Turning point, or Burning point? Honegger marginalizes The 28 Pages and J.A.S.T.A.

Turning point, or Burning point? Honegger marginalizes The 28 Pages and J.A.S.T.A.

By Thermal Detonator

This article if not meant to be addressed as a personal attack against Barbara Honegger, Is to try to reach her with constructive criticism and alert her that she’s headed down the wrong path even if she feels she has brought some common sense closure for all sides to the Pentagon attack myths.

A year ago after after last year’s 15 year anniversary, a rather frustrating a short 15 minute video presentation ‘The 28 pages and J.A.S.T.A.: Turning Point in History –‘ by Barbara Honegger M.S., at the 9/11 Justice in Focus Symposium, Cooper Union Great Hall, New York City, September 11, 2016 which was posted on the I Am The Face of Truth Facebook group.

For those unfamiliar, Barbara Honegger, she was a member of the 1980 Reagan-Bush campaign staffer and later a Reagan White House policy analyst and is commonly known for exposing the “October Surprise conspiracy theory”.

Although it’s a short video with very few views then her other appearances at this event, we felt this was short enough example and opportunity to not only address some of her flaws on her thesis of what happened at the Pentagon, but to give credit to where credit is due while offering some constructive criticism and some pieces of data which might be new to her as well as return a warning tip to double check those she surrounds herself with or references in 9/11 research.

Because unfortunately, all that we have gathered out of this presentation was her attempting to marginalize The 28 Pages (which in essence is the JIS report) and J.A.S.T.A. while unenthusiastically celebrating its success of it having passed through Congress and Senate, as a lawsuit on the Saudis with (as she likes to often use) its “alleged” hijackers and how this initiative to sue Saudi Arabia would also be a backdoor for Saudi citizens to sue the US government for any harm they may have done. And Barbara references a member of the French Parliament to validate this possibility, that it was announced that it may start a legal revolution of international law after the unanimous house vote for J.A.S.T.A. She also referenced Iran-Contra research colleague, Danny Sheehan, who said that J.A.S.T.A. “will cause the foundations of world law to tremble once the jury realizes that they have been lied to and deceived by the other side they turned”.  

Apparently this legal revolution scenario was also addressed to Terry Strada of 9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, as it being terrible for the United States as it would allow citizens or governments of any country to sue the U.S. or its citizens for terrorism. Barbara pointed out that Strada’s response was somewhat naïve to the realization that the U.S. indeed has done harm to other nations, by highlighting that she said “well that should be okay as long as the United States is not going around the world and killing people”, in which context Barbara is sort of insinuating Strada has an unrealistic view of the U.S. or the world and 9/11.

With the mountain of Arab evidence in 9/11, Barbara asks “Are the 28 Pages really the Saudi Camel’s nose in the 9/11 Truth tent”?

Although she puts out a prior warning of caution and red flags, more than twice she says that we need to move forward with JASTA and the 28 pages, and that she has faith that it will pass and victim’s family will get to have their day in court, but that there’s a downside to it, and according to her the problem is, “is that the Saudi support for the hijackers assumes the official story.”

I’m just curious what she means to “move forward “even if it confirms evidence that deviates from her alleged research (is she just saying, go along to get along?) Because with this blanket logic (real modus operandi’s replaced with fallacies) it assumes the flights, hijackings and passenger victims are irrelevant.

If there’s a cover-up of how the buildings completely came down in addition to a previous blow or igniting strike seen all over the world as well in public vehicles controlled by operatives, then what else is 9/11 supposed to be about, without planes and hijackers and for somehow (for some reason) were not able to determine who is to be held accountable in part for the operation or finding out who they were by going after and tracing their steps?

I almost want to say it’s like having a defeatist attitude, but then again I understand when and where these unchecked myths and echoing chambers in this truth movement were made up, as many 9/11 truth activist from a Generation X level used to subscribe to some of them (or would remain on the fence and still many have) and it done so by easy features in peer networking or social media by closing out second and varying opinions, and not catching up to speed or rejecting newly released data on the 9/11 attacks, which is why truth activists are far worse in there confirmation bias (especially the younger millennial audience that’s much impressionable to social media and YouTube) these days still believing in nothing on TV, but everything on the internet in these indoctrinating false premises of social media Hey Day.

Yes “we all know there are huge holes in the hijacker stories” with some of their identities too, but that doesn’t mean or give any weight to the argument that there weren’t any hijackers with all the overwhelming and even tangible evidence proving the contrary, or that none of the planes were there actual flights.

