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Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? – The curious case of Ziad al-Jarrah, The Hamburg Cell & Shanksville pt3


(continued from part 2) 

By Thermal Detonator

With all this in mind about Mohammad Atta’s supposed rental car, his whole story is beyond unusual. At first he was suspected of being another Mohammed Atta wanted for a car bombing in Israel. It’s been reported by limited source’s within federal agencies and greatly written in Justin Raimondo’s book ‘The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection’ that Mossad agents posing as Israeli art students that just happened lived next door to Atta, as well as when he lived in Hamburg Germany.

Technically Atta wasn’t actually reported alive after 9/11, like how all the Truthers like to sloganeer about 7 hijacker being reported alive. No one ever made a public appearance claiming his identity looking like him.

In fact all the cases were the supposed hijacker made  public appearances were people that either looked nothing like the actual hijacker accused, because they were either cases of similar or exact names just having fell victim to identity theft, or because of when authorities had displayed that early limited selection of just 8 hijacker’s, 3 of  which were the wrong person and those people did publicly appear just like the 2 living Alomari’s always attributed to Mohammed Atta’s temporary partner seen on security cameras, Abdulaziz al-Omari.

On September 18th 2001, the press went to Cairo Egypt to interview Atta’s father, Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta, who was a retired lawyer. He told the press he had gotten a phone call from his son 24 to 48 hours after the incident in New York. He had also told the Associated Press furiously.

“The incident was well prepared and this can never be done by an organization. This is intelligence work, and it is the Israeli Mossad. They have already done it before. They have previous experience.” 

Mohamed Atta was also on a FBI Suspect list on May 2002 for 9/11, along with hundreds of other suspects, including Dominik Suter of Urban Moving Systems in New Jersey, the moving company the infamous Dancing Israelis worked for. But apparently, the FBI didn’t believe Atta was dead or hijacked any planes, and neither should we.

May 2002 FBI Suspect List-11.jpg

But that didn’t stop the media as far how propaganda was developed in the story of Mohamed Atta and the so called “Hamburg Cell”, two names are always associated around the plane strikes at the WTC. But where the Hamburg Cell becomes an interesting story is with what we were told by who exactly hijacked Flight 93.

The same initial CNN News report on September 15th that had provided the first 8 photos of supposed hijackers, also displayed the living Saeed al-Ghamdi was also a real pilot, but was supposedly on Flight 93 along with two other suspects, Ahmed al-Haznawi and Hamburg Cell operative and thought be lead pilot, Ziad al-Jarrah.

Sequence 127.Still0043 photos appear as UA93 hijackers as did fewer on AA 11 and UA 175 while AA77’s did not, while authorities had Dulles Airport security video in their possession.

It was the wrong Saeed al-ghamdi. The photo they showed belonged to a different Saeed with the last name Alghamdi, spelled a little differently. The Telegraph reported on the 23rd of September:

“Mr Al-Ghamdi was named as a terrorist on the United Airlines flight that crashed in Pennsylvania – a plane said by some experts to have been heading for the White House. He first knew that he was on the FBI’s list when he was told by a colleague. Speaking from Tunisia, he said: “I was completely shocked. For the past 10 months I have been based in Tunis with 22 other pilots learning to fly an Airbus 320. The FBI provided no evidence of my presumed involvement in the attacks.”

Saeed Alghamdi & Saeed al-ghamdi

It is clearly obvious that this is not the same Saeed al-Ghamdi, but does that mean that al-Ghamdi hijacked Flight 93 with Ziad al-Jarrah, Ahmed al-Haznawi or Ahmed al-Nami? Well, not exactly.

All though 3 of Flight 93’s hijackers weren’t part of the Hamburg Cell, accused pilot hijacker Ziad al-Jarrah certainly was and his whole family story and lifestyle is totally suspicious.

The press also went to the home of the al-Jarrah family in Lebanon after the attacks, they had claimed that they did not believe Ziad was on Flight 93, and that if he was, then he would have been a passenger. They said that Ziad did not fit the fanatical profile; in fact, he was often a partier who liked to drink and go to clubs.

This alone should make most 9/11 skeptics believe he was alive; it almost goes in hand with Mohamed Atta’s lifestyle of bars, dating pink haired strippers and doing cocaine, as was reported by multiple sources even closer to Atta, which does not fit the profile of a devout fanatical Muslim either.

Jamal al-Jarrah is currently a deputy in the Lebanese parliament and was appointed minister on December 18, 2016, and is also a member of the ‘Future Movement’, a pro-Saudi political party.


Jamal al-Jarrah [right]

Supposedly Ziad was the pilot hijacker for Flight 93, while his confidantes Mohamed Atta was pilot for Flight 11 and other companion Marwan al-Shehhi piloted Flight 175, which were originally thought to be his cousins.   This alone is the so called Hamburg Cell.

Rather than assume they did it, or irrationally believe they never existed, and their identities are a complete government fabrication or planting, the lack of trails left on Atta might mean he slipped out of the country on another plane right at the end before the attacks, and it seems to fit the possibility since authorities never provided airport surveillance video for the 10 hijackers boarding Flights 11 & 175 from Boston Logan Airport or any of the 4 hijackers at Newark Airport for Flight 93.

There’s a major overlooked anomaly by both sides in regards to the phone calls other than the obvious Truther myth that they were all cell phones, therefore all impossible and that it must mean everything else was either scripted or came from the ground, and the planes that hit there target are open game to a variety of different flavors of theories to choose from to your liking.

Unfortunately you have to deal with this fact that phone calls from three of the four hijacked planes indicated they were taken over by a different amount of people then what became the official story, and in this case it becomes evidentiary  prominent on flight 93 particularly.

Two of the airphone calls made from passengers on Flight 93 indicated the plane had been hijacked by “3” people not 4, and one of these two phone calls also included that they had a bomb.

Now I won’t go into details of who made those two calls from Flight 93 until the next article for perspective and demonstrational purposes, because I know there are many reading those who have preconceived beliefs that they were all cells phones or faked.

But for now, just remember the prior article with Flight 23 at JFK having “3” angry Middle Eastern men flee, and what mainstream media had also reported that about stewardess Madeline Amy Sweeney on Flight 11 reading off “3” seat numbers of where the hijackers were seated on the plane, and this might give you a clue as to why Ashcroft said that they had estimated as low as “3” hijackers on a plane on 9/12.

920x920.jpgNow another major piece of official evidence that seems to fit another anomaly to fortify that there was only 3 hijackers on Flight 93, is the cockpit recording played at the Zacharias Moussaoui trial to the victims’ families of Flight 93, which only they got to hear. However the transcript is available.

According to the transcript it indicates that the hijackers were continuously calling to their pilot in the cockpit by the name of “Saeed” (al-Ghamdi), not “Ziad” (al-Jarrah). This is also noted on Saeed al-Ghamdi‘s Wikipedia page.

Although Ziad did hop around having pilot training, most commonly known at Florida Flight Training Center as the rest of the Hamburg Cell did next door at Huffman Aviation, Saeed al-Ghamdi had minor pilot training; he occasionally trained on flight simulators at FlightSafety in Vero Beach, Florida where Adnan Bukhari, Abdul Raham Alomari and Amer Kamfar attended.

ziad_jarrah_passport_photoZiad al-Jarrah’s passport allegedly found at Shanksville [source: The 9/11 Commission Report]

Since it’s clear that the report of Saeed al-Ghamdi being alive is false and that more than likely he died behind the controls of Flight 93, some who could either defend the official version or pro-plane conspiracy theories could easily try to say that Ziad al-Jarrah was still on board Flight 93 as a hijacker since they also found his unusually burned passport at Shanksville, and that maybe one of the other two hijackers, Ahmed al-Haznawi or Ahmed al-Nami was not on board.

saeed-al-ghamdi-passportSaeed al-Ghamdi’s passport found in Shanksville [source: Zacarias Moussaoui trial exhibit]

But remember that unscathed passport found at Ground Zero of Satam al-Suqami that did not seem damaged at all from the crash into the tower, which much of the truth movement proclaims his passport was likely planted by federal agents?

