’re just another no planer kook, and you’re not even original, nor have any credentials as a 9/11 Truth activist or researcher. You’re just rehashing old bullshit that’s been debunked for well over a decade. “another shill on the payroll of the Deep State” Oh wow, where are we heard that one before. “Deep State” oh what happened to Illuminati/NWO/globalist/blah blah blah chasing? Giving the Greenlight clearance for Trump aye? Go ahead and sue me, I got nothing.

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    2. Well well, if it isn’t the conspiracy theorist Alison Maynard herself. The fraud who thinks Flight 93 and PSA 1771 are faked crashes while providing her unchecked thoughts on the matter. You are pushing false narratives, and i too had penned an article which concentrated on Flight 93 in response to your “juvenile” summary. You have no standing here to hold DJ Thermal Detonator liable for slander, in fact, history has not been kind to you Sandy Hook Hoaxers (Fetzer and Halpig losing money for pushing garbage). Thus i think we can contact Pozner himself and see if maybe we can have the families hold YOU liable for pushing narratives that would make M. Night Shalayman blush with pride, by the way he absolutely is trash as a director.

      You are a discredited former lawyer who has ZERO basis for anything you push, its why myself and DJ here wrote our articles about your infantile nonsense. I’d tell you that you could represent yourself in court but a judge will ask you to get a lawyer, since you aren’t one. You are a garbage human being, no more, no less.

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    3. Here is my favorite one thou…

      “I did get a response to my FOIA from FBI, although it did not produce the documents I requested”

      In other words, they didnt give me what i wanted., because it doesnt exist, and now your pouting that its being kept hidden by the “Deep State” which you purport is responsible for your insane conspiracy theories. And you dare have the unmitigated nerve to call yourself a “truther”.

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  3. That the handwritten note “doesn’t exist” is a very serious defect in the FBI’s story. You’ve missed the point.

    And I’m still waiting for you shills to address the problem shared by both PSA 1771 and Flight 93, that the plane was not taken out of service until years after the “crash.” (And by the way, the FAA has not responded to my FOIA asking for the certificate of registration of PSA 1771, required to be returned to it within three weeks of the aircraft’s destruction, although it told me on May 26th it would respond “within the week”!) Again, you fail to mention that key defect in the official narrative. Killing the messenger doesn’t suffice. (“Goober looking hag”?? Haha, boy, does that ever put me in my place!)

    Whatcha gonna do about the official records of the FAA showing these planes were still in service years later? Tell me, little boy! Whatcha gonna do? Think hard!

    I will be doing a follow-up article given the FBI’s laughable FOIA response and a couple other things I am developing. FBI is the agency which needs to be defunded. (CIA, too, but we’ll leave that for a future post.)

    –Alison Maynard

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    1. I find you to be incapable of future conversation actually. You are very much like most who beholden to such pitiful, transparent conspiracy theories, whose existence is minimal and can be found on the most obscure conspiracy sites, and you rewash these theories located in the deep ethos of your rabid imagination. You offer nothing of value since most everything you elaborated in your puerile summary was based off erroneous information and lackadaisical “research”. To openly suggest that Sandra Bradhshaw is alive somewhere in the world working as a missionary while her family is purely unaware of this “miraculous” revelation, also shows how apathetic you are to human affairs.

      You are nothing more than an aged, pitch salesman, who cold call folk with your fawning, infantile declarations and then demand an applause for being a self-entitled beacon of the truth movement. Meanwhile you reside in the dark recesses of the internet, while the very public you seek to beg attention from, are oblivious to your existence, much like the very people you despicably disregarded on PSA 1771 and Flight 93.

      No Alison Maynard, i won’t be bothered further with you. It is beyond crystal clear that you are someone who is liken to the Hollywood “bully”, a fake, a fraud, someone who uses their mouth instead of their intellect and honesty to admit that their only primary source of strength is an apparition of courage and integrity, while the impeccable reality is that you are absolutely inadequate and fragile. A nothing in the real world, because when it comes to your beliefs, your safety zone is here….in the eternal cavernous recesses of the internet, where no one can witness your faceless existence and juvenile hypothesis.

