The 9/11 intrigues surrounding JFK Airport

The 9/11 intrigues surrounding JFK Airport

By Thermal Detonator

What’s most commonly researched and coerced by 9/11 Truthers is the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 & 7, from when each building was impacted to the physics of how each fell. But it’s rare you’ll find one who knows all the United and American Airlines flight numbers of each of the 4 planes, and which target they exactly struck.  It’s even rarer to find a Truther who knows more than two hijacker names out of 19. Usually they just know who Hani Hanjour and Mohamed Atta was, most can’t confirm which of the three airports the planes took off from, actually provided security video capturing hijackers.

For the most part, Truthers have just thrown the baby out with the bathwater in regards to actually investigating and researching who were the supposed hijackers, while carelessly callous and lazy, they find it simpler to claim no airport security video ever existed, or that the conditions lack integrity, added with the sheer fantasy that there were no hijackings, or hijackers and that the planes were either imposter duplicates, or that they were either missiles, holograms or drones. This fringe theory has been a great way to divide and make the movement smaller, because there are more of those who could also be an effective addition to the truth movement, because they have been directly affected by lives lost on the 4 planes and are skeptical about the official claim for the destruction of the WTC, but are turned off by the package that an overwhelming presence in the movement insinuates, that their loved ones were killed off somewhere else other than inside the planes and at the crash sites.

So for over the past year I put my 9/11 documentary film sequels on hold, and i decided to work on another film that’s related while also researching the media’s reporting on the hijackers identities days after the event, as well as the reports of them being alive.  I have found not only a lot of striking coincidences and bad leads by federal investigators, that even though this Airport was not active towards the 9/11 event, a huge cover up had taken place at John F. Kennedy international Airport in New York several times, even while the attacks were taking places and later as Americans were still in shock.

And along with that I also discovered some other interesting facts that occurred before and after that are incidentally intriguing, and at the same time could provoke stretch into thinking of wider conspiracy theories, if one wanted to entrain it.


Flight 23


What is not commonly known or a staple fact coerced by the truth movement is the story of United Airlines Flight 23. And the reasons I find why stories and reports like these have been ignored by most 9/11 truth researchers and conspiracy film makers, is because they have stuck to their methods of cherry picking witness interview sound-bites and not accepting physical evidence for what it is. They instead would rather repeat mindless phrases from documentaries and delete the existence of the 4 planes from its entirety, sensationalizing that the airplane attacks was a military operation or that all the planes elaborate hoaxes of some sort on 9/11. This is mainly driven by an unequal comparison of accidental plane crash sites vs. the intentional strikes at the Pentagon and Shanksville that were completely different conditions, accompanied by results in aftermath.

But aside for the unnecessary arguments of whether the planes were hijacked or not, unknowingly still, no planers or not, they are going along with the official 9/11 Commission Report narrative or cover up, by assuming that the operation was limited to an intent, and accomplished by 4 planes carrying it out, and that there wasn’t any other targets besides New York and D.C., when in fact that is not true, there was a lot more stories to 9/11 that were covered up which are even accepted as commonly held beliefs, like that there were more planes intended to be hijacked on 9/11, and the evidence exists by what’s called, “the 5th plane” of 9/11.

As reported by NBC morning news with Tim Minton of WNBC-TV September 13th, CBS with Dan Rather and Anthony Mason September 14th and many newspapers as well, on 9/11 at 9:20am while Flight 93 was airborne after departing Newark, UA Flight 23 at JFK Airport was on the runway in line for takeoff to Los Angeles until pilots received word from Air Traffic Control about the FAA’s no-fly ban, demanding that pilots who were already flying, had to land a.s.a.p., and those who were grounded were not allowed to take off, and they were also asked to secure the cockpit because there were hijackings going on. Three hostile passengers of Middle Eastern appearance on Flight 23 drew attention to themselves while the plane was taxying back to the boarding gate, where they later escaped from the airport.

Timmons said that three men “went running off the plane never to be seen again”

The co-pilot of Flight 23, Carol Timmons, A Brigadier General, also recounted the incident on interview in 2011, saying that the flight attendant said, “Hey I got some very agitated men sitting in first class, they’re very unhappy, why aren’t we taking off, why aren’t we taking off?”. Once the plane reached the gate the three men had evaded airport authorities and fled the airport, leaving their luggage, where officials found box cutters, knives, Al Qaeda instruction sheets, but false IDs prevented federal investigators from ever locating them.