And that’s definitely not the standard way of conducting an investigation when evidence or data is either leftover presented or offered. It’s like what one of my main colleagues likes to say, it’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Honegger references Paul Craig Roberts (father of Reaganomics) to this thought level, who had also served in the Reagan/Bush Sr. Administration. Now he on one hand has some worthy writings and opinion pieces on foreign policy and the Neocons, although when it comes to the dynamics and cover-up of 9/11, he’s still out there in Loose Change-land, outdated and just wrong. Barbara references his statements in solidarity from an email he had sent her saying “I would caution you about the Saudi Arabia angle, the Saudi thing actually works against you” which I would infer “working against you” as meaning, towards the 9/11 truth cause in general.

But Barbara’s ultimate solution within colleagues as what she highlights as “A Mike Gravel for the 28 Pages”? where she displays a picture over the teleprompter of her and Mike Gravel at last year’s conference, where she says she gone up to Gravel and said to him “that your country needs you”, and before she could finish explaining how important it was, he interrupted her and said “Barbara I see where you’re going, I’ll do it, I’m an old man, this is my mission, we’ll make it happen.”

Not necessarily knowing what Gravels position is on Saudi Arabia or hijacking scenarios, it’s at least a nice gesture of him with such a profile he is known for being and stood for as a controversial Alaska Senator in his attempts to end the draft during the Vietnam War and for putting the Pentagon Papers into the public record in 1971 reading it to the Senate Committee, getting U.S. Vs. Gravel in the United States Supreme Court.

Barbara implies that she, Gravel and another colleague of hers, Mick Harrison were instrumental in getting the 28 Pages released, however with Gravel since he has proved himself having a bad reputation prior when it comes to regards to initiatives for  9/11 Truth.

mike gravel
Mike Gravel speaking to We Are Change LA Oct 15th, 2010

Back in October of 2010, We Are Change LA hosted a speaking gathering with the former Senator, for an all-hands meeting to discuss his proposal for a California Ballot Initiative calling for a new independent 9/11 investigation, in which he was doing as a small speaking tour. Gravel was very impressed with WACLA’s overwhelming presence he apparently saw in a video at an ANSWER anti-war march in Hollywood.

Apparently soon after, the 9/11 Citizens Commission group who had organized this speaking tour in CA, were ripped off by Mike Gravel in the end.  Gravel had taken money donated to the 9/11CC and re-distributed those funds elsewhere without permission from either their board or its donors. Much of it had been discussed on their website and other forums, and it still held in account on 9/11TruthNews.com for anyone who wants to see. Although it seems that Gravel is doing well in other fields in trying to get his medical marijuana endeavors going, which is not something I’m criticizing per se, but it’s just a point that he is clearly not focused on 9/11 Truth.

From left to right- Dick Cheney, Prince Bandar, Condoleezza Rice, and George W. Bush, on the Truman Balcony of the White House on September 13, 2001. Source-White House
September 13, 2001: President Bush and Saudi Ambassador Discuss Evacuating Saudis and Terrorist Renditions

Honegger states that Prince “Bandar Bush” is referenced 17 times in the 28 pages linked to Abu Zubayadah’s phone book, and another person she reference that claims that this photo with Bandar Bush (Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud) with President Bush, Cheney and Condoleezza Rice, and Bandar’s aide Rihab Massoud on the White House balcony on September 13th 2001 is them “having a congratulatory cigar after the 9/11 attacks on the White House balcony” was Barry Kissen another 9/11 Truth figure whose apparently done a lot of research and investigation into the anthrax attacks but some serious consideration needs to be put into questioning his sources and motives. Maybe Kissen has done some good investigative research on the anthrax cases, but he certainly didn’t have a mole inside the White House and obviously has a limited understanding and capacity in real world time, of what the 9/11 attacks were.

Yes the photo was taken some time in the day on September 13th 2001, but it is Prince Bandar bin sultan discussing the evacuation Saudi royals and members of the bin Laden family with the Bush Administration, which has been validated by sources, Including those aware of Bandar’s Bush nickname and constant presence at the White House, and that hours later from this meeting, the first flights transporting these Saudis were in the air.

