Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? pt1 – The curious case of Adnan Bukhari, Amer Bukhari and Amer Kamfar

By Thermal Detonator

Introduction: The Demise of 9/11 Truth

There has been a surplus of disinformation within the 9/11 Truth movement and alternative media. For the past 5 years, being the concerned activist and self-proclaimed “alt-media analyst” I am, I have spent the past couple years deciphering and sifting through bona fide live-news reports covering the tragic events of September 11th as well as the proceeding reports since that day. My conclusion is that the 9/11 Truth movement was intentionally set up to disinform since its genesis, whether it being intentional, or an assemblage of opportunists over-emphasizing theoretical physics—no different than how government officials and commissions have done themselves in previous cover-ups (think beliefs in magic bullets, or Truthers who believe in magic planes or even no planes!). Little spread by so-called “Truthers” these days in regards to conspiracy theories, exhibit an adherence to the facts and are often poor attempts to diagnose every major event as that of a “false-flag” occurrence.

There is so much misinformation and disinformation out there, far too many people with too much time on their hands, and lot of opportunists with mediocre editing skills and YouTube channel galore, all in their little safe space, or echo-chamber.

This contrasts with the perils of the mainstream and alternative media, as well as to the recent phenomenon of “fake news”. Even the famed actor Denzel Washington was asked to comment on the current state of the media and hype of fake news to the BBC; arguing, “What is the long-term effect of too much information?… It used to be news, now it’s opin[ion]-news.”

This is the problem with the so-called “9/11 Truth” movement (or in the broader network of topics, the ‘truth’ movement) and alternative media. And it is evident that acquiring more hits, clicks, clout, and the like are placed on a pedestal in comparison to integrity, scholarship, and mature speculation.

Much uttered by Truthers in regards to 9/11 is not factual, which is sincerely, the reason we have these poor attempts of supplying the alt-media with a reasonable, alternative viewpoint, as well as at providing studious and honest journalism. Rather so, Truthers keep themselves consumed in their own standard comforts of intrigue, regurgitating the awe of the graphic destruction to the World Trade Center (WTC). They exalt this macabre symbol that only impedes the expansive investigative effort into 9/11, either to decline into a hole of fear, or agitate the naive assumption that the buildings’ destruction is the pinnacle of all proof; that it is the smoking gun to solve and someday bring truth, justice, and accountability to those responsible for all the escapades that day.

Sure, it looks the case that explosives were used at the WTC, and all the live and eyewitness accounts seem to validate this, but you do not need an architect to tell you what explosions look or sound like. Nor do you need someone to claim Nano-thermite was found when it is something as exotic as the event itself in the first place which, while speaking of, can neither side of the debate formulate a definitive case for.

A Sanctuary of Reason & Sanity

This six-part article is not focused on the destruction or graphic evidence of any of the buildings in New York, so I hope it does not displease anyone who’s investigation rests there. There will be a lot of unfamed data and I promise, a fresh perspective gained from reading this that you probably have not seen before. There is much more to 9/11 and the WTC attacks than the usual focus on just the physics of the buildings, and addedly, the cover-up spreads far wider than just omitting the use of explosives.

Being said and before I delve in, what I deem worse and to be the popular trend, are the far more ridiculous theories asserted by the truth movement (or whatever is left of it anyway) arguing that free-energy weapons (possibly from space) were used on the WTC and Pentagon, and/or that no planes were used at all on 9/11! Of course, none this is possibly true with the graphic and physical evidence as well the witnesses and video footage proving that planes and explosives were used.

Despite this overwhelmingly and embarrassing supposition, what I also find to be quite odd are those who can see beyond a considerable amount of 9/11 dis/misinformation, who see beyond suspected asset figures or opportunists perpetuating bogus “no plane” theories (most being schooled in the Loose Change film of thought), but to this day believe there were no passengers or hijackers on the planes used, thus ultimately attempting to rule out any Muslim or Arab involvement.