Well, Ziad al-Jarrah s passport didn’t look nearly as damaged as Saeed al-Ghamdi‘s, in fact most of the other identities from passengers and other hijackers  recovered were far more intact and not as nearly as damaged as Ziad al-Jarrah’s passports.

All though Saeed al-Ghamdi’s passport was found intact at Shanksville, believe it or not, paper items like that being found intact is not unusual to any caliber of a plane crash sites into the dirt, and there are often previous examples of this where IDs and paper belongings are found intact. But given the unusual circumstances of the attacks in New York, it still does seem unusual for Satam’s passport to be found at Ground Zero I the condition it was having gone through all the chaos on 9/11, aside just supposedly surviving upon impact into the WTC.


Saeed al-Ghamdi

Saeed also shared an apartment with Ahmed al-Nami in Delray Beach, Florida where Ahmed al-Haznawi also lived. Those three pretty much lived close together, and he entered in with a group of hijackers noted as being some of the more religiously observant and had also barely entered the country as some of those had also gotten Virginia & Florida license’s and fake ID’s, and Saeed was one of 9 hijackers to open a SunTrust bank account. But what makes it most certain that Ziad did not hijack Flight 93 is not because of his lifestyle it’s mainly because of the Jarrah family’s very interesting background.


Ziad al-Jarrah

Born on May 11th, 1995, Ziad was fluent in English, French and had just mastered German and supposedly comes from a middle-class Sunni Muslim family, some reports have suggested a well-off family in Lebanon that we’re Christians, while other sources have claimed he even has a family member who’s a politician in Lebanon.

It was revealed that Ziad’s cousin, Ali al-Jarrah was arrested for having been a Mossad spy for 25 years. He was also arrested along with his brother Yusuf. Written by Robert F. Worth for The New York Times February 18, 2009, Ali also “appears to have been a valued spy, sending reports and taking clandestine photographs of Palestinian groups and Hezbollah”. It was also revealed that he had a secret second wife, who lived in a cheap apartment in a town near the Syrian border.


Ali al-Jarrah

And this would not be an uncommon tactic for Israel’s Mossad having entire families as assets. Even Shin Bet (Israel’s FBI) is known to utilize what is uncommonly known to most Americans, Arab-Jews, to masquerade as Muslims in Israeli-Arab and Middle Eastern sectors mixing in and either spying, infiltrating (or even creating) radical groups, even to the extent of growing into families of agents. There called “Mist’aravim” which means Arab Masquerader or Masquerading as Arabs in Hebrew, they’ve been also known as Arab Platoons.

More than 100 agents of the Israeli foreign secret service Mossad had been flying in Lebanon in 2009, a lot of it had to do with the Israel Lebanon war in the 2006. There was infamous case of retired Lebanese Army Brigade General Adib al-Alam who got 15 Years Hard Labor Spying for Israel, and his Wife 4 years, and also Ghassan Al-Jidd a retired Army Colonel as well who fled Lebanon and may be in France and is accused in the Israeli linked assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005 and Hezbullah commander Ghalib Awali in 2004.

What’s been also revealed about Ali al-Jarrah before his arrest in 2008 in the As-Safir newspaper, is that Ali “testified to have scouted ‘certain points’ in the coastal town of Tartous in northern Syria,” where Israeli Shayetet 13 commandos assassinated General Muhammad Suleiman, president Bashar Al-Assad and Special Advisor for Arms Procurement and Strategic Weapons, at his chalet in the Rimal al-Zahabieh luxury resort nine miles north of the port city of Tartous on the Mediterranean.

Well, I guess Ali having that extra wife near the Syrian border certainly benefited Israel.  In 2015, a National Security Agency document leaked by Edward Snowden revealed that Israeli naval commandos were indeed behind Suleiman’s killing.

It’s also said that it was Ali who gave the information to the assassination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader, Fathi Chakaki in Malta 1995 and participated in the identification for the assassination of a cofounder of Hezbollah in 2008, Imad Mughniyah, who spent six months in an Arab clinic in the mid-90s for cosmetic surgery to make himself unrecognizable.

All though a year later and not nearly as direct of a title as Lebanon’s The Daily Star’s November 3, 2008 article ‘Members of Israeli spy ring ‘related to 9/11 hijacker’, The New York Times article ultimately attempts to downplay the family connection of Ziad al-Jarrah to his older cousin.

American political writer, conspiracy theorist and talk radio host Michael Collins Piper, who passed away in May of 2015  and has authored an expert array of books about Jewish International organized crime and terrorism, has wrote two books I challenge readers here (real 9/11 truth seekers) to get their hands on a copy and read. One is called, ‘The Judas Goats: The Shocking Story of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement’ and the other ‘False Flags: Template for Terror’ where in it he discusses many fine details to the Israeli role of 9/11 as well as this report about Ziad’s cousin Ali al-Jarrah.

“The Times added that the men were 20 years apart in age and “do not appear to have known each other well.

However, the gratuitous Times suggestion that the two cousins “do not appear to have known each other well” is intriguing, inasmuch as it is an admission that they did, in fact, know one another.

And that could be very telling, for there are those who have suggested that the older cousin may indeed have recruited his younger cousin (alleged to have been one of the 9-11 hijackers) as an asset (even unknowing one) for Israeli intelligence.

The circumspect stance taken by the Times is no surprise, considering the fact that the Times was quite aware that there have been many sources which have alleged that the 9-11 conspiracy was infiltrated, if not controlled outright, by Israeli intelligence from the beginning.”

In his honor, I’m going to vindicate Mr. Piper’s statement about what he implied towards The Times on what they were suggesting about Jarrah family, that Ali would have not known Ziad well, and by doing so with several points and articles including foreign ones prior, that apparently has been overlooked by most of the truth movement, because I can’t imagine why this wasn’t picked by him or those who are serious integral skeptics.

Not the most conclusive point, but In addition to this and what The Times said, after 9/11 in October 23rd 2001 LA Times featured an article titled ‘Friends of Terror Suspect Say Allegations Make No Sense – Investigation: Ziad Jarrah, believed to be one of the 19 hijackers, appeared to embrace Western life’ Not only does it detail how much of a likable guy he was from the flight school president Arne Kruithof, classmates and roommates. Ziad still kept in contact with family and engaged in all of his extended family particularly cousins, including plans to attend weddings in Lebanon, the LA Times article also referenced a character witness labeled as a family friend named “Ali”.

But If having a cousin living in your home nation that’s a spy for another nation isn’t close enough for relative acknowledgement, then why should it be when it’s a second cousin, which is normally a further degree or relative and who  also happens to have already been a spy and informant for three different nations?

Ziad al-Jarrah also has a older but second cousin named Assem Omar al-Jarrah who first left Lebanon in 1983 and enrolled in pharmacy at the University of Greifswald in East Germany.


Assem al-Jarrah

Germany’s Der Spiegel has reported on and has exposed Assem al-Jarrah several times within a year after the 9/11 attacks. According to German intelligence records, Assem’s spy links started for the Stasi East German Ministry of State Security NfS in Neubrandenburg 1985, registered with as an unofficial member under the codename of ‘Karsten Berg’ responsible for foreign espionage.

A year later he became a double agent was working for the Libyan government, spying on opponents to the Libyan Government and CIA front agencies and kept East German intelligence informed on what he was doing for Libya.

According to Der Spiegel article ‘All for a fool’ on September 16, 2002 [translated in English] Stasi-Oberstleutnant Reiner Wiegand wrote in December 1987 that he(Assem) was to set up a secret group in West Berlin to spy on “possible CIA agencies and Gaddafi opponents”. Another task had been the “number of students delegated by the Communist Party of Israel studying in East Germany”.