And take into account that it would have been impossible for this meeting to have been a celebration for a grossly exaggerated collaboration and especially completion of the 9/11 attacks as Kissen assumes, when it was September 13th 2001 when most airports started to re-open after 10:35 A., when Secretary of Transportation, Norman Minneta held a press conference stating flight’s would start to resume, as the FAA’s no flight ban that was initiated when Flight 175 hit the south tower would be lifted. And as civilian flights were barely getting the clear to take off until the later evening, hijacking attempts were thwarted at other airports (mainly 2 New York ones with over 12 suspects being detained) with most suspects being Saudi’s, some disguised in flight crew uniforms, which resulted in shutting down those airports once again. One of the suspects that was arrested as the first material witness to 9/11 before Zacarias Moussaoui, as he was also carrying a pilot license baring an address to Osama Bin Laden’s older brother who lives in Boston.

Which also reminds me that it’s good that she brought up Moussaoui and his case being used in the victim’s family deposition, as I feel his untold story and a lot of things that he has also said in recent needs have a second look at and taken into serious account by the truth movement, because it truly could be used to our advantage in making a case, all though the point of Moussaoui being the alleged first of being the20th hijacker is certainly not accurate.  And the movement would know this if it’s researchers and leaders (who are actually misleaders) really knew how to count up the anomalies and inconsistencies with the accounts made from the phone calls on the 9/11 flights, instead of trying to make up excuses that they didn’t exist.

28-pages-prince bandar- basan-bayomiBarbara then also takes the position that we need to move on pass Bandar Bush and that he is 1 out of 22 Saudi officials implicated in the 28 pages. But the real reason to move on from this is because it’s her initial caution or red flag, that 28 Pages only links 2 of the hijackers Khalid Almihdhar and Nawaf Alhazmi from Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.

What it boils down to with Barbara’s criticism on the 28 pages is as she put, “However what’s important is it those 28 Pages (as far as I can tell reading them) only really refer to two of the alleged 19 hijackers of which we know 15 according to the official story are allegedly Saudis, and both of those hijackers (alleged hijackers) mentioned in the 28 pages are both on the alleged pentagon plane (not any of the other planes, just the Pentagon plane) and one of the big problems is, that one of those two hijackers (Almihdhar) was one of the very first of the least 6, and as many as 10 of the alleged 19 hijackers who have been reported alive still.”

Well there are some serious flaws to this conveying and logic as well as attempt to abandoned official evidence to our benefit.

  1. It’s not called “The Pentagon Plane” it’s called Flight 77. When one refer Flight 77 as the Pentagon Plane it’s self-reveals simple auto-suggestion to mystery peddle, and it shows one not having any real clarity on the stats of the official account. And in a twist, it also suggests lack of clarity and reference even among defending skeptical claims of living hijacker ranges being between 6 to 10 hijackers out of the 19? Which is it? Why are there conflicting sources?
  2. Secondly it’s actually not that 15 of the official hijackers were Saudis, in fact one of these two hijackers Barbara already mentioned linked In the 28 pages and suggest might be might be alive, is actually a Saudi national who born in Yemen, is Khalid Almihdhar Plus she also fails at defending her own point by mentioning that actually both hijackers (including Nawaf Alhazmi) also have the claims to being reported alive after 9/11 as well.

Yemen is important because not only do we have another 9/11 operative like Ramzi bin al-Shibh from the Hamburg Cell who was from Yemen also, but even the Bin Laden family is of Yemenis descent, and just to put it out there since we’re not shy about what we do know is most significant in the 9/11 cover up, which is Israel’s role and it having the strongest espionage web (even as growing families) in the world, Yemen as a Middle Eastern nation also inhabits a large population of Arab Jews. Plus let’s not forget that with Khalid travelled to Malaysia for the Kuala Lumpur Summit where he was photographed there with someone who was also involved in the USS Cole bombing in Yemen’s Aden harbor, the CIA did not inform the FBI when it learned that Almihdhar had reentered the U.S. just shortly before 9/11 and was not placed on any watch lists until late August 2001. Plus he had not flown in or out of Dulles Airport between that time frame to September 11th and so there’s no way to suggest that the Dulles airport security video (which will discuss even more ahead) is “fake” or edited and altered from a different time of when the hijackers were at the Dulles.