Now to be clear, I am no anti-Semite or Islamophobe, but I am well versed in 9/11 along with the numerous conjectures and occurrences, especially the evidence showing Israeli involvement, which is controversial in itself (a predetermined repellent), and because of it, have mostly based my implications in the following direction of investigation—to see where it leads—other than just generically blaming the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), “Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld”, or “Shadow Elite” as a lot of conspiracy circus clowns do.

Seventeen years later and at the time of this writing, it remains bizarre as to how 9/11 Truth continues to resist in reviewing any of the extensive evidence relating to the hijackers—other Muslims and/or Arab involvements—in 9/11. This crudeness is unfortunate and unnecessary, and is certainly a bad time to be so, given the recent revelation of state funding by Saudi Arabia made clear in the Senate’s once-classified but partially-revealing ‘28 Pages’ and the Joint Inquiry Staff report (JIS) respectively. Both documents were from the same Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) field offices in which the damning reports on Israeli involvement in 9/11 came from. However, the reply enunciated by the majority of truth movement shepherds whether ignorant of the FBI reports on the Dancing Israelis or not, is that the 28 Pages do not benefit the cause for 9/11 Truth, that in fact all it does is reinstate the official version.

This of course is pathetic because in the last 17 years, Washington has completely ignored putting its military power to use towards the government of Saudi Arabia to the table, as they are another one of our supposed allies in the Middle East—the same being for the State of Israel. And in a positive direction, in 2016 Congress passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) allowing “civil claims against a foreign state for injuries, death, or damages from an act of international terrorism”, which I believe is a signal of success and a needed path to supervene. Both of these facts in a sea of many as a result of the FBI field office reports and the 28 Pages are instances that only test the legitimacy of the official version and the infamously “whitewashed” 9/11 Commission Report.

Points being, whether a Truther is savvy or un-savvy to the Israeli evidence, their general consensus is that the United States (US) government had a large hand in or executed most of the events on 9/11. More knowledgeable Truthers may believe Israel had a larger hand in 9/11 than the US, or that Israel was totally behind it all.

However, observing the available (and growing) body of physical evidence pertaining to the attacks for what they were—be it airplanes, moving vans, etc.; along with foiled attempts—suggests a much broader nexus. By including these incidences and the many other activities, as well as the original plan for an earlier date of the attacks (see the 1995 Bojinka plot and 1999 Millennium plot), the culprits and suspects lead verifiably to Arabs of several nationalities with Israelis working together in concert, and it goes far back.

Indeed 3 planes struck their targets, American Airlines Flight 77 being with stunt-pilot precision, in which pilot in command (PIC) Hani Hanjour probably would not have been able to perform self-sufficiently. This can be explained by remote-control guidance from ground support, which indicates the operation might have extended past 19 people. However, we cannot be sure that this was indeed the case; and also, this tends to descend into a rabbit hole similar to one being in constant debate over the ‘physics’ of 9/11 and the WTC attacks.

Exhibit 1: Alive Who?

Amidst this brief speculation, simultaneously, one of the common arguments some Truthers claim as evidence of no hijackers is that supposedly 9 hijackers were reported being alive after 9/11. Some claim 9 hijackers, and we are mostly going to go over those, who apparently are generally cited as:


Now, you would think some of these reports might be true, but most of them are not. Especially Khalid al-Mihdhar, whose involvement in the 2000 United States Ship (USS) Cole naval bombing and Nawaf al-Hazmi, whose well-documented fighting and travelling experiences perfectly suit the modus operandi (MO) for the 9/11 mission, along with the fact that their suspected pilot accomplice, Hani Hanjour, had been available and living in the US the longest of any 9/11 hijacker.

Also, there is the possibility that two of the accused hijackers, Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah (listed as dead in the above image), may have not been part of the final MO and actually lived after 9/11, reason being they could have been handlers or orchestrators who fled at the last minute.