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    2. “And I’m still waiting for you shills to address the problem shared by both PSA 1771 and Flight 93, that the plane was not taken out of service until years after the “crash.” (And by the way, the FAA has not responded to my FOIA asking for the certificate of registration of PSA 1771, required to be returned to it within three weeks of the aircraft’s destruction,”

      There appears to have been four crashes in the USA (including Puerto Rico) of commercial aircraft in the year 1987. The following summarizes the difference in crash dates and date of registration cancellation for these aircraft:

      *American_Eagle_Flight_5452: Crash Date: May 8, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 10/03/2012
      *Northwest_Airlines_Flight_255: Crash Date: August 16, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 04/16/1991
      *Continental_Airlines_Flight_1713: Crash Date: November 15, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 03/21/2013
      *Pacific_Southwest_Airlines_Flight_1771: Crash Date: December 7, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 04/14/1993

      This shows a time span of 4 to 26 years.

      Therefore, in 1987, it doesn’t seem to have been the practice of returning certificates in three weeks.

      Crash Date: May 8, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 10/03/2012



      Crash Date: August 16, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 04/16/1991



      Crash Date: November 15, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 03/21/2013



      Crash Date: December 7, 1987 / Registration Cancel Date: 04/14/1993



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      1. It was certainly “the practice” to deregister the aircraft. 14 CFR section 47.41(b)(3) requires the holder of a Certificate of Registration to return that certificate with the reverse side completed to the Aircraft Registration Branch within 21 days of the date the aircraft was destroyed or scrapped. The certificate is to be marked and signed appropriately for the registered owner. In April 1966 the 21-day time limit was added: when originally enacted, it was supposed to happen immediately. As I’ve said, I did a FOIA requesting that certificate, and FAA–despite saying on May 26th it would be produced “this week”–still has not responded.

        It does appear that you’ve found other crashes where the airplane was not deregistered within 21 days but I will need to spend more time looking at them.

        As for ignoring the “documentaries,” I learned about the “Mayday” one, but could only find the trailer online. My browser is often substantially interfered with, and misdirected, maybe the reason I simply could not bring up any movie. I concluded it was not available. I knew about it from Altamont Burke, David’s brother, however, who was offended by it. Be assured that whatever the documentary says I can probably find other stuff already in hand, such as other newspaper reports or official agency responses, which contradict it–have been down this road before. So I will do a follow-up blog post, as I said.

        By the way, there is no autopsy for David Burke among the San Luis Obispo County coroner’s reports, although FBI says his body was the ONLY one which was positively identified.

        Strange things a’goin’ on and I will do my best to get to the bottom of it.


      2. Here is a list of four more crashes by US commercial carriers. Other crashes can be seen on Wikipedia.
        The crash-specific links to “crash details” provide the Registration number that can then be checked on the FAA site.

        Here are four more I’ve checked:

        * USAir_Flight_1016: Crash Date: On July 2, 1994 / Registration Cancel Date: 05/03/1995
        * American_Airlines_Flight_965: Crash Date: December 20, 1995 / Registration Cancel Date: 06/19/1996
        * American_Airlines_Flight_587: Crash Date: Accident Nov 12, 2001/ Registration Cancel Date: 04/26/2002
        * US_Airways_Flight_1549: Crash Date: January 15, 2009 / Registration Cancel Date: 05/28/2009

        USAir_Flight_1016: Crash Date: On July 2, 1994 / Registration Cancel Date: 05/03/1995

        American_Airlines_Flight_965: Crash Date: December 20, 1995 / Registration Cancel Date: 06/19/1996

        American_Airlines_Flight_587: Crash Date: Accident Nov 12, 2001/ Registration Cancel Date: 04/26/2002

        US_Airways_Flight_1549: Crash Date: January 15, 2009 / Registration Cancel Date: 05/28/2009

        None of these dates are within a 21-day window. A check of all other crashes by US commercial carries will probably show that the 21-day requirement you demand must be complied with does not appear to be related to the ” Registration Cancel Date”

        Because you have made this delayed “Registration Cancel Date” a central part of your assertions that the PSA 1771 crash was faked, and the fact that a significant spot-check shows that no other known crashes have a “Registration Cancel Date” anywhere near 21 days, means the basis for YOUR ASSERTION THAT PSA 1771 WAS FAKED based on this date has CRASHED AND BURNED. If you had done a quality assurance check you would have found this. But you didn’t.

