Paying respect to Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) 1962-2016 – Confessions of a Truther

Paying respect to Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) 1962-2016 – Confessions of a Truther

By Thermal Detonator

I didn’t want to start off this 9/11 blog chronicling confessions and criticizing those I’ve networked with which I’ve found to be opportunist, peddling fear and disinformation within the so called 9/11 truth movement and alternative media and or exposing those prominent figures in it that I’ve analyzed over the years as suspect to being controlled opposition, an agent, asset, etc. But unfortunately due to its timing, this first article in a series of Confessions of a Truther begins as a tribute to an individual who was and author, editor, activist, podcast host and founder of Wing TV and way ahead of the game in exposing some of these prominent figures and Charlton’s in the truth movement before there was We Are Change, his name was Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) that tragically took his life little less a month ago on his 54th birthday.

Thorn was also a writer for American Free Press and there is much buzz going around about him being a “prominent Clinton researcher” best known for his investigative research on the Clintons, in which he recently finished writing a Clinton trilogy where rumors have now typically circulated that Thorn was “suicided”, silenced off by the Clintons.

First of all, I don’t think he should be remembered solely as a Clinton researcher, as he had success with another book called ‘New World Order Exposed’ and had wrote several books on 9/11 and other subjects. Although misinformed on some elements, he was still was the first 9/11 author to cross the line focusing and implicating Israel being the orchestrator behind it.  Comments on Victor’s previous works was even made by acclaimed  9/11 researcher, theologian and author of ‘The New Pearl Harbor’, David Ray Griffin, who said that Thorn’s book ‘9-11 on Trial‘:9-11 on trial

“..has organized an enormous amount of important information, most of which was previously difficult to find, into a very readable book—one that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the official story about the collapse of the WTC is a lie. I wish I had had it when I was writing my own books on the subject. Thorn’s very readable book makes a lot of information available that over 99 percent of us would not otherwise be able to find.”  

Now I’m not saying its wild speculation or being bold to make the claim the Clintons had Thorn killed. There is some truth to the Clinton’s having an increasing trial of dead bodies (a large body count aside from their effects on foreign policy) from people either working close to the Clintons or part in some scandal with them since occupying Arkansas governor’s office in the 80’s and the Whitehouse in the 90’s. Unfortunately it’s often viewed upon as right-wing conspiracy theories/Christian propaganda, as there were several films produced in the 90’s by such a group’s most widely known for ‘The Clinton Chronicles’ publications and films, well before the Monica Lewinsky scandal. In fact one credible 9/11 researcher who’s far from right-wing and is a radio host i respect, Michael Rivero named his own radio show and website ‘What Really Happened’ after one of these documentaries on the suicide/murder of  Clinton appointed Deputy White House Counsel, Vince Foster, right when they had  just taken office for six months.

And with over the past month, Victor’s death would have made it the third anti-Clinton official to have been found dead under suspicious circumstances, along with DNC staffers Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas involved in the election fraud papers investigation. And added that with even with reports now that Google has been filtering search results for Clintons, sure does seem to make the theory fit that they are doing whatever it takes to silence anyone ruining Hillary’s chances to take office next year.

But with Victor’s death, it’s all made up rumors and poor speculation rushed to get web hits, just like the many amateur YouTube video editor’s claiming every major shooting is a hoax, as this chronicle will cover.

It’s odd how and when I came to learn who Victor Thorn was. I didn’t actually know who he was in 9/11 truth research when i came across it in 2007, even though he had already been very much involved with the evolution of the 9/11 truth movement as he use to document on his Wing TV site in which he and his co-host Lisa Guliani use to broadcast on, even about attending the 9/11 anniversaries at ground zero and interviewing people like Loose Change’s Dylan Avery.

I didn’t read any books about 9/11 or conspiracy theories for a long time, I was more consumed with watching documentary films at the time and eventually talk radio, where I was becoming useful on search engines with Google video and YouTube when it was all booming along with social media, as free extended films became available to watch rather than buying DVDs.

fullAs i researched  9/11 (and still do), in extension, I also started to research the JFK assassination and came across a film that was in 5 parts that I had to get my hands on a hardcopy of on DVD, since I wasn’t  savvy with bit-torrent, grabbing videos or burning DVD’s at the time. The name of the film is called “Evidence of Revision” that’s over 9 hours long and originally came in 5 parts in DVD box-set, which later included a bonus part 6 DVD that also covered the assassination of Martin Luther King, which was only available through Wing TV.