It doesn’t get any more clearly obvious that he was also an Israeli asset, and also by chance that 9/11 truth researchers, even those who have been connecting all the Israeli dots in 9/11 from the begging, had only discovered the family connection to Israeli espionage in 2009 and not sooner with this German article.  I guess too much of even the diehard pioneering  “blame it all on Israel” crowd had been tinfoiling to long with the no planers ignoring all press about hijacker stories. And if this is still not any evidence that Assem or even Ali were close to Ziad, don’t speak just yet.

But there is still far more intriguing things about Assem and the rest of the family. All though History and other sites indicate Assem as a second cousin, in another Der Spiegel article titled ‘Uncle of a terrorist pilot as Stasi-IM’ states that: In a note, Assem was assigned to the Libyan secret service and on the back of a main strip map of the Terrorist Defense department, handwritten under this code word that Assem has contact with people who are recorded in the operation as “dealer”, of infamous Palestinian terrorists: Sabri Chalil al-Banna alias Abu Nidal.

Ironically on the “All for a fool” article it also says: in the summer of 1988 the Foreign Office sent terrorism- “The terrorist Abu Nidal is planning an attack on Lufthansa flight 651, Athens-Frankfurt on 20 August. Codename of Operation: “Jarrah”.

That’s an odd coincidence, isn’t it? Was somebody within the Jarrah clan already pre-destined to be profiled as part or head of what was to become a hijacking mission over a decade prior to 9/11?

And also in another article ‘IM and Imam’: A former Arab fellow student, who had come to Greifswald with him at the same time, reports that Assem Omar Jarrah had already had contact with pro-Libya splinter groups of the PLO in Lebanon and had traveled to Libya several times with student delegations from Greifswald. He also gave lectures on Gaddafi’s theory of revolution at the GDR University.

After the Wall fell in Germany 1989, Assem began working for Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) the West German Intelligence Services, and he continued to do so until the mid-90s.


Assem delivering in Libya 1996 [source: Der Spiegel]

Continuing from ‘Uncle of a terrorist pilot as Stasi-IM’: (Assem) Jarrah, according to SPIEGEL, led two trading companies for medical and pharmaceutical equipment in Neubrandenburg and Greifswald, with whom he had been active in the Libyan business. He was exporting medical equipment and “allegedly even far more sensitive goods into Arab countries.”

One of his German handlers told Der Spiegel: “Jarrah played us all for fools. He… had tons of cash, women—simply everything.” Assem denied he ever spied for anyone and according to what little detail is available about him on Assem’s Wikipedia page  that he disappeared in July 2001 after claiming he was returning to Lebanon and later resurfaced after the attacks, claiming he was going to sue Der Spiegel for libel on all these reports of him being a spy and informant.

Assem was quoted saying “I do not dispute money from Libya. After all, I founded a German-Arab friendship society in Greifswald, which was supported by the Libyan government.”


Assem al-Jarrah and cousin Ziad in 1997 [source: Der Spiegel]

In 1996 Ziad al-Jarrah and his cousin Salim moved to Germany on student visas to continue their education, arriving in Greifswald where Assem al-Jarrah was already there. Der Speigel also said that Assem “knew his cousin well, as they had both sometimes lived in Greifswald and had celebrated there together often.”

Now the reason why so much press was put around Assem was not only because he lived in Germany Ziad or that he is also a relative.

Ziad has a bigger family in espionage then just supposed cousins Assem, Ali and Yousef; he has another family member named Refet al-Jarrah, who is registered in a database of the Central Evaluation and Information Group of MfS as a suspected terrorist with secret service connections. And through most sites, it also says “There is no further information about him”.

But it wasn’t Ziad belonging to this whole family clan of spies that lead the press to rush to Assem, it was because his business card was found in the wreckage of Flight 93 in Shanksville, which also had a phone number written on the back of Ramzi Bin Al-Shibh who later became infamous 4th member of the Hamburg Cell, and a so-called “20 Hijacker”


A business card of Assem al-Jarrah at Shanksville [source: Zacarias Moussaoui trial exhibit]

These revelations alone already covers a lot of historical ground in this nexus of international organized crime going back far into Europe and  Germany, well before there even was a Hamburg Cell and even the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.

However, Assem denounced Ziad while speaking to German officials on September 17, 2001. Assem said that he was certain Ziad was part of the 9/11 plot and also claimed as what says: that Ziad went to Pakistan or Afghanistan in 1999, and when he came back, he yearned to die a martyr. These comments made Assem the only one in Ziad’s extended family to accuse Ziad of being a martyr, and other family members are suspicious and upset. One relative complains, “Assem sells information for money, all the same whether it is true or not.”

Now here comes the question, what is Assem’s true relation to Ziad al-Jarrah, second cousin or uncle? Or even great uncle has some sources has tried to suggest?

Well since most of all the press that was made at the time about Ziad and Assem didn’t elaborate much on the rest of the family, other than the few family member responses, primarily the uncle Jamal al-Jarrah who didn’t seem to have any political clout back then, and primarily spoke for the family, still suggesting Ziad was innocent.

Cousin Ali Al-Jarrah was unheard of to the Western World until 2009 after being discovered he was long time Mossad spy. But interestingly enough, Ali appears in the French Wikipedia page for List of Spies he appears as the only one listed in Lebanon, plus having worked for the Mossad with his brother Yusuf which was already known, “It was he who gave the information to the assassination in Malta in 1995 the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Fathi Chakaki”. Other than the other assassinations his intelligence contributed to, it also states that “Ali and Yusuf al Jarrah are the brothers of Assem and Refet al Jarrah.”

So this now begs to question, was Ali and Yousef a cousin or Uncle to Ziad. I look at the features of Assem and Jamal, and they looks pretty much in the same age group as Ali, who already supposed to be an “older” cousin, and with the confusion alone whether Assem being a  second cousin or uncle, I’m more inclined to believe that Ali and you said at the bare minimum are second cousins. But I wouldn’t doubt that all five, Jamal, Ali, Assem, Yousef and Refet Al-Jarrah’s, are all Ziad’s uncles.


Ziad al-Jarrah

A Lebanese family clan, who has been secretly active for decades in a kind of family tradition, and cooperation with Israeli intelligence, whether they occupy other nations and gain double spy status even to an Arab Nation who may be an enemy of Israel but, but at the same time use that position to spy on other western intelligence trying to infiltrate into Israel’s playground or organized criminal actives.  Or are they just Mist’Avrim?

This is a strong indication that a portion of the al-Jarrah family are Israeli assets, and that besides for other conflicting characteristics of Ziad, it’s extremely unlikely that he took would have taken an operation all the way to the extreme of a suicide mission.

So with all this in mind, I’m sure some other questions might arise about Flight 93 and Shanksville. Some who are even much more familiar with the Israeli evidence in 9/11 will say that none of this matters, because like Flight 77 at the Pentagon, no plane crashed in Shanksville either, or that Flight 93 was shot down.

Without having to go over all the physical evidence and physics of 9/11, and before falling in that trap of unequal airline catastrophe comparisons of an intentional incident at Shanksville versus what all other accidental plane crashes are, where the pilots are trying to recover the plane (and there life) at slower speeds,  remember, that in contrast to every major airline collision or  “accident” to what usually occurs inside and outside the plane, Flight 93  is an apples to oranges comparison to that, and it was actually the medias  that instigated the initial skepticism right after the event, having believed that NORAD may have shot down Flight 93 due to lack of large debris found in Shanksville. All one has to do is find comparable catastrophe to a similar kind of high speed nosedive crash into the earth, and research and evaluate what happened and compare, in which there are only very few cases its happened, like in 1987 with Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771.

But in order to get a sense of how real the incident at Shanksville was, whether you dare research the non-kosher angle or not, particularly to those 9/11 truth experts that claim to know all there is to know about Israel’s involvement in 9/11, or even have proclaim to have  solved it, but still go along to get along, by beating the original dead horse, proselytizing the fallacies about no hijackers and no planes,  all you need to do is have a look at some of the FBI pages of the police arrests of the Dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems company in New Jersey that were declassified in 2011 by a Freedom of Information Act request, which investigative researcher and War By Deception filmmaker Ryan Dawson has found some serious pieces and has put a large portion of  the puzzle together that blows the whole 9/11 story wide open.