Even with the money trails going among Prince Bandar’s wife to Bassan’s wife to Omar al-Bayoumi’s and then onto hijackers Almihdhar and Alhazmi, remember, this still occurred in 1999 when they first moved to California, which means that this finance trail would link Almihdhar in preparation for both being allocated in the Millennium Plot and the USS Cole bombing. Although not speculated by officials to have been an early date for the 9/11 attacks the Millennium Plot (ultimately it would have been a previous warning sign with the attack plan still being carried out a year and nine months later being, a snafu for allowing that and not putting an end to that mission objective) which would have occurred in the U.S. on New Year’s Eve or Day 2000 has allegedly been solely linked to Osama Bin Laden and the loose base Al-Qaeda plus even later with the 1993 bombing, while it had mostly been blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood up until before and after 9/11.

Not to mention with what was said above with multiple planes operation even occurring on 9/13 (September 13th, 2001) validates The Bojinka Plot plans for up to 12 hijacked planes that were found on Ramzi Yousef’s laptop in an apartment fire in the Philippines in 1995, another major piece evidence officials (and even the truth movement) have tried to cover up and down play it not being the blueprint for 9/11 and that it was an altered version from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who had said that for planes was enough. All of it validates this ongoing attempt of a mass suicide plane attack, especially since Yousef is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s nephew and was mastermind bomber in the first WTC attack in 1993 using a moving van with explosives inside the building, in which again also involves evidence of Israeli asset infiltration and handling within the group of radicals in New York and New Jersey mosques that initially set up these attack objectives in Manhattan. And if you think I’m kidding that 9/11 would have been a much larger and possibly even sooner, look up the “2006 transatlantic aircraft plot”, and you may come to realize that it’s (we are) not even done.

But with so much evidence proving that Almihdhar boarded Flight 77, she carries on to preach warning “but in any case, you can imagine what would happen in a Perry Mason moment, in this incredibly important case, that is going to hopefully go forward with the 911 victims family members, against the Saudis in their defense, they came into court in a Perry Mason moment, with one or more of these still alive alleged hijackers, what would that do? And I have to tell you, that I feel a set up here, so we just need to do is move forward with caution even about that case once it goes forward.”

The only thing anybody should feel is somebody raining down on there no plane pity party.

Unlike the possibility with the hijackers from the three other planes, there is no concrete evidence or real case for any of the Flight 77 hijackers to be alive, and such a scenario is so unlikely, she undoubtedly proves that her issue is, is the 28 pages deviates from all her 9/11 work (and what a lot still falsely believe about the Pentagon attack) and with not only self-promoting her work being available on DVD and YouTube with 300,000 views, she says callously “There were no hijackers on the Pentagon plane. Couldn’t have been Flight 77. You will see that in behind the smoke curtain”

Honneger slide 1

From this point she goes on to show a few select slides from her film, and covers what some in the 9/11 truth movement find odd about the frames per second from the Dulles Airport security video (in contrast to Portland Maine’s, assuming there’s a standard to all security camera video and airports that are actually independent) when not questioning or acknowledging that she’s actually showing a slide of the second CCTV angle which is unavailable through the Zacarias Moussaoui trial exhibit website that rarely other truthers also acknowledge and notice.

I highly doubt she’s ever come across the article ‘Dulles Airport Security video of Flight 77 Hijackers has No Authenticity: Debunked’, which also explains some of this and answers some questions for other arguments about more Dulles video not being available and lack of witness statements by Airport staff to having seen the hijackers, which  links the rather obscure ‘Unsafe At Any Altitude: 9/11 Documentary’ from 2010 which exposes interviews with Dulles Airport staff, in which one of them saw some of the 9/11  hijackers at the airport the night before 9/11.

Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Al-Hussayen
Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Rahman Al-Hussayen

But if you still have serious doubts for Saudi Arabian officials funding or handling any of those same two hijackers, the short film also interviews the author Joe Trento of ‘Unsafe At Any Altitude’, who talks about the same two hijackers Almihdhar, and Alhazmi, plus Hani Hanjour as three, had checked into the same hotel where Saleh Ibn Abdul Rahman Hussayen (a prominent Saudi government official and top funder of Islamic causes) had also moved into and when FBI tried to interview him later, he faked a heart attack. Once the ban on International flights had been lifted, he was allowed to leave and return to Saudi Arabia. And according to Wikipedia – “Five months later he joined the Saudi government as President of the Affairs of the Holy Mosques Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque) in Mecca and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) in Medina”. By looking further you’ll find out that he also has a nephew who was a student at the University of Idaho and was arrested in 2003 on charges of visa fraud, and later conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, named Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, and through attorneys funded by Saudi government, he was not found guilty on any of the charges and willingly deported back to Saudi Arabia.  Not that I have read the entire 28 Pages or the JIS report either, but I wouldn’t be surprised if either Saleh or his nephew Sami was mentioned on there or not.