This is an excellent documentary/time reel that not only covers the news reporting around the JFK assassination, but nostalgic video magazine pieces about RFK, LBJ, and Hoover and even going up to Jim Jones.

Most of what was on the Wing TV catalog was books, so there wasn’t that many films that I ordered, and I was under the impression it was a bigger operation and not just run by one sole author.

But as several years went by and as the Israeli evidence became much more highlighted to me in a role of 9/11, while having gained more significant use of my computer, I was able to come across a PDF copy of Victor’s book ‘9-11: Made In Israel‘ which was actually a 4th edition released for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 in 2011. His first pressing of it was released in 2004, and is actually the first book on 9/11 titled and dedicated to implicating Israel. Currently a used copy is going for over $300 while a new copy is going for over $700 on Amazon. 911madeinisrael on Amazon

It’s actually not a very long of a read, it’s over 200 pages long, but it gives you the names and a good template to start off. Unfortunately when he did write these books he was under the impression that no plane hit the Pentagon or crashed in Shanksville. I really wish he would have stayed around, because i wanted to ask him if he still believed that, as I had other documented information  about the Israeli role which crossed paths with the hijacking.

I still haven’t read any of his other books particularly on 9/11, but I did read to his other books that addressed the alternative mediaNo More Illusions- How Alex Jones & Others in the Alternative Media Have Betrayed the Patriot Movement

The longest book I’ve read from Victor so far, written along with Lisa Guliani, ‘NO MORE ILLUSIONS: How Alex Jones and Others in the Alternative Media Have Betrayed the Patriot Movement‘ is over three hundred pages long, mostly having a lot of articles they wrote on their website  with additional commentary.

The book was very compelling for me, because I had already quit listening to Alex Jones for a couple of years, so I already have my personal opinions and issues with infowars. Not only what i suspected was covered in perspective to Jones’s fear mongering character, the book turns out to be comprehensive overall analysis of him beginning from the late 90s, with a lot details provided for his lack of journalistic integrity, duplicitous and lucrative scams he’s known for. But especially more interesting is that covered his dishonest business practices and cutthroat policies in the field of talk radio.

It also covers a lot ground with his experience and criticism between all the rings of conspiracy-con culture and rise of alternative media of the time. One time he appeared as a caller or guest on Coast To Coast with George Noory or Art Bell to talk about Israel’s role in 9/11, which for some reason the broadcast was later censored or edited off the archives. Victor had recorded it and there’s a transcript in the book. I hope someday the recording does become available again as it was taken down off his website, because the broadcasting company even went out its way to threaten legal action for publicly hosting it some reason (in fact, I hope the Wing TV site and archives get back up on line again, or at least Victors catalog get distributed and books get republished still).

It was unfortunate to read a lot of pages focused on the negative character of someone who I respected and had met twice, Michael Rupert, who I also believed was wrong or exaggerated the peak oil theory, however the details mostly against him had more to do with being witness to his character witness, rather than being a cutthroat, lucrative opportunist like Alex Jones. Besides, Michael Rupert was at least credible about the drug trade in the 80’s and analyzing Wall Street and insider trading. Ultimately it’s sad, because Rupert chose the same path 3 years ago with ending his life in the same manor that now Victor has done.

But ‘No More Illusions’ is a book i wish i would have read much sooner during my so-called awakening, and would have saved me money wasted on Infowars as this other book would have as saved me additionally with time wasted on a lot of truth orgs, which i encourage those of you who still call yourselves truth activists, especially those who are jaded, should try to get your hands on copy. After reading ‘No More Illusions’ I was eager to finally purchase a book by Victor through Wing TV, it’s a title i had seen several years prior on their catalog which i was initially turned off by its negative title which I had felt then that most of the truth movement was amicable, the book is called ‘9-11 BETRAYED: Why the 9-11 Truth Movement Failed’. I had to get a hard copy of it since it’s not available on pdf.911betrayed JPG

This is another one of his shorter books but really nails it to the founding’s of the 9/11 truth organizations which sprung up at first, even going after the first asinine disinfo peddlers that claim Flights 11 & 175 that hit the WTC were holograms and TV fakery, even touched briefly on absurd space-ray free energy theorist, Judy Wood’s first obscure appearance taking place, this even before Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth was active or mentioned about.

I ended up emailing Victor complimenting him on his books and how much disappointment it would have saved me if I had read them years before, just generally having a conversation about then and now, and giving him links to my An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth series I still work on.