HighView Page

According to what Ryan Dawson has pointed from the 500 pages of declassified FBI Police reports on Urban Moving Systems and several other Israeli owned moving companies, is that there were two different occasions on September 11th and 12th where two Urban Moving Systems vans carrying two Israelis occupants were pulled over and detained in Pennsylvania, on one of the occasions the van was just miles away from the Shanksville crash site where the federal investigation was still going on.

HighView Page

Upon originally drafting this article, Dawson had not yet put out excerpts to his newest film ‘The Empire Unmasked’, and initially one of the intentions of this article was to keep this chunk of evidence from the FBI out of this article and to just leave a big clue and plug the new film since he’s the first to elaborate this connection and perspective onto film, so that he could also get credit and some deserved compensation for putting these valuable pieces together.

The Empire Unmasked is 5 Hours long, it may not have excellent editing or eye candy quality, but it’s certainly jam-packed with irrefutable facts and documents, not perpetual speculation. Although this sneak peak is converted into black and white with a banner in lesser quality, it’s still recommend purchasing a download to get a more viewable quality with complete information:

So then you have to ask yourself, what were Israelis doing in two Urban Moving Systems vans in the area of Shanksville soon after the events of 9/11?

ziad-jarrah-visa-pagea US visa page from Ziad’s passport found at Shanksville [source: Zacarias Moussaoui trial exhibit]

I don’t know about you, but that piece of paper looks pretty odd for the shape it’s burned. Being burned that much would likely have meant it was found in proximity near the burning impact hole, which still doesn’t explain why it didn’t just entirely burn up.  What would be the likelihood that all the items used to account Ziad’s’ identity are more damaged than anyone else presumed on board, but barely traceable still back to Ziad? And then there’s this favorite:


Supposedly the nicely neatly folded red bandana is supposed to belong to the lead hijacker, Ziad?

Now who planted this? I can certainly tell you this, it wasn’t the FBI.

But whatever the case may be on what we think is planted and what is not, or whether it determines whether Ziad, Saeed or Satam was dead or alive after 9/11, we shouldn’t always be limited to suspecting that any official evidence questionable of integrity, must always mean that it’s likely planted or fabricated by the feds or that it’s a definitive confirmation of being alive or dead. But past repertoire and the lack evidence visually identifying culprit board Flight 93 does matter.

It understandable how certain security cameras aren’t detailed or programmed to only record when the motion sensor goes off, but in the case of airport security, there’s still no legitimate reason why any security video from Newark Airport, weather motion or stop still photography, have never been shown to the public proving that all four hijackers boarded Flight 93.

And if you have problems deciphering or determining still that it wasn’t Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, well these Israelis driving in more Urban Moving Systems vans certainly didn’t and you would be one dumb and incompetent dumb motherfucker to ignore this or think it’s going to them.

Especially when addition to all the FBI police reports released from the FIOA request that you actually have Israeli newspaper Ha’Aretz reporting on December 26, 2001 ‘September 11 nightmare ends for two illegal Israeli aliens’ By Uri Ash about two Israelis working for a moving company that just so happened to be in Pennsylvania under investigation for the 9/11 attacks.  Unfortunately Ha’Aretz don’t have it on there site anymore, but still has a text copy.

“Ro’i Barak [paid some money for an airfare and] left for New York 16 months ago to earn some money.

Like many [poor] young Israelis, the 23-year-old from Upper Nazareth moved furniture [in the United States] to make a living [illegally].

On September 11, Barak was in Ohio on a job. He and his partner, Moti Butboul, 26, from Rechasim, headed toward Chicago, from where they had planned to return to New York.

On the way the next day, however, they were stopped by a police officer in Pennsylvania for a routine inspection, and were eventually sent to jail. The two were released to Israel only last week, while five of their co-workers are still under arrest in the United States.

At the time they were stopped, the policeman held them for a few hours, after which another squad car arrived followed by four FBI agents. Barak, speaking from his parents’ home, said he does not know what prompted the policeman to call the FBI – perhaps their foreign accent or the previous day’s arrest of their five friends who worked for the same moving company in New York. He said the FBI may have been tracking their truck after their co-workers’ arrests.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to bet money that they’re 5 friends were Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari, and the moving company they worked for was not in New York, but in New Jersey, known as Urban Moving Systems.

And I’m also willing to bet they were lying to Haaretz and Pennsylvania police about what they were exactly doing out there, and about having come from or going to do a job in Ohio.

If the first van that was apprehended on 9/11 was on its way to Ohio, then it would have been going westbound as the 2nd van apprehended on 9/12 was while was also going 2 days earlier on 9/10, someone from Urban Moving Systems (probably Dominik Suter) who could not give a valid explanation why either of the 2 vans were out there in the first place on 9/11 and after. With the second van that was supposed to be heading towards Ohio on 9/10 we know at the bare minimal they were supposed to be in Chicago on 9/11 according to what they said to Ha’Aretz, but for some reason or other (mission abort maybe?) they end up being back in New Jersey on 9/11 because police also find a gas receipt proving they bought gas there that day, and were not heading westbound from Chicago to New York or New Jersey as what they tried to telling Ha’Aretz.

Either way, clearly, there was never a work order for these 2 vans to go into Ohio. They certainly weren’t on their way, or in the area to go rendezvous or report to FBI and NTSB in some premeditated and high speed elaborate production to help make and carve out a mock plane crash or hoax crime scene in the middle of a field in Shanksville.ziad-tarnak-farms

 And let’s remember something that was discovered by U.S. forces in the fall of 2001 and how very much of a prized profile Ziad al-Jarrah, it’s not only Atta that’s seen making a video Will’s in 2000 at Tarnak Farm in Afghanistan, it was also Ziad who are the only two official 9/11 hijackers ever seen in the presence of Osama Bin Laden, not any of the others supposed 16 Saudi hijackers.  Just another piece of evidence left behind for authorities to find, an intentional footprint psyop?

A British man named Paul Deakin was Ziad’s roommate while going to flight school together in Florida; he verified to the Virginia court his claim in identifying Jarrah’s voice on the very brief flight recorder recording. He said that Ziad would often use a flight simulator on the computer in his bedroom and Ziad would practice crashing planes into skyscrapers.  Paul said to the Sunday Mirror, October 27, 2002: “He would always choose places in the United States on the simulator. Once when I saw him crash into a skyscraper in Chicago I said something like Great flying mate’. He just sniggered.”

What’s also odd is that it’s also known is that the last place Ziad was living at before he supposedly died on the on flight 93 had a large mock cockpit made of cardboard boxes. Now this unusual, because he had trained at several flight schools already, I highly doubt he needed any additionally training in the end behind boxes, then what he could already get off computer flight simulator; clearly, this is just another character footprint to fit the operation.

Now if Ziad was always building a persona that would later be used to blame for a major attack, and he often liked to target practice on flight simulators going into skyscrapers in Chicago, then which skyscraper would it likely be?

Ah, the Sears Tower, and for many reasons.

If you were to add all the evidence for an abundance of prospected hijacked planes, as 5th plane Flight 23 at JFK or the reactivation of more hijackings again on 9/13 at New York airports, you would have to wonder as to what ABC’s John Millers also said that evening while consistently reporting on it, “what were the next targets, there is no more World Trade Center, was it the Empire State Building, The UN, was it the Federal Building where the FBI has left its headquarters because they felt it was a security risk..?”  Note: the FBI did move into WTC Building 7 after the 1993 bombing.

Now one of the simplest reasons Truthers would entertain the idea that Sear’s Tower was actually pre or post 9/11 target even if it deviates from what they know about the 4 planes or absolute belief there were no Muslims involved,   is because it goes in line with one of the most intriguing they already know, is that Larry Silverstein the owner of the World Trade Center also owns the Sears Tower, which Kroll Company provides security for both.