Additionally, it is also worth mentioning these false reports of ‘9 alive hijackers’ being alive may have been cultivated by disparate culprits to cover and/or derail the authorities in their 9/11 investigation, as most of the reported ‘9 alive hijackers’ were supposedly victims of identity theft and were likely muddled by the authorities due to having similar Arab names. And as you will see here, this could have also been an intentional method tooled by the culprits to leave no trace of who the hijackers actually were.

On the other hand, an irrational claim some Truthers spew regarding the official hijacker list, a delusion you have it, is that the hijackers’ identification was scripted; their proof being ‘how quick’ the authorities were able to identify all accused 19 hijackers the day after. This is simply fickle and fallacious.

The Authorities’ Confusion

This warrants a response to both sides of the fence here. First, in a History Commons report Robert Bonner, then head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), was one of the officials that displayed the type of confusion mentioned above, later testifying in the New York Observer on February 16th, 2004:

“We ran passenger manifests [transport documents detailing passenger names, place of departure and arrival] through the system used by Customs—two were hits on our watch list of August 2001.” (Presumably referencing watch-listed hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar having been linked to the USS Cole Bombing) “And by looking at the Arab names and their seat locations, ticket purchases and other passenger information, it didn’t take a lot to do a rudimentary link analysis. Customs officers were able to identify 19 probable hijackers within 45 minutes. I saw the sheet by 11 a.m. And that analysis did indeed correctly identify the terrorists.”

However, History Commons indicates Bonner is incorrect for the reason that two days after the attacks—September 13th and September 14th, 2001— the FBI believed there were only 18 hijackers, with four of the five hijacker names presumed to have been on American Airlines Flight 11 that crashed in the North Tower, which was incorrect incorrect.

However, that is not entirely accurate either. On the following day, September 12, 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft held the first 9/11 FBI/Department of Justice (DOJ) press conference stating “the four planes were hijacked by between 3 to 6 individuals per plane”, while other networks later reported that they had identified 12 hijackers that day, some stating that there may have been a total range of 12 to 24 hijackers on the four planes.

We will get into these reports on September 12th much later, but mistakes were also made when the media started displaying the first few hijackers, and who they were suggesting hijacked Flight 11, supposedly with Mohamed Atta.

In an article titled ‘Planes, Hijackers and Automobiles’ by Frank Levi written in 2002 for Mike Rivero’s, Levi charts and highlights some of the first mistakes in identifying and displaying photos of the supposedly alive hijackers.

These first five names: Mohamed Atta, Adnan Zakaria BukhariAmer Abbas Bukhari, Abdul Rahman al-Omari, and Amer Mohammed Kamfar were first reported as the Flight 11 hijackers.

The list of names was changed:

Original Hijacker Becomes New Hijacker
Mohamed Atta Mohamed Atta
Adnan Bukhari Waleed Alshehri
Amer Bukhari Wail Alshehri
Abdul Rahman Alomari Abdulaziz al-Omari
Amer Kamfar Satam Al Suqami

The FBI’s investigation into the hijackers began by examining the names on the 4 flight manifests (passenger lists), then tracing the whereabouts and movements of passengers prior to the attacks. 6 suspects were chosen from the manifests and quickly investigated in the days immediately after the attacks. These were the same early suspects for Flight 11, including United Airlines Flight 175’s Marwan al-Shehhi, who was also suspected of being Atta’s cousin at the time.

However, by September 13th, Adnan Bukhari, Amer Bukhari, Abdul Rahman al-Omari and Amer Kamfar were retracted from the list.

Adnan Bukhari, Amer Bukhari & Amer Kumfar: Misreports, Misspellings, Mis-readings, & Mis-raiding

On September 12th, the first 2 photos of supposed 9/11 hijackers were displayed by mainstream media, showing Mohamed Atta and Adnan Bukhari.

The first four hijacker names were reported by the authorities having believed to be part of the operation and dead; while also circumspect to add, they were also searching for the hijackers in the chance that they were not dead, namely Mohamed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, Adnan Bukhari and Amer Bukhari. And as it turns out, three of the first five false names were actually discovered alive.