        Also, I’ve read your article and it insists that no such crash took place, so as to presage UA93. Neither an autopsy report nor a missing threatening note is relevant to your central claim that the PSA1771 crash was FAKED. It might mean that claim that David Burke was the murderer may be unsubstantiated. But David Burke’s guilt or innocence is NOT THE POINT of your article.

        Some other sources had indicated that only half of PSA 1771 passengers remains we’re only found, which would have not been unusual if that were true, considering the impact of the plane and that also with UA93, we’re all 44 passenger remains were found, but only 600 pounds worth.

        Here is a dentist’s recollection of the forensic investigation:

        Also, I assume that you must have interviewed David’s brother “I knew about it from Altamont Burke, David’s brother, however, who was offended by it.”

        You should be ashamed of yourself for harassing these people in your retrospective attempts to fit the past into your new age of confirmation bias. You should learn what honor and humility are, and just drop the subject since you didn’t research it entirely before you wrote such nonsense, and it’s more than likely that you ignored other details and evidence that didn’t fit your narrative. You lost, just like you did in Sandy Hook.

        There is no such thing as crisis actors, at least not in the context you hoax propagandist assert, and there never will be. UA93 crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10:03 a.m. on 9/11, and that is a historical fact, period.

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      3. Your finding that there are other crashes for which the plane was not deregistered until a long time later is good work and I will take that into account. However, as I have noted twice, the FAA–despite saying on May 26th it would respond to my request for the actual deregistration certificate “this week”–has never followed up.

        I have indeed talked to Altamont, as is clear from my article, as well as children and other relatives of David Burke, who have never believed he did this. They could not be more supportive of my investigations.

        And I have a lot more to say about this, enough information to do a follow-up article, but will see if FAA is going to respond to my FOIA; appeal the deficiencies in what the FBI gave me; and interview more people. As for forensic dental examinations, I am following up on that, too. Again lots of contradictions. Such examinations obviously require victims’ teeth, for a start, but it appears the ones reporting the “recovery” of such teeth from the site are only FBI. Still checking.

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      4. Now the remaining flaw is that you’re basically admitting the plane crash happened, but are working on the angle that the FBI was wrong. A fine and noble task… But the crash wasn’t faked. You should not be haunting the Burke family from the past, you should leave them the hell alone. For them saying that they believe he did not do this, is simply as what all families do with not wanting to come to terms when relatives of theirs have been accused of vicious or brutal crimes, they don’t want to believe that their own participated in such acts. anyone can simply understand this. David Burke may have been like the High Roller type, obviously, he was involved in some form of organized crime when he was working in New York (JFK Airport I believe) low level or small syndicate it may have been, he was always willing to take risks, as he certainly was interested in keeping his occupation in travel afloat for some reason. But the evidence is overwhelmingly against him when instantly found the revolver he had used that was borrowed from a former coworker. I’ve seen such cases, particularly when it comes to parents, where they do not want to believe that their children carried out such crimes and will remain in denial even if the evidence is obvious. it’s almost normal.

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      5. Let’s not stop with the review of your article yet. Your article is still a pitiful excuse for research “expose” as it is based on reliance on erroneous assumptions and represents the type of GARBAGE research that I abhor in the 9/11 “Truth Movement.”

        It is NOT INSIGNIFICANT that your key premise of the fraud that the PSA1771 crash DID NOT OCCUR is that the aircraft’s registration was not canceled within the 21-day window after a crash you assert is not only necessary but required. The actual cancelation dates for the aircraft that I’ve looked at, which have crashed, are all much, much longer than this 21 day period and up to 26 YEARS later. It makes your use of this data in your assertion of PSA being a fraudulent crash an embarrassment to you and anyone that would post such crap.

        So let’s turn your other key assertion: That many of the alleged victims are still alive based on your search of whitepages.com. Here is what you say:

        “….about the fake victim identification exercise, but let me give a teaser by noting that Beamer, Bradshaw, and the pilot, Jason Dahl, still have listings and current addresses (as of September 2019) in whitepages.com.”