Besides for flight 23, other planes and airports were found to have had similar items and suspicious people and activities reaching as far as Canada, indicating the possibility more attempted hijackings were aborted or foiled. Not only did US officials suspect the hijackers had accomplices inside airport security, but sources even like Time magazine had believed that there may have been more teams intended to hijack 8 to 10 planes on 9/11. This has even been briefly written about on 9/11 blogger.  

If anyone is going to be in denial of this story, or dare claim that this plane was to be a real addition to a “no planes” operation. Or that Flight 23 was to be real as 11 & 175 striking the WTC between two supposed fake plane crash sites of 77 & 93 at the Pentagon and Shanksville. Never mind the impossibility; of where and why would they have picked Shanksville to set up a mock crash site while Flight 23 was to be active. Truthers really need to adapt to this story and not just collect it and add without thinking through, because they will have is ultimately a modus operandi that is not workable for their theory, because they are going off a predetermined story that was only meant to fit 4 real and fake planes, even with all the rescue and recoveries efforts still documented nearly right after each plane strike occurred.

But truthers are still in such denial, they think that it still would be impossible accomplish such a suicide mission with a large roster of many willing participants. Well if evidence for more hijackers is there problem, then look no further to..



Another cover up and lesser-known chain of events beyond the supposed activity of 19 hijackers (that is an omission from the truth movement itself) is that Thursday, September 13th 2001, while most Americans grieved for the past two days traumatized and tuned out from watching television, over 12 people were arrested at two New York Airports carrying fraudulent IDs, wearing airport attire marked as “crew”, plus more of the same types of items were reported to have been found on them. This occurred between 4:15-5:00pm again at JFK Airport, as well as earlier and later at LaGuardia Airport.

It was also reported that two of the people detained were actual pilots that had a false ID’s with addresses from Boston; one of them from JFK was spotted in the Pilot lounge and had an address on his pilot license belonging to an Osama Bin Laden brother who lived there.  They also had flight training certificates from the same Florida flight schools as some of the supposed 9/11 hijacker went to.

Two of the men apprehended, suspected of undergoing a hijacking attempt at LaGuardia Airport on 9/13

Five people in total, including a woman were arrested at JFK. One of them had also presented themselves as a fill-in crew and drew attention to them because they were not recognized by airport staff. Three others had boarded AA Flight 133 headed to Los Angeles, where SWAT team and police stormed in on the plane that had been stalled for an extended amount of time on the tarmac, and apprehended the three in their passenger seats, while one also struggled and fought while being detained by officers.

These incidents were continually reported by all the mainstream news networks including foreign up until the next day, September 14th. Four of the passengers on Flight 133 that witnessed the SWAT team apprehending the three suspects, appeared on several networks being interviewed about the whole ordeal, two of the witnesses appeared more than twice.

Most of the suspects were released by the next day, except for the pilot suspect at JFK; he was kept under a material witness warrant and was actually the first person arrested for 9/11 along the likes of Zacarias Moussaoui. But nothing else ever came of him, not even his name, only that he was Saudi as so where the rest of the people who were detained. The story was never followed up and just disappeared like the hundreds of other Middle Eastern people who were detained after 9/11 and shipped for visa violations.

One thing that I hope is gathered by all of this is that it’s clear that whatever forces pulled off 9/11 had an extensive roster of willful fanatical fools that could commit to an event like this, but it seems to be outside the Al Qaeda parameter. And how and why would the U.S. government supposedly collaborate or have their hand in a such a mission of swapping planes out of disclosed airports and setting up mock scene impossibilities is beyond me and still unproven. And all though not every hijacker identity can be certified per plane, there is too much physical evidence for hijackers and hijackings to have taken place, and not enough evidence to prove solid government collusion, as there is for it being orchestrated by the U.S.’s supposed allies.


Prior warnings, or preparation?