In fact Sears Tower and Chicago has had bomb threats and terror drills since 9/11, and there was even the Liberty City Seven who were mostly Haitian and a idiosyncratic cult (This Seas of David, a vague offshoot of influenced by the Moorish Science Temple with a tenet that African Americans are of Moroccan Empire ancestry) which mixed Judaism, Christianity and some Islam, that was thwarted in Florida in 2006.

And another Israeli moving van out of Florida, “Moving Systems Inc.” was apprehended near Philadelphia a month after 9/11 under suspicious activity as well as items having also a camera with a recent recording surveying the Sears Tower

The last passenger phone call from Peter Hanson aboard Flight 175 to his father indicated the hijackers may have been communicating with other operatives who were not aboard deciphering which target they were supposed to hit, saying “I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building”. I mean it’s pretty much been confirmed Sears Tower was a target.

So with the reality that there were likely supposed to be at least 12 hijacked planes for 9/11 and that there was also the presence of more moving vans in and around Shanksville Pennsylvania with Israelis having also having admitted that they were supposed to be in Chicago on 9/11 to Ha’Aretz, and with Ziad al-Jarrah’s family ties to Israeli espionage, was his identity and or Flight 93’s original destiny aimed for Sears Tower? Were the vans carrying his or other identities and or possessions to plant at the crime scene in order to help frame the story going to back to the loose base(Al Qaeda)?

Now if you are still skeptical about the authenticity of passenger phone calls while also believing there wasn’t any Arab involvement in orchestrating or carrying out the 9/11 attacks, and that there was no intention to hijack more planes then the official four, that Sears Tower or anywhere else was not a target, or are just in denial that there is no way Israeli entities or assets would not have played any part in sync with the planes or hijackers, or that the only early warning sign and prediction for 9/11 that had ever existed was between Bill Cooper and Alex Jones? Then I think it’s time we talk about the Bojinka Plot, if you can handle it?

(continue to part 4)

Notes from ‘Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’

Notes from ‘Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’

By Thermal Detonator 

Recently i finished making a film that has 2 versions ‘The Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed’, full film (1hr 40min) and extended version (3hr). As you will tell, it doesn’t have any major editing or credits, there is barely any original narration; all of it is within the first 13 minutes of each version added with a quick score I wrote.

But I wanted to take a brief opportunity to explain what this film is about, how I discovered the information, its purpose, and why I came up with and produced it as raw as I did, without a real ending or conclusion.

The film is about Flight 23 at JFK airport on 9/11, but mainly also about what happened two days later on 9/13 at JFK airport again, and LaGuardia Airport also in New York, when airports just barely started opening up after the FAA’s no fly ban. There is enough detail about the film in the YouTube descriptions and on two other articles varying with some minor differences, about JFK Airport alone and supposed living 9/11 hijacker Alomari.

Over a year ago, as I was setting out to compile for my film series ‘An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth‘ part 3,  as i had an intention to give room for both sides of the arguments over the planes, in  what’s called no plane theories or alternative explanations to what happened at the Pentagon and Shanksville, in contrast to the official claim that the actual hijacked planes did strike as what’s seen and authorities say. Because for the past 6 years. I myself doubted the no plane theory at the Pentagon, and have even dare suspect some of figures peddling that disinformation are doing so intentionally for other interests, or their own, while consciously knowing that they don’t have the standards for a case, and wouldn’t be able save there ass in a serious debate over it. But I had always kept quiet about bringing up the theories of flight 77 to other activists for years, as I wanted to avoid any out lash or naysayers from the truth movement.

But as I also came across new evidence of the Israeli role, specifically with the network of moving companies in New Jersey, that literally crosses paths with the hijacker’s and hijackings, that made it abundantly clear to me how real the hijackings on those planes were, and, that there was no room or excuse anymore, and that only harm comes of it and  it explains why we were never near, or are ever going to get near any justice,  accountability or credibility for 9/11, by continuing to give any spotlight or credence to the standard-less no plane theories on any incident, either on film, or as an activist.

What’s given me more fuel (other than overwhelming evidence for hijacked planes in the first place) to be vocally against no plane theories, was reexamining Flight 23 and then also discovering 9/13, which was actually by a previous mistake in lumping a news report about it assuming it was broadcasted on 9/11 and a cover up of airports arrests that was unheard of. It was a 30 second snippet of Tom Brokaw reporting that 7 people at NY Airports were arrested. But the original source film I got it from gave no indication to when it was broadcasted, plus I had already used it on an early version of An Inconvenient 9/11 Truth part 1 in wrong context and time.

But, you won’t find anyone in the truth movement who has analyzed reporting’s of the events of 9/13 thoroughly from what I’ve searched, other than what I’m going to explain here.

Once I was able to pinpoint what reports I needed to search, I gathered all them off of YouTube. Most did not indicate what time and date they were broadcast, but I quickly made 30-minute YouTube film called, “Flight 23 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot-Mission Abort and Unfoiled” after being shocked by what details I kept discovering, realizing that barely anyone has touched this. Even some of the original view counts on YouTube sources were extremely low, in the hundreds, and they had been uploaded for several years.

But what I later discovered is the sequence I made for my initial film was not chronically accurate, even though I still got the gist of what went on and how officials reacted, I went and deleted it anyway since i never made any effort of posting or circulating it all the time other than to a few friends, plus now that i have a new, more complete and accurate version to demonstrate.

I later discovered a guide and source from, and I knew I needed to go through all the networks news reports thoroughly to get it right and see where this story really went, so I did. I scoured all the major networks up until the early morning of September 15th, 2001 (9/15) as the reports at JFK and LaGuardia had already dwindled away.

Even though the story ran for over 16 hours, I kept discovering incidental mistakes and variation in details of the reports that I wanted to clear up so there wasn’t any confusion (and to be honest, I think ABC’s John Miller provided the best and most important details on this story, along with Pierre Thomas) other than when the networks were obviously forced to retract the story by the next morning, so the detainees did not seem affiliated to 9/11, as DC obviously had their quagmire destined war plans set, no matter what evidence of culprits surfaces.

But it was hard to decide how to sum it all up as to what likely happened between the airports, and I felt it was best just to tell the story as real time as I could, to when the reports streamed and evolved, and to try to be as complete but also not so repetitive (even though both still are) at the same time, that’s why I have 2 versions, and fortunately over three hours’ worth of material for serious truth seekers and researchers to sift through.

But I wanted to highlight the extended version, especially due to the limited description space YouTube allows for video uploads, and that I could not provide hourly chapters as a guide, nor describe what bonuses the extended version has over the full film.

So I have taken the opportunity to publish this article as a guide and explanation for why the film is so long and redundant and reveal some of details I fore mentioned, but mainly that the bonuses are, that there were even more reports of other Police and FBI activity at other airports and cities, aside just Newark Airport on 9/13.

Whichever you have time for, please check out either version of the film. As mentioned before, you won’t find very many people, if any, within the 9/11 truth movement who know about 9/13. This is crucial in understanding how big 9/11 was supposed to be, and the reality scope and size of the cover-up we’ve actually dealing with beyond the graphic destruction of the WTC, plus that this also has important relevance to the first bombing attack in 1993. If this is new 9/11 information to you that you feel others need to know, please send it to any like-minded associates or even those who still believe in the official version, especially debunkers.



Bonus notes taken from extended version of Thwarted Hijackings of 9/11 & 9/13: Bojinka Plot Confirmed:

Segment at 4:30PM – 9/13 CBS News with Dan Rather and Randall Pinkston at Newark Airport reporting about the incident at JFK Airport, was mistakenly showing video at Newark Airport of police vehicles surrounding a Saudi Arabian Airlines where 4 people detained and released because of INS violations.

Segment at 8:25PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Jennifer McLogan at JFK Airport reports that her and her camera crew were forced to move 2 times reporting outside of JFK , after attempting to report outside the facility where the five people detained were held, where they were also threatened with arrests if they revealed it.