He seemed like a very nice and easy going guy via email. I also told him I felt that he should continue to cover and expand ‘9/11 Betrayed’ and that I would even lend a hand to extend to it more now with information I knew on other prominent figures. Nothing else came of it because of my decisions to move and focus on video editing and another film I wanted to finish ‘The Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 and 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’ first that I’m publishing on YouTube for the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, before responding and also asking his opinion on it.

Not long after I was looking for video of ‘The Great Debate: Was Israel Behind 9/11?’ panel from The West Coast Truth conference in Canada in June of 2012, that I wanted to distribute as a hard copy for co-activist friends, but I could only find audio. It was hosted by Russell Scott of the The Russell Scott Show.

I had contacted Russell questioning if the audio DVD available from his site catalog was actually video. He clarified for me that’s its basically audio and elaborated how the panel actually went. Russell also told me about his website and his radio show, where I suggested some guests, which i had instantly referred Victor because I had emailed him more recent. Russell interviewed Victor in 2015 on his Clinton research and book series he was coming out with that period.

I got to be honest, I don’t keep up with everyone’s radio shows or subscriptions anymore like i use to years ago. And as i mentioned before, I haven’t read many of Victors  books, and one title he released  ‘Sandy Hook: A Critical Analysis of the Media’s Pathetic Journalistic Practices and How They Spawned a Wave of Alternate Conspiracy Theories‘ was only a few months after the incident, which I hope was not a total endorsement of those theories. But it was actually the first book about Sandy Hook.

He also did do an interview with AFP with Dave Gahary covering the whole phenomena and its seemed more about emphasizing the YouTube craze of the different theories out there, narrowing it down to it being driven by the speculation based on no public photos of the crime scene provided, that he could relate to. But i myself detest Sandy Hoax theories because i have met several individuals associated to people either affected or witnesses to the case of events surrounding Sandy Hook to prove its validity, and I do plan to have future writings exposing those snake oil salesman who continue to perpetuate this modern urban myth.

But I also hadn’t known that Russell later interviewed Victor again more about his Clinton trilogy. And according to Russell, Victor had told him that if he was ever was found dead, and that it means he was murdered and it wasn’t a suicide. Apparently as soon as Russell got word that Victor passed under the circumstances he did, Russell went off into instant investigation mode like any common skeptic would and also recorded it, expressing concern that Victor’s phone, Facebook and website have all been disconnected, which oddly myself I had also noticed his Facebook account was deleted and Wing TV was gone soon as i got word he passed. Not that Victor ever used Facebook much, but if you contacted him on there he would respond, but he never used it.

Scott also initially questioned his family’s circumstance for disabling the accounts, also asking how AFP got into contact with his family, which he then called AFP and asked them how they got the story which they responded, “his son called us.”

Here’s some recent videos Russell put up, which i think does at least demonstrate how to investigate validate events like this before spreading misinformation.




Apparently Victor didn’t have any health problems and seemed to be a person who loved to exercise and was content with life. Dave Gahary interviewed Victor’s brother, Bill Makufka, where he added that their “80 year old parents are currently going through old-age and battling various health conditions due to their old age and that Scott didn’t want to go through that process of growing old.” and that maybe he didn’t want to see his parents suffer?



Bill also said his brother Scott loved life surrounded by nature and was a happy person and that “there was no foul play here and that all i am asking of fans, reporters is that it was his choice.”

The official story is he took his own life on August, 1st, 2016 with a gun shooting himself in the head, and was found dead on a mountain near his home. I believe this is simply what happened, and I see nothing suspicious about it. He left several suicide notes with instructions for his family.

I’ve come to learn that when a person often inundates themselves around disturbing information, acknowledging that is not of the norm and too controversial to reach mainstream publicity while it’s also a uphill battle to expose it when at times there is more disinformation coming out of alternative media than mainstream, it tends to lead people dwelling in dark places feeling hopeless.

My condolences to his family and close friends grieving over the tragic loss, and how distraught they must feel over his decision to end his life. It’s a tragedy you had to end your life so soon with so much still going on. You will be missed as others who have recently passed in your field. R.I.P.


Victor-Thorn rip

One thought on “Paying respect to Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) 1962-2016 – Confessions of a Truther

  1. There is still a lot of evidence that needs to be obtained and considered, before any conclusions can be drawn. Victor was a voice broadcaster and had the equipment to leave a good by voice recording and/or video. Suicide notes can be faked by computer driven machines, such as the Bond Script Writer.


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