Adnan Bukhari ended up being found alive after authorities raided his home in Vero Beach, Florida at 5:30 A.M., September 12th. Agents evacuated nearby houses, citing concerns that Adnan Bukhari’s house was rigged with explosives; FBI authorities had taken him to Miami for questioning where he then was released.

The hunt for Adnan was so grand that it became global, with these early hijacker names being submitted to other foreign intelligence agencies and authorities. Insert the Philippines, a country who was not alien to US officials after having been previously engaged and cooperated in handling international terrorism (see Ramzi Yousef), in which the Philippian authorities arrested a Saudi Arabian Airlines pilot named Mohammad Omar Al-“Bokhari”, as it sounded similar to “Bukhari” and is almost spelled identically, according to an AP report.

Further, CNN‘s Mike Boettcher officially reported on September 14th the retraction of an early report that Amer Bukhari was Adnan’s brother and listed under the same address:

We would like to correct a report that appeared on CNN. Based on information from multiple law enforcement sources, CNN reported, that Adnan Bukhari and Amer Bukhari of Vero Beach Florida, were suspected to be two of the pilots who crashed planes into the World Trade Center. CNN later learned that Adnan Bukhari is still in Florida, where he was questioned by the FBI. We are sorry for the misinformation. A federal law enforcement source now tells CNN that Bukhari passed an FBI polygraph and is not considered a suspect. Through his attorney, Bukhari says that he is helping authorities. Ameer Bukhari died in a small plane crash last year.

Some news sources also posted Adnan’s photos as being Amer Bukhari; by using a 2nd photo of Adnan, as well as numerous misspellings.

Not only had the media misreported that Adnan was not Amer’s brother, but that Amer was already dead. Amer died not because of being aboard any of the hijacked planes on 9/11, but from piloting a Cessna that crashed in mid-air collision exactly one year to the day prior to 9/11 on September 11th, 2000.

While searching Adnan’s house, the FBI announced they had found a copy of Amer Bukhari’s pilot license, and a “hazardous materials manual”. However, no such license ever appeared in the early news reports. The licenses that were shown were either Adnan Bukhari’s or Amer Kamfar’s, who was also alive and lived near Adnan but had just recently moved back to Saudi Arabia.

The Irish Times reported on September 15, 2001, that “According to Mr. Kamfar’s neighbours, he lived with his wife and four children near Mr. [Abdul Rahman] Alomari (al-Omari). Two weeks ago, a van pulled up and the entire family left suddenly.” They discarded much of their clothing and other belongings into the trash.

Before being discovered alive in Saudi Arabia, the FBI had already issued a BOLO (Be on the lookout) alert on Kamfar, which by this one could probably suggest the authorities  suspected he was not on Flight 11 by then, but was “connected to the attacks”. The BOLO mentioned that he should be considered armed and dangerous, driving a silver 1996 Plymouth Voyager and carrying an AK-47.

Ahmer Kamfar search WUSA CBS.jpg

Not only had Kamfar lived near Adnan, but another accused pilot of being a 9/11 hijacker, Abdul Rahman al-Omari, had lived next-door to Adnan. He was also found alive and falsely accused of being the supposed Saudi hijacker Abdulaziz al-Omari.

Abdul Rahman was a pilot and student at Flight Safety International, as well as Adnan and Kamfar. According to Wikipedia, Abdul Rahman “had moved out of his Vero Beach, Florida residence with his wife and four children on September 3, 2001”.

According to the People’s Daily, on September 13th the landlord of Adnan Bukhari, Paul Stimeling, said that the wife and children of the next-door neighbor moved out over the weekend, and that “The Bukhari family, the landlord said, moved out at the end of August”. Bukhari had sent his family to Saudi Arabia but was still temporarily in the country.

CNN’s Susan Candiotti had interviewed Stimeling on September 12th, 2001:

CANDIOTTI: Can you tell us how long this individual had been renting the house from you?