Mari-Rae-Sopper carrying her cat

Aside for definite high-ranking Saudi’s being involved in 9/11 and or other operations, as far as authenticity for the Dulles Airport security video, within the article you will come to find that there never was a desperate need for a timestamp or expectation levels of security video quality, as recently doing research for the public release dates of the Dulles Airport security CCTV video in 2004 by Motley/Rice rather what feds have publicly released which became accessible in 2006 with the Moussaoui trial exhibit I came across a gymnasts comments recognizing one of the Flight 77 passengers through the security video amongst the hijackers. The Flight 77 passenger was Mari-Rae Sopper who was a gymnastics coach and was identified by her mother Marion Kminek through previous statements and articles, plus she is clearly recognizable as the hijackers, Khalid Almihdhar and Moqed Majed also were going right before through security gates and extra screening process with the metal detection wands, Mari-Rae was carrying her cat over her shoulders before she had put it in her red carrying cage on the counter with airport staff. And if there hasn’t been enough insult done to victims family members, Mari-Rae’s sister Christina Kminek happens to have also been a key person that helped launch 9/11 Press For Truth and cause for a new investigation initiative in 2006, in fact the Kminek family have also been outspoken proponents against the wars.

Aside for all the other attributes mentioned about Almihdhar, with only one effort of identifying one passenger, make himself with Majed the timestamp.  Because if we don’t move past this, we continue to insult the victim’s family members and make our movement and cause smaller and more fragmented.

9-11 Pentagon Debris 1 resize

The notion or theory that Flight 77 was swapped with a different unmanned plane or device (as what’s a commonly held belief among the three other planes in the truth movement) because there’s a claim that there is some sort of 6-minute significance between the Planes decent from it going westward at 8:54 then it going Eastward at 9:01 towards the Pentagon, clearly avoids the point that It’s going in concert with the event as it’s tracking the same plane. Besides, Flight 77’s flight data recorder was recovered at the Pentagon and there’s never was any significant reason the debris found suggests it came from another plane other than Flight 77, when we all agree that the false premise of only a 16 foot hole only on the second story of the Pentagon is exactly what it is, false. Not to mention all the luggage and passenger remains found to account for and consider, when questioning why there wasn’t instant close rang access to the crime right after it happened and methods of emergency and recovery that had to go around it.

We understand what Barbara’s intention is, as she’s using some common sense analyzing the crime scene as a crash site for as it was, and she may have recognized some of the weak arguments in the initial setup of the no plane theory for the Pentagon, however it still doesn’t deviate (or make it any better) from it still being a no plane theory since it’s the belief of it not being Flight 77, and it serves no justice and reason to stick to the No Arabs/No Hijacker scenarios or non-operatives that have been cultivated as anomalies with the passenger calls from the other three planes, Flights 11, 175 and mainly 93. Some of these air-phone calls including the two on Flight 77 are key pieces of evidence contrary to the story, and are self-revealing mix of authorities patching up a story (cover-ups) as well as not exactly knowing the identities and amounts of the hijackers per plane and the selection of weapons they had beyond just box cutters, which in detail gives a parameters of possibilities on how they boarded the airplanes contrary to the official story as well.

But Barbra finished off by saying that the 20 pages are problematic if we are going to move forward, that “the real red flag is that the Saudi/Bush link, because it’s so close especially between George W Bush, who was president before, on and after 9/11 and Bandar Bush and all those other Saudis and the entire Bush international crime family. The problem with that close connection is that if you have that Perry Mason moment bringing in some of the still alive alleged hijackers into the suit by the 911 victims family members into court, once they get there, it’s almost certain, (certainly within the court of public opinion with the mainstream media pushing it) it’s going to let the Saudis off the hook and we don’t want to let Bush off the hook. But if they’re joined at the hip both might happen, so we have to be very, very careful if we want to bring the real perpetrators to justice, thank you”

What is truly problematic, are those in the truth movement who feel they would have to revert to Michael Moore’s worldview level and safe conclusion with a Saudi Bush collision. Because like Barbara, the truth movement wants to maintain and protect its plane denail investments that suggest US forces and the Administration at the time were behind it, plus it’s simpler to believe in and go along with that indoctrinated false premise attempting to hide and cherry pick what physical evidence there actually was for Flight 77. Sadly too many in the truth movement would rather die than be proven wrong and that is not a trait you want in investigative criminal research.