        “My curiosity piqued, I looked in whitepages.com for some of the victims of the PSA 1771 crash… Interestingly, there were four top Chevron officials on PSA 1771 reportedly killed. Again all have current addresses, including the former president of Chevron USA, James Sylla, now 85 and still in Kentville, California. ”

        So let’s take a look at a person that I think we would agree is still living according to whitepages.com. How about Vince Foster? Most people in the media world remember that Vince committed suicide in 1993 and his death created a political firestorm for President Clinton. He was born in January 1945 and lived in Little Rock, Arkansas and he would be about 75 years old today. So what does whitepages.com say about Vince?

        link to Vince Foster data: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Vince-Foster/Washington-DC?fs=1&l=Washington%2C+DC&q=vince+foster

        Age 70s
        Vincent Foster, Little Rock, AR
        Used to live in: Little Rock, AR • Washington, DC
        Related to: John Brugh Foster • Vesna Grgic Foster • Vincent Walker Foster • Laura Raffaelli Landreaux • Elizabeth F Moody

        This list of relations sounds like the children of this Vince Foster that was born in 1945 and eulogized in 1993 by President Clinton with his relations, ” … sitting in a front pew of the downtown church were Foster’s wife, Lisa, and children, Vincent Foster III, Laura, and Brugh.”

        Therefore another critical “fact” in your assertion that the PSA1771 crash DID NOT OCCUR is based on unsubstantiated nonsense extracted by whitepages.com. If you don’t believe the Vince Foster entry, search for your dead aunts, uncles, friends, etc and you’re likely to find them still living at their last known addresses. Oh, if you find their address, don’t forget to send them a Christmas present as you’ve probably missed them for a few years and they might be annoyed at your forgetfulness. After all, whitepages.com can’t be wrong.

        Now your article has NOTHING to support it.

        You might eventually prevail with your only remaining hypothesis. However, by the time you might be able to legitimately question whether David Burke was “framed,” 911TAP.org will be legitimately labeled as a “tin-foil-hat” organization based on your nonsense article about PSA 1771.

        Besides, it’s highly doubtful that you were completely honest with David’s brother and told him “Oh btw, do you know who Alex Jones is? You know that crazy right-wing conspiracy theorist that’s been in the news in recent years for being sued by the families of Sandy Hook for claiming that the school shooting was faked? Well, I’m one of the so-called attorneys who defended one of his lemming researchers Wolfgang Halbig, a frequent guest on his show that supported that claim”.

        You have no respect or honor for the dead.

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    3. “That the handwritten note “doesn’t exist” is a very serious defect in the FBI’s story. You’ve missed the point.”

      No that is not a point, that is your huge leap from internet era conspiracy fraud/hoaxes going backward in time to only save your ass from the mistake of being fooled that Flight 93 was either shot down or some impossibly quickly concocted mock plane crash because there is the prime obliterated debris example of PSA 1771. The handwritten note does exist, just like the cockpit voice recorder that not only picked up the gunshots but also Burke’s voice in response “I’m the problem” amongst other details that corroborate that the plane nosedived into the ground. You asked for details from the FBI that is actually provided in those two documentaries that you have ignored, which you have not made any mention of them. If you had watched them, then maybe you would have gained some humility and also realized that you’re wrong about Flight 93. But you see that’s not what you kooks are about, as you can’t even make up your mind in your nonsensical theory PSA 1771 whether it’s a case of insurance fraud or interest for adding new security measures.

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  4. By the way, the “like” registered for your article, above, was mistakenly put there by me, thinking I was looking at my own article when I scrolled upwards, LOL! So, don’t think you have any legitimate likes.


    1. So much about your “follow up” article eh Maynard, your 83-psa 1771 article was removed on the TAP page as well. One of the few things TAP got right.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am still waiting for more documents. In the meantime, I have filed one suit against Leonard Pozner, and another soon will follow against him and all others who have published the false information about me engaging in UPL, as well as the private information about my address, name change, photos of me and my house and car, etc. That includes you. I am not returning to your site at the moment to review what you have on there, but will do so soon. I advise you to take all matter relating to me down immediately or I will sue you, too. This will be my only notice. And let me just note that you appear very threatened, undoubtedly because the research I’ve done and conclusions I’ve drawn are firmly founded. Finally, do not communicate with me again.


  5. Nothing i said was remotely even personal besides me calling you what you are, a fraud. Your a liar and a charlatan, you lied about what happened in Shanksville in the article, which thankfully TAP has removed. Threatened? Honey, you are a mere ant in the afterbirth, a nothing, but i find you repulsive in general.

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