Segment at 11:00PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Jennifer McLogan is at JFK Airport reporting that “This is The Airliner at Kennedy stopped in its tracks tonight before takeoff when this is a SWAT team stormed the plane and took at least for as many as seven men into custody ..” is mistakenly showing the wrong video that again is Newark Airport where police vehicles are surrounding a Saudi Arabian Airliner as was mistakenly shown by Randall Pinkston.

Segment at 11:10PM – 9/13 WCBS UPN Channel 38 with Pablo Guzman reporting from LaGuardia Airport also reports that earlier at LaGuardia when the airport had reopened in the morning, two men were arrested because one of them had a suspicious bag with credentials that didn’t check out, while a 2nd younger man came up later posing as his son and also provided a Pilot license and Massachusetts driver’s license, where Guzman also makes  mention that aspect of the story reach into Massachusetts as with  Boston Logan airport and arrest at Boston Hotel and many of the 9/11 suspects being pilots. Due to the daylight hours, this means more than likely that the two detained at LaGuardia that are repeatedly seen handcuffed, being escorted by police officers and put into back seat of the police vehicle that drives off, are these two men.

Segment at 12:00AM – 9/14 NBC’s Tom Brokaw interviews passenger Tim Olsen who was on American Airlines 133 at JFK airport and witnessed fully armed SWAT teams enter the back door of the plane having all its passengers put their heads down in crouch position, where they ended up detaining three individuals.  Jim Olson claims he only saw them apprehend one person who was resisting arrest, but Jim also spoke to other passengers who were next to the two others  detained that were in the front section of coach, and claimed that they were both females. This conflicts with the witness testimony of Jim Hunter. He appeared on ABC News twice and was sitting behind the 2 suspects in coach and said it was a man and a woman who was arrested and taken off the plane, and that the woman also had headphones on. John Miller of ABC News continually reported that the female arrested at JFK Airport was not a passenger and was detained under suspicion for having a support role, however they had also reported that 4 people were detained on that plane, and 5 in total were arrested from the airport. Also, most of all the networks reported a total of 10 people being arrested (nine men and one woman) between both JFK and LaGuardia airports. So it is likely that Jim Olson probably misinterpreted or misunderstood what he was told happened in the coach section of Flight 133.

Segment at 1:05AM – 9/14 CBS News Dan Rather reports “A man who tried to use a fake pilot identification to get past security at JFK Airport has been arrested and  five other people have been detained at city airports by the FBI and Joint terrorism task force. The incident about this man who used a fake pilot identification to get past security caused the 3 major New York airports to close again Thursday shortly after they’d opened… The man arrested at Kennedy Airport, that man was checked in sometime between noon and 4 p.m. today. The man was trying to board American Airlines flight 299 bound for San Jose California. The man had been scheduled for earlier flight on Tuesday bound for Los Angeles…”  This may have been confusion by Dan Rather mixing the incident that happened much earlier at LaGuardia airport with JFK airport, which is where the two men that was also reported at 11:10PM by Pablo Guzman on WCBS (that another person tried to board a plane posing as a pilot with a son) as Rather also mentions that the FBI was already at the airport still investigating the incident of Flight 23. This would seem logical as the only plane that was reported at JFK of having an altercation was Flight 133 to Los Angeles, not Flight 299 to San Jose.

Segment at 1:30AM – 9/14 ABC’s Pierre Thomas reports that 4 additional people (three women and one man) were arrested at Miami International airport; one woman went into a facility and changed clothes into flight attendant wear, and a man within the vicinity began to run. Officials detained the man along with the woman, who was also accompanied by 2 other women who was wearing flight attendant wear as well. However, at 3:05AM Derrick McGinty on ABC reports the same incident, but that it was three men and one woman that were arrested at Miami International airport following the same M.O.

Segment at 6:05AM – 9/14 CNN’s Carol Lin reports that the suspect with the false pilot credentials at JFK airport was arrested in the Pilot lounge.

Segment at 1:30AM – 9/14 ABC’s Brian Ross reports about overnight motel raids by the FBI in Deerfield Beach and that Florida Highway Patrol put out an all-points bulletin for 7 Arab men in two different Lincoln Town Cars that was rented in Fort Myers Florida, for one way headed to New York City.

Segment at 8:05AM – 9/14 ABC’s John Miller reports that a crewmember on Flight 133 at JFK Airport was debriefed and according to that source,  they were all gathered in the waiting area to board the flight, and that there was a number of airline employees flying non-revenue, taking the plane back to their base at LAX, and they didn’t have enough crew to fill out the plane, so they were asking crew members who were off duty if they would work the flight. Most of them rejected either due to exhaustion of grieving over fellow co-workers who died on 9/11.  But a gentleman with the LAX ID card had stepped up and offered to work the flight, but the people who worked at LAX didn’t recognize him and thought it was odd. By that time enough crew showed up to fill in, he was given a passenger seat instead of a crew seat.  He was also identified as another person arrested off the plane by FBI agents that had stormed in with SWAT team.

Segment at 8:20AM – 9/14 CNN’s Eileen O’Connor reports that the Coast Guard greeted a Carnival Cruise Line ship in Miami at 5:00AM where they detained two people on board with alleged hijacking history.

Segment at 8:20AM – 9/14 BBC’s James Robbins reports that suspects arrested at JFK and LaGuardia airports had “pen knives”.

Segment at 8:30AM – 9/14 CBC reports that the Global Mail reported that authorities are questioning a man at Pearson airport in Toronto who was headed for the U.S. but was rerouted there on Tuesday (likely because of the no flight ban), he was carrying a Palestinian Authority travel document and a photo of himself in a flight crew uniform against a fake backdrop of the World Trade Center.

Segment at 9:05AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 Paul Fleuranges also reporting outside from LaGuardia airport make a mistake by mixes up the reports of the pilot suspect from JFK with the pilot suspect much earlier at LaGuardia, as he mentions the commonality that all the suspects had tickets for flights on Tuesday to Los Angeles, where this individual at LaGuardia tried to change his flight for San Jose instead, which would likely be Flight 299 as Dan Rather reported earlier at 1:05AM.

Segment at 10:10AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 broadcast’s the mayor’s news conference where assistant director of the FBI, Barry Mawn tells the press that there were a dozen people between JFK and LaGuardia airports that were detained and questioned. It’s likely that he said 12 because of the two other people who were arrested earlier at LaGuardia in addition to the 10 later arrested there and JFK Airport that was thoroughly covered throughout the day.

Segment at 10:20AM – 9/14 WCBS UPN Channel 38 broadcast’s mayor’s new conference where Barry Mawn also tells press that the one suspect left detained from the multiple arrests at the airports is being held voluntarily, while also omitting that this person is the individual at JFK Airport with the false pilot ID. It simply cannot be true that this person was held voluntarily, as reports shortly after by Pete Wilson on NBC news indicated that pilot suspect at JFK was not being cooperative and authorities felt he knew more than what he was saying, which also later revealed by Pierre Thomas that he had a false address on his license with an address of an Osama Bin Laden brother in Boston. Plus this pilot suspect at JFK ended up being the first person arrested in the investigation of 9/11 as a material witness.

Segment at 7:00PM – 9/14 ABC’s John Miller reports that police detained 2 more people in New York City that were called in under suspicion by a Manhattan Hotel. Both of them were Saudi Arabian and had pilots uniforms and Florida flight school certificates.

Segment at 7:30PM – 9/14 FOX News’s Todd Connors reports from JFK Airport that there were 4 incidents between JFK and LaGuardia airports and that there were 13 people detained (12 men and 1 woman) but only 1 is still being questioned.

Segment at 8:05PM – 9/14 CBS News Dan Rather also reports that 2 other suspects that seem to be cooperating with the investigation having significant knowledge, were talking and being held in federal custody lock up along with the individual with the false pilot ID from JFK airport as material witnesses to 9/11. These two were likely Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath who were arrested in Dallas Texas and later taken into custody in New York.