I won’t reveal names, but just a few days ago as I was looking through my Facebook feed and I discovered a post from women who had worked inside the World Trade Center and was also part of the truth movement.  Her post was in relevance to clues of prior warnings of attacks. One of her friends was married to somebody who had had worked at JFK Airport around the time of the attacks, and had commented this:


Apparently a Delta employee claimed that the FBI was searching planes at JFK airport on Monday September 10th, 2001, the day before 9/11.

Of course with the case of Flight 23 and 9/13 all though heavily reported, is not part of the official record nor of course is this previous activity at JFK, or any sign that the authorities had prior warning.

I’m not disregarding that this incident the day before could have been a reaction to a prior warning by authorities. But another possibility is maybe the situation occurred because there were either suspicious items or activity found at the airport that would have been in preparation for hijackings.


Wael Abdel Rahman Kishk

Egyptian pilot in JFK headline.jpg

As Associated Press covered extensively, on September 19th 2001 just a week after 9/11, a 21 year old Egyptian named Wael Abdel Rahman Kishk was arrested at JFK airport for posing as an Egyptian pilot after landing from a flight from Barcelona that originated from Cairo, with fake credentials and pilot uniforms. The story was also picked up by quite a few newspapers. He had also had pilot training at Florida flight schools where some of the 9/11 hijackers also had their training.

He also lied to FBI authorities claiming that he was only coming into the country to go to business schools. Apparently he also showed up to his court date in a pilot uniform. He was charged 6 months in jail for lying to the FBI, although the maximum sentence on the lying charge was five years in prison. He was likely deported later.


EgyptAir Flight 990

 egyptair_boeing_767-300_in_1992Another interesting story comes out of JFK Airport just before the millennium on Halloween. On October 31, 1999 an Egyptian flight from JFK to Cairo Egypt crashed in the Atlantic Ocean. It had flown normally for half an hour before plummeting sixty miles south of Nantucket. It was EgyptAir Flight 990, a giant twin-engine Boeing 767 with 217 people aboard.

Apparently Egyptian authorities needed help in the investigation at first, which U.S. and Egyptian governments quarreled over the cause both having different conclusions. The flight data from a pilot’s perspective with the help of simulations of the accident, points that the crash was caused not by any mechanical failure but by a pilot’s intentional act. Other investigations by Egypt, however, said the cause of the crash was mechanical failure.

Gameel Al-Batouti was the co-pilot behind the controls. The NTSB concluded that the official probable cause of the crash was a series of control inputs made by Al-Batouti, who was in the position of relief first officer in command at the time of the crash and that the cause had been a “deliberate act” by the relief first officer. Some reports said that Al-Batouti, who had been earlier reprimanded for sexual misconduct, deliberately crashed the plane as an act of revenge.  But it’s hard not to imagine that this flight could have been a functional test run in preparation for 9/11 as well.


AA Flight 587

On November 12th 2001, the second-deadliest aviation accident occurs on U.S. soil, when AA Flight 587 departed JFK Airport to Dominican Republic. It was an Airbus A300-600 on route and crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens shortly after takeoff. All 260 people on board the flight were killed, along with five people on the ground. It is the second-deadliest aviation incident in New York State.

Nothing about this case is suspicious of foul play or any illegal activity, but it is interesting that it occurred two months after 9/11, and makes an example of how other major events easily faded away and forgotten because of 9/11 coverage and the push for war. None of this even fazed us due to the shock and awe of what happened at the WTC exactly 2 months prior.



Paul McCartney stranded

Paul McCartney in THE LOVE WE MAKE, directed by Albert Maysles a

Not exactly something you would expect on article about 9/11. Funny though that this is same airport where The Beatles made history in 1964 with their American invasion, but now Paul McCartney was stuck at JFK while history was being made on September 11th.

Paul McCartney had been visiting the New York City, and on the morning of the attacks it turns out that he was supposed to depart JFK airport back to the U.K., but his flight suddenly canceled while his plane was on the tarmac.  While stranded McCartney came up with a charity concert for New York that was later made into documentary “The Love We Make”.

There’s no conspiracy of some sort that McCartney was at JFK on 9/11, this is just nostalgia. Although there are some that would take the opportunity to suggest that he was taking part of some kind of psy-op conspiracy to go along with the attacks, since there have been theories associated to The Beatles, including a particularly wild one, that Paul McCartney died in car wreck in the 60’s and they had lookalike winner from Canada named Billy Shears fill in ever since, and  there’s also one that claims that the Beatles were also part of some sort of degenerate social experiment to deprogram the American youth.