Not even those who believe the 9/11 attacks were carried out in part or entirely by Israel, can fathom how they would do a joint operation with Arabs, including the ability to infiltrate those willing to take their own lives as hijackers, or at the bare minimal believe that they were in some sort of trinity in orchestrating the attacks (U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia), but never solely revision it as an outside attack without the speculations of US forces and administration involvement or orchestration. They could never revision leaving out the US and sticking to more sensible obvious conclusion of it still being a surprise attack, as there is much evidence of foreign espionage, aviation and explosives operates in many levels that signifies lack of inside help and capabilities.

But main point being, there is no reason to be stressing caution or a red flag to the truth movement on something constructive and rewarding as the JIS report and the 28 pages and any evidence implicating foreign operatives, just because the evidence rains down on someone’s work, which could willfully and unintentionally be an obstruction of justice for the movement and cause. We’re not going to feel sorry for the no plane pity party.

Put it this way, unlike Terry Strada, Mari-Rae Sopper’s family may have great concerns about everything else that happened in 9/11 asides for Flight 77, and after, I don’t think they are sincerely worried about the possibility of a Perry Mason moment; that Khalid Almihdhar could ever walk into a courtroom if there’s a case against Saudi Arabia. Almihdhar is dead.

Much of this I have also recently covered in my new film ‘6 on 77: The Dulles Airport 9/11 Cover-Up’ which I encourage you to watch as you will see why there is more to the story about the alleged official team of 5 hijackers on flight 77 .

What I’m saying by all of this in playing out the reality of the hijacking attacks is in no way to defend the Bush Dynasty. Yes they are an organized crime family on International levels, And they should be held accountable for all their crimes even before 9/11, and the Iraq war, but to try to pin them on the blame for the 9/11 attacks rather than just being a participant in the cover-up and the war crimes after, it’s a bit of a far stretch and irrational for several things you have to take into account.

One of them is that it may very well be that Bush’s life was in serious threat during the attacks and when he was in Florida. Plus that the even the Bush and Saudi relations, as well as the Bush and Israeli or organized Jewish interest relations, haven’t always been a love nest. Even W. Bush didnt play into the hands of the Israelis or Zionists when he appointed the former executive of Unocal, Harmid Karzai to be the Afghanistan President who hinted at a desire to establish formal ties with Israel when and if it would further a peace process for a Palestinian state.

And for the one term Bush Sr., who was also vice president during Iran-Contra and part of the October surprise which Barbara herself is known for exposing . And you also have to take into account that with Bush Jr. only having been in office for seven or eight months is irrelevant for the amount of time and planning for such an attack (also known as the Millennium plot which was thwarted by some of the quick decisions of FBI agent John O’Neill) that was likely already to have taken place even on the New Year’s Eve 2000, Y2K.

In either case, I would expect better presentation about 9/11 from someone like who has very much been highlighted attributed to the Iran-Contra scandal which in turn, was the road that lead us to 9/11 even with the previous attacks that had occurred on U.S. soil and elsewhere. And I especially expect better from somebody who’s been a senior Military Affairs journalist at a Naval Postgraduate School, to understand chain of command a bit better and how the service flows, not to buy into such impossibilities for such domestic operations.

It would certainly be beneficial for someone like herself to be more of historian to the complexity of the world stage during Iran-Contra, as well as explaining these alliances that were going on in the Middle East which still is unheard of, and not thought out when Israel was also involved in it, and when other Iran-Contra research colleagues like Peter Dale Scott,  have highlight the Safari Alliance Club which seems to fit the correct group or Association to blame for 9/11, and is a person that would seem to fit sticking with in 9/11 functions and solidarity, and not those who you have been surrounding yourself with in the 9/11 cause, which is just what I want this article also being is a warning that some of her sources is poor data and disinformation.

One thing that is very true about her presentation that was said in the beginning is that the 28 Pages was a congressional document all along and there are still redaction’s left out of its public release.  This is a fact and it still needs to be dealt with, but unlike her not taken a position on it still, we don’t rule out the initiative of getting Congress to read the very few un-redacted parts, still revealing the other Middle Eastern allies(plural) implicated should not be halted. Because like Barbara, I agree this indeed is our job to bring the American people, the public and the world aware of this “turning point”, by not sustaining our mistakes that have been a “burning point” to some with having inherited and sustained such outlandish theories and expectations for too long.

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