Note: The later interviews of AA Flight 133 passengers Jim Olson and Jim Hunter are incomplete due to clip limitations and glitches. The entire interview of Senator Joe Biden on Good Morning America was not available either. Segments provided from that interview appear on a later morning MSNBC and later BBC clips.


Nineteen 9/11 Hijackers: Dead or Alive? pt2 -The curious case of Abdul Rahman Alomari and JFK Airport

the-curisos-case-of-abduhal-raham-alomari-jfk-airport (continued from part 1) 

By Thermal Detonator

And something else becomes more evidently wrong when we look at Adnan Bukhari’s neighbor and short lived roommate, Abdul Rahman Alomari who was originally thought to be suspected Flight 11 hijacker Abdulaziz al-Omari. He was able to notify authorities he was alive by calling Adnan Bukhari on his cell phone while in FBI custody.

On September 14th, CNN also reported that Alomari’s next door neighbor was taken into custody and through his lawyer told the FBI that Alomari is actually safe in Saudi Arabia and should be presenting himself to U.S. officials in that country, as they were already told he would be presenting himself the day before. They also reported that all of this associating of them to the 9/11 attacks was a case of mistaken identity.

But the media continued to make a mistakes, and on September 15th the first 8 photos of hijackers was displayed, with only 4 photos allocated as supposed hijackers of Flight 11, Mohamed Atta, Waleed Alshehri, Wail Alshehri, and Abdulaziz al-Omari.

There was no photo yet for Satam Al Suqami the 5th supposed hijacker of Flight 11, so I assume his unscathed passport wasn’t discovered yet at Ground Zero, which could be some significance reason why his identity wasn’t displayed sooner.

However the photo of Abdulaziz al-Omari is wrong, it belongs to Adnan Bukhari’s neighbor, the living Abdul Rahman Alomari who had already confirmed to officials he was alive, before they started display these 8 hijacker photos.

Abdul Rahman Alomari did finally reveal himself to the public on CNN with Susan Candiotti on September 21st where she interviewed him in Saudi Arabia. He was the only one of several falsely accused hijackers of stolen identities to make public appearance.

But what remains a mystery still, is why there were a 3 different Alomari’s? As BBC also reported, another man with a similar name that is a Saudi Telecoms engineer who lost his passport in Denver while studying appeared in an English-language Arab Newspaper saying that he was alive.


But something’s has been overlooked about Abdul Rahman Alomari since there’s another chain of events (cover ups) that is unfamiliar with Truthers, and of course is not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report either.

According to an FBI affidavit published October 4, 2001, and also mentioned on his Wikipedia, Abdul Alomari was connected to the SADA Lines International (a Saudi air company) and flight operations of Saudi companies and worked at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York

For those unfamiliar or have no inclination of suspicion, JFK Airport is also where United Airlines Flight 23 was about to take off and become the 5th plane hijacked on 9/11 but was thwarted because of the FAA’s no flight ban. This story is briefly talked about in the Jason Bermas film ‘Fabled Enemies’, which  I actually think is the only good film he’s ever been involved in.

Three passengers who were Middle Eastern men stood up and became hostile and drew attention to themselves and the flight crew once they figured out that they weren’t taking off, as the plane was taxiing back to the boarding gate, where they then boarded off the plane abruptly leaving their luggage, while also meeting a 4th man and fleeing the airport before authorities were able to catch up and deal with them.

Officials found box cutters, knives, Al Qaeda instruction sheets left in their luggage, but false IDs that prevented investigators from ever finding out who these 3 men were.

Federal authorities had believed that there were several additional planes that were either carrying, or about to carry hijackers on 9/11. There are numerous reports to back these claims with other airports and flights that day that were either cancelled, or forced to land and had suspicious passengers and items found indicating more hijacked planes that were aborted or foiled, possibly in the amount of 10 or more planes.

There are a couple of cases that we will cover, but how easy does it become to prove when  again, we are dealing with the same airport as soon as airports opened back up, and again, another cover up.  It becomes obvious for plane denying Truthers to have to accept that you have been deceived about any no-hijacker modus operandi (which would be impossible in the first place) that it would have been unnecessary when you realize that 9/11 was supposed to be much bigger, because if that day wasn’t bad enough, two days later on Thursday September 13th, 2001, while federal authorities were still investigating the incident on Tuesday at JFK, another situation occurred around 4:00 PM when reports that several people had been arrested at JFK Airport possessing a fake pilots and having weapons, followed by reports within a couple of hours, that all New York area airports were evacuated and shut down, ultimately escalating to arrests of a dozen people or more also being detained at LaGuardia Airport too.

It doesn’t get any more telling when it’s equally as ignored by the Commission Report as it the un-researched Truth movement.

This was two days right after 9/11 as airports were barely starting to reopen for the first time after the no flight ban, and the story was picked by all the networks including foreign media who kept spinning it for 16 hours till the next day 9/14.

Details of the reports throughout the night included that they were carrying knives, fraudulent IDs, flight certificates from Florida flight schools, wearing airport attire marked as “crew”, one of them was a woman and a possible 2nd.  Some reports indicate that airport staff recognized some of them from Tuesday while also using a recent FBI watch list that their names appeared on.

Some of the reports also indicated that to two of them were arrested much earlier in the day at LaGuardia Airport posing as father and son trying to purchase a ticket to San Jose with false IDs, including one as a pilot license.

Two of the people detained at JFK were posing as flight crew staff and a pilot who had his brother’s ID. 3 others detained had already boarded UA Flight 133 headed from JFK to Los Angeles, but were pulled off the plane by police and SWAT team who stormed in through the back door while the plane was delayed on the tarmac, several passengers witness one of the detainees struggle and resist arrest with the officers.

By the next day September 14th around 9:00 a.m., reports started coming that authorities believed the people they had detained at JFK and LaGuardia airports were not involved in reactivating continued hijacking operations or being part of 9/11, and they released most of the suspects except for one, who remained arrested for some unknown reasons other than being labeled as the first material witness in the investigation. Most of the networks would not go to any further details expect for ABC News.

It was a major media retraction and a bad one, that even Senator and speaker of the house and at the time, future Vice President, good ole reliable Joe Biden appeared more than once, attempting to disregard the reports and under undermine the suspects arrested as copycats or “screwballs “. Of course we can trust Joe Biden since he was having meetings before and after 9/11 with Porter Goss, Bob Graham and General Mahmoud Ahmed from Pakistan, who was later linked to $100,000 that was wired to Mohammed Atta. But without having received any detail of what really occurred at JFK and LaGuardia, ole Joe blabbered for a moment but mostly stood there like a moron and choked when ABC’s Peter Jennings started to inquire detail to why he felt that this wasn’t connected to Tuesday, but the next morning on 9/14, Joe officially says there was no weapons and that it was not foiled attempts to hijack more planes, that it was just people who attended an airline conference who just happened to be possessing flight crew gear in their luggage, nearly all coincidence is his excuse, and then diverts the subject to compare all the confusion and turmoil they were going through in DC with bomb threats.

The material witnessed still arrested from JFK remained detained and as reports later arose on the evening of 9/14, revealed that he was a the male suspect who wasn’t cooperating with authorities, and was the person who tried to pass off as a pilot, but with his brothers ID while also having a pilot license in his name with an address belonging to Osama Bin Laden’s brother who lives in Boston.

This  first 9/11 material witness arrest was instantly followed after by what’s been titled as one of the “20th hijacker”, Zacharias Moussaoui, and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath and Ayub Ali Khan who we will touch on further head. And like all the other hundreds of arrests that occurred after 9/11, there stories just disappeared and withered away as authorities seemed to want to minimize culpability.

Mohammad MahjoubMohammad Mahjoub

However, It was also reported a few days after 9/11 that a photo of a suspected terrorists in Canada, Mohammed Zeki Mahjoub, who was in front a fake backdrop of the World Trade Center, was found in the luggage of one of the 9/11 hijackers. Mahjoub was already known by authorities to have met and worked for Osama Bin Laden as an agricultural engineer for his al-Damazin farms in Sudan.