But besides all that, what is curious and coincidental is that Michael Jackson was staying in New York then and he was due to have meetings at the World Trade Center when the attacks happened. But he was exhausted by a late night, after his final concert the previous evening. Jermaine Jackson said: “We were terrified when the towers fell, as we knew Michael was due there. But mom said he was fine. He missed his meetings, which was great.”

What’s also an interesting coincidence, is that one of Michael Jackson’s friends is an heir to legendary mob figure, Meyer Lansky, and as very few truth seekers know, that within the hijackers cells and flight schools in Florida, organized crime author and filmmaker Daniel Hopsicker pointed out in his film ‘WELCOME TO TERRORLAND: 9/11, Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus’ that Ruddy Dekker, the defunct owner of Florida Air and Huffman aviation (where supposed 9/11 hijackers Mohamed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi went for flight training) had entered a partnership with a financier named Richard Boehlke, who owned Harbor Air in Washington state and had participated in a $350 million “Mob-led” looting, a bust-out of union pension funds in Portland OR, of what were called “mostly Mob-led unions”, one of the beneficiaries of this loot was Jackson’s friend in Florida, Alvin Malnik.

Now I’m not a person who defends Michael Jackson, I don’t believe he was killed by the Illuminati, or that he was reptilian, or that he was silenced because he was some sort of hero that was “awake’. I still believe some of the child molestation allegations against him were true.

This is just speculation, but perhaps the initial reason Mr. McCartney was into town was to be at that same meeting at the WTC to settle with Michael, and maybe McCartney decided to leave early since he already knew Michael had cancelled. Because what is a fact and not speculation, is that Michal Jackson did own all the rights to the Beatles music then and it was known there was a feud with him and Paul McCartney over it.

And how more tragic would the 9/11 attacks have been, if included was the loss of two anointed music pop culture icons? In fact, quite few famous people almost came close to dying on 9/11, some by having originally been scheduled to fly in the actual planes that struck.

But there’s a saying now in the music industry, “that you’re worth more dead, than that you are alive”. And there’s this other old saying, about “killing two birds with one stone”..


El Al flight takes off


While people like Paul McCartney were grounded at JFK as everybody else was in airports across the country, except for some of the Bin Laden family members living in the U.S. who were able to flee the next day, a story which was popularized on Michael Moore’s movie ‘Fahrenheit: 9/11’.  But other than that, no one else was allowed to take off except for an Israeli El Al Flight from JFK Airport to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, while all civilian flights were ordered to be grounded at 9:45 am.

According to investigative journalist and author Wayne Madsen of Wayne Madsen report in 2010, who had two sources who worked for El Al airline at JFK airport, that on 9/11, hours after the grounding orders on all flights, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off at 4:11 pm from JFK to Tel Aviv. The flight departed JFK and was authorized by U.S. Department of Defense. The two sources who were not Israeli nationals, but Ecuadorians who worked in the U.S. for the El Al airline.

This has been particularly interesting find with in the 9/11 truth movement, due to the fact of multiple activities by Israelis having been exposed that seem to go in concert with the 9/11 attacks.


Hanger 17


And to end it all with addition to Israeli airliners at JFK airport, a once Israeli airliner agency ‘Tower Air’ that went bankrupt in 2000, had left an empty hangar at JFK becoming what was known as Hangar 17.

On the 9/11 episode of ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’, Jesse made out spectacle of the facility and wanting to gain access to it, because it contained debris from the WTC, where he wanted to test for explosives.

The place was practically more like a museum because it had lots of search and rescue vehicles destroyed as well as numerous other items that weren’t actually part of the World Trade Center itself. But up until recent, just within his past year they have finally completely cleared out the facility and have distributed all the remaining debris to various museums and monuments and memorials sites across the US. And that’s about as close as any of us will ever get to analyzing any debris; it’s even worth testing in the first place.

But I hope some of the points of what brought up whether factual or intriguing at least draws some interests for others to investigate or to show as proof of an extended 9/11 cover up.  For myself, i just happened to find very weird that there’s much to write about JFK airport in regards to 9/11, and yet nothing of the attack came of it.

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