STIMELING: Since June 10th of 2000.

CANDIOTTI: And how much did they pay each month?


CANDIOTTI: What can you tell us about them? What did you know, who did you know them to be, or your tenant?

STIMELING: Just family men from Saudi Arabia that were here for a class, and they needed 15 months of this rental, and they’ve agreed to rent the property through the end of August.

CANDIOTTI: And what happened before their lease was up?

STIMELING: They called me the last week in July and suggested they would need at least another two weeks, and again last week, to ask for another 2 or 3 days, they were to move on the 17th this coming Monday.

You Guessed It…More Confusion

According to the St. Petersburg Times (now named Tampa Bay Times), it was reported on September 14th, 2001 that Kamfar’s neighbor, Walter R. Reed, claimed that “his family moved in eight months ago and moved out about 10 days ago. They had kept to themselves mostly, although their children played with other children in the neighborhood.”

The St. Petersburg Times also reported that “Two weeks ago, Mrs. Bukhari and her children returned to Saudi Arabia”, neighbors said, and Mrs. al-Omari and her children followed the next day. Plus, “Mr. [Abdul Rahman] al-Omari moved in with Mr. Bukhari for about a week, then disappeared, neighbors said.”

What I find particularly interesting about the St. Petersburg Times report is that Bukhari’s neighbor Raymond DeFossez, whose 10-year-old son Cody often played video games with the Bukhari’s and Abdul Rahman al-Omari’s children, said Amer Bukhari was Adnan’s brother and that Amer was also a student at FlightSafety Academy and was killed in a mid-air collision over St. Lucie, with Adnan telling DeFossez they planned to sue.

Attack Suspects Blended into Suburbia St Peterburgs TimesFri__Sep_14__2001

But hold on here! I thought CNN and the other news outlets covered Adnan clarifying things up through the fortune of having a lawyer to the FBI along with taking a polygraph test, saying the Amer was not his brother?

CNN also reported on September 14th that spokesman for FlightSafety, Roger Richie, confirmed Bukhari was also a flight engineer for Saudi Airlines and part of a current year-long program to train pilots for the Airline. But for some reason, “He [Richie] refused to discuss whether Kamfar or al-Omari were connected to the program, although he did say the company turned over its records to the FBI.”

There were early false reports where “the media also painted a suspicious picture of Kamfar, stating that he had “rushed off to Rooms to Go, a furniture store in Vero Beach, and as news of the kamikaze attacks was breaking on a television in the showroom, bought a $1,795 living room set.” This is bogus because it has been established that Kamfar was already in Saudi Arabia. Of course, Wikipedia concludes as it already has for Adnan, that Kamfar was cleared of any wrongdoing.

However this furniture store story was partially true, just not that it was Kamfar who purchased the living room set, but Adnan Bukhari. A furniture store salesman interviewed by CBS later broadcasted on September 14th claimed Adnan was shopping in the store on the day of the attacks and purchased a living room set, wanting it to be shipped immediately to Saudi Arabia but also making an indication to the salesman: that he himself is urgently moving back to Saudi Arabia too. Also, from what was seen by the news cameras entering Adnan Bukhari’s house, most of the items inside were packed in boxes ready to move.

End of Part 1

At this point, it would seem there is something iniquitous with Adnan Bukhari and his neighbor’s alibis. What could be the odds these pilots prolonged their move back to Saudi Arabia only to move back under such suspicious circumstances? This seems to me a possibility of preparation and priority of executing the first two planes (Flight 11 and Flight 175) part of the MO: They would be stalling enough time for any real handling or assisting of culprits to get away, while the authorities would be left on a wild goose trail hunt, making it impossible to thoroughly and accurately identify who exactly hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines 175 from Boston Logan. Further, Logan is one of the three airports (Newark Liberty included) where no security video has been provided of hijackers being captured going through the gates or anywhere in those two airports till this day. We will also delve into that further ahead.

(continue to part 2)

[edited by Art Deal 10/01/2018]




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