One thing that’s worth remembering that the truth movements also use to be well coerced in, but has now long forgotten since the supposed assassination, is that OBL was never wanted by the FBI for 9/11 because they never had enough credible evidence to prosecute him.  As more corrupt as things became, you would think authorities would have collected all this evidence and this arrest from JFK and use it in a case against OBL and for the War on Terror going into Afghanistan, but they didn’t.

And when you have the notes inside the anthrax letters saying “Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great” which was also used to blame Iraq with the help of Senator John McCain  and Israeli intelligence, and other trails left for authorities to speculate OBL’s network, it seems clear that whatever organized Arab interests that handled this part of the planes operation, had also the clear intention to frame OBL and maybe even wreck the image of the Bin Laden family dynasty as well as benefit from destabilizing Iraq, Libya and Syria.

Now in adding to a plausible modus operandi theory given with the details that occurred at JFK airport might be an indication that these suspects, as well as the 9/11 hijackers may have had some knowledge or inside access to the overall vicinity of the airport as they did. How do we not know that they may had gotten their access intel from Abdul Rahman Alomari who had conveniently left the country right before 9/11 with his ID being used by Abdulaziz al-Omari?

There’s a popular theory among the Truther savoy Jew counters, that the Israeli owned airport Security Company ICTS may have had something to do with why there has never been any security video from Boston Logan Airport of the hijackers boarding flights 11 and 175, and that maybe that the Mossad and US military did a joint operation from there  taking the passengers to a secret landing base while mocking the real flight to their targets, and either dealing with the passengers by executing them in some other means or brought them there to be part of some elaborate  job to making phone calls to some scripted story the government’s already drawn out. Those who might have their heads screwed on tight, theorize that maybe ICTS helped the hijackers get on their flights with weapons, evading gate cameras as well.

In either case, ICTS is not worthy of solely focusing on due to circumstances prior, because in actuality, airport security and service before 9/11 was actually very shotty. United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta were all sued or fined heavy for breaking major codes and security violations before 9/11. Both Boston Logan and Newark airports had security breaches broken before 9/11.

And a very interesting piece to support this actually reflects back to the Oklahoma City bombing with Hussain Al-Hussaini, who was once suspected as being John Doe #2 accompanying Timothy McVeigh’s in the Ryder rental truck.

Relying on reader’s already being familiar with OKC bombing conspiracy theories; there are ones claiming an Arab cell or Arabs being in another vehicle near the crime scene of the bombing, and there is credible witness to these accounts. However, the manhunt for John Doe #2 ended when authorities claimed he didn’t exist, and also, that there wasn’t a white supremacist connection involved in the bombing either, although some witnesses claim that John Doe #2 was Andreas Strassmeir (who may have possibly been a Mossad asset in the story handling both rings) who at the bare minimal did have some influence to do the bombing, and may have set up the connections  to do it.

Even though he was never detained or charged for the OKC bombing, Hussain Al-Hussaini has also sued authors who have tried to implicate him, but ironically, he actually worked at Boston Logan Airport after the Oklahoma City bombing, and according to Doug Hagmann writing for Canada Free Press on March 11, 2011:


Confidential psychiatric records confirm that in 1997, Hussain al-Hussaini made a foreboding prediction about a future event to take place at Boston Logan International Airport”, and that according to those records prior to 9/11, al-Hussaini suffered anxiety and panic attacks regarding his airport job and checked into a psychiatric hospital to seek treatment. He told his therapist when asked about the source of his trepidation, “if something happens there, I will be a suspect.”

It’s also rather strange that with some the supposed 9/11 culprits, these cells seem to go back Oklahoma pre-9/11 for some time, like with French born -Moroccan descendent, Zacarias Moussaoui who attended a flight school in Oklahoma City prior to moving back to Minnesota and being arrested on August 16, 2001.

For those aware about the DEA reports on Israeli art students in Florida also living in Florida and elsewhere, on April 30, 2001, an Air Force alert was issued from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning “possible intelligence collection being conducted by Israeli Art Students.”

And also another interesting note with Oklahoma is Adnan Bukhari again, where on September 19th; an FAA employee named James P. Hopkins was fired for independently going through FAA records and reporting to the FBI that Bukhari had trained at the FAA’s academy in Oklahoma City twice, in 1991 and 1998. Seems pretty odd to keep taking flight schools here, doesn’t it?

But back to the point about airport security, I understand with a lot of evidence of Israeli hands all over the place, it sounds good to implicate ICTS, but there’s a higher possibility that maybe some of those hijackers got on those flights disguised as airport employees is also major a possibility too.

For example, have a look at the 9/11 episode on the first season ‘Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura’. I know the last two series touched upon the typical no plane Pentagon theory and Judy Wood’s ridiculous space ray free energy theory, and that the network in general that broadcasted this series is chock full of trash reality shows. But take a step back and consider this.

Jessie interviews Ground Zero worker Mike Malone who swears he saw one of the black boxes get recovered within the first 3 weeks of the cleanup, and later, it was confirmed to him by other fellow co-workers that two more boxes were found where in the case of the official story, none of the black boxes were supposed to be found.

The most intriguing thing about the episode was the final revelation through Mike Malone, who happens to also know former air traffic controllers from Boston Logan Airport and others who worked with American Airlines, who tells Jessie that the people working at the control towers said “the airline people said the hijackers were in the cockpit of American Airlines while it was still on the runway, before it even took off”, backed by Jessie’s counterpart Braverman  who follows up with: “Malone says, that somebody on the ground knew a hijacker was in the cockpit, somebody else on the ground let that plane takeoff”

With that much information still with little detail most would be inclined to think that the hijackers took over plane as soon as it was taxing itself onto the runway. I’m not sure what to think, but it might answer why there is no video of the hijackers boarding Flight 11 & 175, and maybe it has to do with them getting access through the airport as some of the same methods the suspects at JFK and LaGuardia Airport on 9/13 were detained for.

Because It’s also interesting that on 9/13 before New York airports started to shut down because of the suspects detained at JFK and LaGuardia airports, Newark airport where Flight 93 had originally token off from, had already closed down before 3:00p.m, because Federal agents surrounded a Saudi Arabian jumbo airliner full of passengers and apprehended and detained all the flight crew from that plane, including the pilots.

I would think because of this authorities were thinking in the direction of people working within Saudi Airlines being involved in this after having dealt with the Bukhari’s, Amer Kamfar and Alomari who were all trained Saudi Airlines pilots. This again could be another reason why there was no security video released of the 4 flight 93 hijackers from Newark Airport either.

Which brings me back to the point that I’m trying to assess here with all these Saudi Arabian Airline students in Vero Beach, Bukhari and Alomari, in regards to their previous training, work experiences as well as set of unusual circumstances, alibis and activities that play in concert to the 9/11 hijackings.

Is it safe to suggest that maybe they might have also been involved in the 9/11 conspiracy, knowing or unknowing the enormity of the range and plans of the attacks, but were somehow operatives assigned in place to have their identities used to give time and play to flee for the handling living hijackers that painted themselves (the Hamburg cell) to be linked to OBL, and or even further to assist culprits with gathering intel that would help in transactions for the operation?

We know that Adnan and Amer Bukhari becomes identity used to rent cars in Portland Maine; however we don’t know exactly which identity rented cars that were found at Boston Logan Airport; however the authorities have claimed was Mohammed Atta, where they found Quran’s, Al Qaeda instruction sheets and flight manuals written in Arabic most commonly known.

However, what was also reported to have been found in the rental car by several news sources was a Ramp Pass that gives access to restricted areas throughout the airport, plus proof that the rental car had been in and out of the airport parking lot several times before 9/11.

All of these added features that easily imply prior airport access and back and forth surveying are complete omitted from the official story.

Is this a significant reason why those who received the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund also got it under the disclosure that they could not sue any of the airports or airliners involved in 9/11?

It’s not only me that believes the possibility that some of these hijackers at Boston Logan got on with flight crew uniforms; In fact it so did the authorities initially.

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